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Benedict Cumberbatch smiling at the Apple Sherlock Q&A.

Staedtler graphite pencils (various grades), Graphite Powder, White Conté pastel pencil, Pentel Orenz mecanical pencil with 2B 0,2mm lead on Strathmore Toned Tan paper. 9X12.

Sorry I tinted it a bit in PS, the toned tan paper scanned a bit wonky.

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My favourite prank as a teenager

When I was a teenager I collected “souls”.

Those were actually only papers with some latin writing on them, signed with a name, a fingerprint and sometimes, when the person was easily convinced with a drop of blood.

The majority of the students who signed it had catholic lessons but said they weren’t really believing in God. It was usually a rather random joke or part of a dare.
And I made sure that they did not know me or each other that well, so that they wouldn’t confront me or tell my parents or teachers.
And after they signed it, I made them promise to not tell anyone or I would feed their soul to the dogs, which of course was seen as a joke, at first.
And afterwards I always said I would take it to a warm, exotic place and then I began to ignore them.
Sometimes I played a few harmless pranks, but mostly I left them to their own thoughts and school problems.
About half of them wanted their soul back and I said returning it would be against “God’s law”.

The most amusing thing was that one girl thought I was her guardian angel.

It was entertaining to see how different people treated me, who even had only a small suspicion that I could be something not “human”.

You see the trick in manipulation is not what you tell, but what you don’t. When my classmate asked me if I really believed in that stuff, I avoided the answer by asking him if he did, by ignoring him etc.

If you really want to scare someone you have to feed their imagination.

(-confession/lie 57)

The Person You Can Not Murder.

As this blog services the purpose of distraction and teaching about the human mind tell me: Whom could you not murder?

Feel free to give an explanation as to why as well.

Admitting a lack of ability and being able to realize it yourself is the key to being able to see it in others and to calculating and enforcing your control correctly and securily.

Therefore there is no wrong answer, except for the answer that such a person does not exist.