bored out o my mind

How you meet #Pt1


Your P.O.V:
I was sat at home bored out of my mind not knowing what to do, everything just seemed to bore me no matter what I did, but what do you expect a new girl in town to do when she has no friends. Finally I decided I’d get dressed and go out and explore the town they call Beacon Hills.
“Mum, Dad, I’m off out… I’ll be back later.” I said.
“Ok hun, be careful!” My mum spoke in her usually soft tone.
“I will do, I love you.” and with that I was out the door. All I did after that was walk and walk for ages, there didn’t seem to be much in this little town and in my opinion that’s a pretty good thing, I rounded the corner and umphhh.
“Woahh.” and with that I was sat on the ground, urgh my bum hurts, that was so painful… Anyway, I look up to see how I could of managed to fall on the floor, I mean I know I can be clumsy and all but not the point I literally turn round and land on the floor for nothing. So, when I looked up to see how it could of happened, I notice a young boy around my age staring down at me, huh… He’s kinda cute, his buzz cut hair, sweet smile, deep brown eyes which I could instantly get lost in…
“Are you gonna help me up or keep staring at me like you’ve never seen a girl before?” I spoke a little different than I usually do, but can you blame me, he wouldn’t stop staring…
“Uhmmm, yeah, y-yeah… Sorry, I w-wasn’t looking where I-I was g-going. Sorry.” he spoke queitly, he seemed to be a little scared. Hmmm, I wonder why? He held his hand out and pulled me up towards him in which caused me to fly up and collide into him, either I was a lot lighter than he thought or he was a lot stronger than I thought…
“Errrm, thank you… My names (Y/N), nice to meet you.” I felt a lot more confident and relaxed when I spoke to him unlike any other boy I’ve ever been around…
“I-I’m Stiles, Stiles Stilinski… Nice shirt by the way…” (You’re wearing a Batman shirt by the way.)
“Errrm, thanks… Well I gotta go, It was nice bumping into you…” And with that I walked off with a slight smile on my face, hopefully I’ll be seeing him again pretty soon.


3rd person P.O.V:

You were sat down on the benches at the Lacrosse Field waiting for your father to finish coaching, that’s right, you’re coaches daughter. You’ve just recently moved back in with him since you have been living abroad in England with your mother, she recently got a job for a movie or something, you don’t remember you weren’t even listening to her, but now here you are living with your dad because she was going to be gone for a year and didn’t want you to miss out on school. Also, did I mention the Lacrosse practice hasn’t even started yet… It’s so boring waiting you thought, but oh well you wanted to get some food with your dad and catch up on old times so it was worth the wait. While you were waiting, you saw a couple of the boys running towards the field, you ended up locking eyes with one of them “Woah” you spoke out loud without even realising it, but what can you say he’s a hottie. He started smiling at you, it was a little crooked but it was still contagious and you couldn’t help but smile back. Finally, your dad came out with the rest of the boys, you thought they were all quite good looking but you couldn’t keep your eyes of number eleven the whole practice, as soon as practice was over you went towards your father and see how much longer he would be but he was in the middle of a conversation with number twenty-four and well I’ll be damned, number eleven, you couldn’t help but watch him as he spoke to your dad, what can you say he has quite the charm when he speaks… Anyway, eventually your dad turned round and noticed you was stood there, “Oh, hey sweetie. I won’t be long just need to get everything packed up. I’ll be out in five minutes.” he spoke, softly. The boys were shocked at his soft tone because they were so used to his loud, sarcastic behaviour. With that your dad walked off back into the school, while you began to walk towards the benches. “Wait, I’m Scott, Scott McCall… I’ve never seen you around here before, are you new?” You couldn’t help but laugh at his baldness, “Well, Scott, Scott McCall, I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) Finstock, and I guess you could say I’m new to the school, but not to the town, I’ve just moved back…” you said eager to know this boy and see where the conversation leads but… “ McCall, GET YOUR ARSE IN THE SHOWERS AND QUIT FLIRTING WITH MY DAUGHTER!” *mental face-palm right now* Anywho, how embarrassing is that, he’s so annoying when he does that sort of stuff, you could feel the crimson red burning in your cheeks. “COMING COACH! Well, I guess I’ll see you around (Y/N).” You nodded gently and with that he walked away. “See you around Scott.” You whispered to yourself. This is going to be fun…


3rd person P.O.V:
You’ve just recently moved to a new town well known as Beacon Hills and what better way to explore than go for jog through the town, so that’s what you did. It was 3pm and you were so bored, that running was the only thing you could think of doing to get your mind off of the move and explore the town quicker, you got dressed and out the door you went. You checked your watch and it’s not 5pm and you figured a good way to get home quicker would be through the forest as you noticed it was close to your home and there was an entrance near where you were, so why wouldn’t you be able to cut through there. As you were running through the forest you felt as though someone or something was following you, you stopped and turned to check to see if there was anyone was there but nothing. You carried on with your run and after half an hour you realised you had gotten lost and that’s when you ran into him, he felt like a brick wall… He was tall, muscular, with a mysterious persona about him, and what you could tell of in the dark is mighty fine. You snapped out of your daydream realising he was saying something to you,
“I’m sorry, what?” You spoke a little embarrassed.
“I said, are you ok? You seem lost.” He spoke softly as though it was a foreign concept for him to speak in,
“Erm, yeah I am, I though this would be a quicker way home but obviously I have to make sure I know my way first.” You laughed for the first time in a long while.
“Ok, I can give you a ride home? If you want?” He spoke unsure of whether or not you’d think he’s a creep or not after all you did bump into him in the woods.
“Ugh. Umm.. Y-yeah, I mean sure… But only if I get your name first.” You spoke with the biggest amount of curiosity as to whether he would tell you not.
“Oh, I’m Derek”
“Nice meeting you Derek, I’m (Y/N).”


if dean had a ton of tattoos u can bet ur ass that a lot of them would be like ~super serious~ meaningful beautiful things but also he would have shit like KAZ 2Y5 plastered across his ass and a barcode for his favorite brand of gas station pie on his belly