bored bored bored

I’m not normally obnoxious enough to quote myself on tumblr but I have said some strange things today. Highlights include:

“Apologize to my potatoes”

“My lap is too far from my face”

And “The Gilmore girls are slutty”

I feel like there was one or two other things but who knows…

Oh wait when someone said “I feel like I’m in a silent movie” I said “I wish you were in a silent movie”

Haha how clever!

Chasting Fog Illo – So I got frustrated and bored while working on the idea I had for Teacher Day of Supercat Week…and a thing happened…an illustrationy (yeah, I know it’s not a word) type thing. Yes, that’s a Nightwing costume Kara is wearing. I’m hoping this will push me to start posting the story or working on it, or just gaining a bit of confidence that it might be an interesting idea.

Or maybe I’ll just go crawl in a hole and do nothing but paint.

Oh, and please don’t repost, trace, claim you painted it, or generally behave like you were raised by wolves, even though realistically, wolves have better manners than people like that.