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Typical sunday

Me: I need to write this fanfic

*A minute later* 

*After figuring out his hand size* 

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Me: How much bigger is it compared to mine…

*Sprints to find a ruler* 

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Bookstore AU
  • So I’m pretty sure that most chain bookstores don’t just sell books anymore
  • Like it’s books, CDs, DVDs, records, nerdy accessories, toys, and coffee at the coffee shop that all bookstores have now
  • Tracer, McCree, Ana and Reinhardt work in the kids section 
  • (They read to the kids on the weekends. Tracer loves it because the kids are adorable, McCree loves it because he gets to wear his cowboy getup and the kids love it, and Ana and Reinhardt just love to be around little ones) 
  • Winston is the manager
  • Mercy and D.Va are baristas 
  • Reaper and Widow work in the CD/DVD/vinyl section 
  • Pharah and Lúcio work as cashiers 
  • Hanzo is always dragging Genji with him whenever he goes to see his boyfriend read to the kids 
  • Genji gets bored fast 
  • So he walks around the store 
  • He finds the religion section and wonders if anything here will help him find his purpose in life 
  • (No such luck) 
  • But he does find a man looking like a monk, sitting on the floor in between the aisles, reading. 
  • Genji is automatically interested because this guy knows what he’s doing 
  • So he talks to him 
  • The monk introduces himself as Zenyatta 
  • Zenyatta has the smoothest voice ever 
  • Genji’s knees feel weak 
  • They end up talking for hours 
  • Zenyatta invites him to join the meditation classes that he is teaching 
  • Genji accepts gladly because he would love to spend more time with him 
  • Hanzo leaves him there 
  • One day Tracer was leaving her shift and she spots Widow working 
  • Hello, there 
  • She tries to strike up conversation with Widow but Widow isn’t too chatty 
  • Eventually Widow tells her to either buy something or get out 
  • Tracer is hurt but leaves 
  • Reaper watches her go before talking to Widow 
  • “Wtf man. She was into you.” 
  • Widow snorts. “I don’t have time to flirt with pretty girls at work.” 
  • “She gave you her number. You should call her tonight and apologize.” 
  • Widow looks affronted but does that anyway 
  • Tracer gladly accepts her apology and they decide to go eat ice cream together 
  • Mercy and Pharah are already dating 
  • They visit each other during shifts or during off periods 
  • Lúcio and Hana manage to hang out too 
  • One day Zarya walks in 
  • Looking for a book about healthy eating and exercise
  • And the nature section is right next to the health section 
  • So Zarya walks right into Mei 
  • Zarya automatically thinks that Mei is adorable 
  • Mei thinks that Zarya looks a little intimidating with her pink hair, tattoos, scar and huge muscles, but she’s really into it 
  • They start talking 
  • They both apologize to each other, saying that they can’t speak English too well, and then bond over how English isn’t their first language 
  • It’s adorable 
  • They exchange numbers 
  • Zarya starts attending Mei’s health classes 
  • Mei starts going to Zarya’s weightlifting shows 
  • They start dating 
  • Winston is incredulous because everyone is falling in love in his bookstore how did that happen

Edit: Some people wanted to know about Bastion and Soldier 76. Bastion is that one kid who works there and he’s really young and trying so hard but he doesn’t know what he’s doing so Lúcio and Pharah help him. He also loves to talk to Mei about nature. 

Soldier 76 is an unmarried man who comes in every once and a while to see Hana and McCree and to check up on them (They view him as a father figure. Mercy was a bit concerned at first, but she quickly realized that their relationship was platonic and 76 wasn’t creepy.). He also comes in to flirt with Reaper, who refuses to go out with him, although won’t say why. 76 keeps trying though. 

(Eventually Reaper does say yes, and the night of their date, everyone else attends a wild party to celebrate.) 

  • I don't need books about lesbians, I need books WITH lesbians.
  • I need witches who accidently fall in love after brewing a love potion, I need love triangles where the girl just says "screw all this vampire and werewolf shit im gonna just get me a banshee or something", I need books about princesses who fall in love with scullery maids and warrior women go on quests with their lady friends to slay dragons and defeat douchey warlords. I want books about female superheroes who casually express their sexuality and nobody treats it like a big deal.
  • I don't want books or literature about coming-out or the hardships of being gay or a crappy fetishization of two women in love for the entertainment of sleazy men.
  • I just want books that portray a strong female role and her loving relationship with another female role. No more side LGBT characters in a sea of heterosexuals. No more treating the person's non-hetero sexuality as an actual character trait that automatically makes that character interesting. Is that really too much to ask?

What the actual motherfuck is happening. I started this blog four years ago because I was a bored kid. Fast forward to 2016 and I’m still a bored kid except now I’m a bored grown up kid and this blog is as dumb as it ever was. But look at all you beautiful nerds. 10,000 of the best people to ever grace the planet. peace out mumma needs a hot chocolate and a netflix marathon to cry along to