bored idek

Just a random thought that came up while in class: I just imagine Lena in her office thinking about the gala and not wanting to go by herself. Then like a lightbulb goes off and whispers ‘Kara’ and she smiles. She starts wondering if it would be a good idea and then after a while she makes up her mind. She gets all the way to CatCo and then just stands there for a while wondering if this is the right thing. She steels her resolve and walks inside. Then when she gets to where Kara is supposed to be she finds that she isn’t there and is kinda sad. Someone asks her who she’s looking for and then directs her to where Kara really is. Lena sees Kara standing there and it takes her breath away. She then walks straight up to her and then she starts talking and asks her to the gala.

Like when she’s speaking it doesn’t seem like she’s nervous but inside she’s like a total ball of mush and she’s freaking out. Then when Kara says that she’d go it was like the best news ever.

Could someone make this a fic????