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Times when “We can’t all be neurotypical, Karen” should apply:

  • Romanticizing mental illness
  • Downplaying the symptoms of mental illness e.g. “Just don’t be stressed!” “Just ignore [insert severe sensory stimulus here],” “Depression? Oh yeah I get sad too,”
  • Statements like “Only boring people are easily bored” (MASSIVE insult to ppl with ADHD who need constant stimulation)
  • Anything making mental illness “cute” and “quirky” (”Normal people scare me” t-shirts, “The voices in my head are my BFFs,” stuff like that) (I guess that ties into romanticizing mental illness though)

Times when Tumblr.cancer likes to apply “We can’t all be neurotypical, Karen,”:

  • Any time someone (often ND or mentally ill themselves) offers any pro-recovery advice on coping with mental illness or suggests something outside of moping about and letting your illness control every facet of your life.

I hate seeing posts where people are so eager to announce the Cuphead fandom as the worst thing ever. Like they’re just actively seeking out bad content and going “SEE SEE? ITS GARBAGE”.

The Cuphead fandom is pleasant and friendly and as far as I know, one of the few fandoms that lack bad discourse.

Like you think after the shit with the Rick and Morty fandom people would think “hey maybe these are the kind of fandoms we should make fun of. The self entitled destructive kind”.

But nah it’s kids with “bad” animation and gay headcanons. That’s the real cringy shit.

why do you guys let boring and annoying white ppl get popular on here? and most of the time they’re just unnecessarily mean and never that funny

You know what I don’t get? Is how you can just suddenly not like a ship. People will go from loving them, being so dedicated to their once “OTP” to suddenly throwing them aside because they found a new ship or they got bored. How does that even work? There are ships I don’t pay much attention to anymore but that doesn’t mean I stopped shipping them, I don’t like them anymore or I moved on to a “better” ship. I question your loyalty? They will be like “oh my gosh they are so real!” to “I don’t like them anymore. It’s boring now.” Like ??? This is the same with people, bands and such too. I honestly don’t understand.

i know there’s a lot of gr8 artist out there n i’m still pretty new but!! i really wanted to draw the meme team!! asjdhfks so here it is! 

@yamgrove @sayabeans-crossing @lazybeau @redbeanjean
@lostmitten @sunclubs @applehsia @nookish @acnlvevo

i hope you all get to see this mayb?? n like it mayb???