This is a recuperation blog.

I’ve found that I’ve let the more creative side of my personality be suffocated by the multitude of fandoms, artists, producers, and worst of all, drama-inducers, that I follow on my other blog. While I have always tried to filter those quick to fuel the fires of Tumblr, a lot of them are my friends or people who I otherwise respect.

They create content that leaves me in awe, inspires me, teaches me, and enriches me. But that’s my greatest issue: I’ve allowed myself to simply consume culture, rather than contribute.

I will follow none of those blogs; those are for entertainment. This blog is for me to release myself from the stress of consumption and rediscover the joys of creation of culture.

Writing prompts for challenges. Nature and urban landscapes to inspire. Healthier living via cooking and fitness blogs to remind me to take care of myself. Those are the pages I will follow here: Only those that lead me to pay back the culture I have consumed.

This blog will also be for posting my writing, my thoughts, my creations. Terrible doodles? This blog. Half-assed attempts at other forms of art? This blog. With time, practice, and luck, I might even gain a following of those who enjoy what I produce! 

I look forward to a healthier mind, and to any who wish to follow me… Welcome! Send me a message at any time. Send me a prompt to write, or a book to read!