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You know what I don’t get? Is how you can just suddenly not like a ship. People will go from loving them, being so dedicated to their once “OTP” to suddenly throwing them aside because they found a new ship or they got bored. How does that even work? There are ships I don’t pay much attention to anymore but that doesn’t mean I stopped shipping them, I don’t like them anymore or I moved on to a “better” ship. I question your loyalty? They will be like “oh my gosh they are so real!” to “I don’t like them anymore. It’s boring now.” Like ??? This is the same with people, bands and such too. I honestly don’t understand.

the worst part of shipping a not too much popular couple is that you can’t find things in a easier way and it’s so f*ckin boring


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so here’s me w no makeup and glasses lmfaooooo sorz

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repressed crushes 

so anyway since nintendo is uncreative and doesn’t want to do anything w its races except the same old boring shit + racism:

gerudo-split into 8 tribes including arab, pakistani, indian, kurdish, afghani, armenian, somali and kazakh


zora-caribbean, since in close proximity to lurelin village


subject to change and i’ll add more details for the last 3 later since i’ve only thought extensively about gerudo stuff so far

my dudes, if ur one of those “sex shamers” who try to put down allosexual folk, u really need to grow up :/ not only are u hurting a butt ton of ppl in the general allo grouping, ur also shaming hypersexuals, as well as aromantics as u seem to be pushing a romantic relationship over a sexual one.

a good relationship is defined as being healthy and consensual. whether or not it involves sexual or romantic attractions is none of ur concern, and regardless, u shouldnt be shaming ppl for what they love in their own personal relationship. unless its weird kink shit. but not sex in general, man.

even if it isnt a relationship, even if its just casual sexual activity, their lives are not for u to ridicule.

read a book or smth if ur bored, leave allosexual ppl to their lives