bored at work series

I just had the silliest thought that a live-action Justice League International show could work remarkably well as a sort of “mockumentary” / mock reality TV series.

No major special-effects budgets or sets or deep plot-writing. Just… film entire episodes worth of behind-the-scenes superhero workings, which is to say, shenanigans that happen at the embassies between missions:

Max said it would be good for publicity.

Blue Beetle pulls some kind of prank on Mr. Miracle while he’s on monitor duty. It backfires and Barda storms off to kick Ted’s butt.

Batman looks into the camera like he’s on The Office.

Booster looks into the camera like he’s Booster Gold.


let the flames of your passion grow.


On this day in music history: February 4, 1986 - “Control”, the third album by Janet Jackson is released. Produced by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson and Monte Moir, it is recorded at Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis, MN from August - October 1985. Having recorded two modestly successful albums for A&M Records, at only nineteen years old, Janet Jackson finds herself at a career and life crossroad. Having already gone through a short lived marriage with singer James DeBarge, bored with the grind of working on the TV series “Fame”, and anxious to firmly establish an identity of her own apart from her famous family, Jackson realizes that dramatic life changes are necessary to make that happen. She fires her father Joe as her manager, and moves out of the Jackson home in Encino, CA. Musically, Janet is also looking to make a change. A&M Records executive and longtime Jackson family friend John McClain introduces her to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Having established themselves as hit songwriters and producers with artists including The S.O.S. Band, Change, and Thelma Houston, after being fired from The Time in 1983. The producers and Jackson hit it off immediately, and agree to work together. While talking with the singer, Jam & Lewis discuss her goals for the project. These conversations form the basis of several songs on the album. Seeing her drive for independence from her family, Jimmy and Terry insists that Janet come to Minneapolis to work, away from the heavily sheltered environment she has grown up in. Accompanied by her childhood best friend Melanie Andrews, Janet travels to Minnesota to write and record the album with Jam & Lewis over a period of six weeks. The results change all previous opinions about Janet Jackson as a musical artist, and the futures of all involved. Edgy, funky and much more mature than anything she’s done previously, “Control” is met with near universal acclaim from fans and from the music industry. Accompanied by visually striking music videos (mostly choreographed by former L.A. Lakers cheerleader Paula Abdul), that showcase Janet’s natural dancing ability, it spins off six hit singles including “What Have You Done For Me Lately” (#1 R&B, #4 Pop), “Nasty” (#1 Pop, #3 Pop), and the title track (#1 R&B, #5 Pop). Of those six singles, five hit number one on the R&B singles chart, and five of the six reach the top five on the pop singles chart, all in different peak position. The album is showered with accolades including four American Music Awards (out of twelve nominations), and five Grammy nominations, including Album Of The Year. “Control” spends eight weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, spending two weeks at number one of the Top 200, and is certified 5x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.