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My favourite prank as a teenager

When I was a teenager I collected “souls”.

Those were actually only papers with some latin writing on them, signed with a name, a fingerprint and sometimes, when the person was easily convinced with a drop of blood.

The majority of the students who signed it had catholic lessons but said they weren’t really believing in God. It was usually a rather random joke or part of a dare.
And I made sure that they did not know me or each other that well, so that they wouldn’t confront me or tell my parents or teachers.
And after they signed it, I made them promise to not tell anyone or I would feed their soul to the dogs, which of course was seen as a joke, at first.
And afterwards I always said I would take it to a warm, exotic place and then I began to ignore them.
Sometimes I played a few harmless pranks, but mostly I left them to their own thoughts and school problems.
About half of them wanted their soul back and I said returning it would be against “God’s law”.

The most amusing thing was that one girl thought I was her guardian angel.

It was entertaining to see how different people treated me, who even had only a small suspicion that I could be something not “human”.

You see the trick in manipulation is not what you tell, but what you don’t. When my classmate asked me if I really believed in that stuff, I avoided the answer by asking him if he did, by ignoring him etc.

If you really want to scare someone you have to feed their imagination.

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