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Things to expect in your first year of uni:

1. Sometimes you don’t make a solid group of friends straight away, so don’t feel too upset. I’m a second year and I’ve only really now started adding people on Facebook and forming casual friendships. It happens. If you do make good friends - awesome.

2.  Pre-readings and online modules prior to lectures and/or tutorials. DO THEM. Skim through readings if you’re short on time, and do the prep work the week before. Trust and save yourself from having to go through everything within days (multiplied by X units) before your exams.

3. Realising once you’re in your new home no, you did not need to pack every belonging you have, because yes, everything DOES. NOT. FIT.

4. Realising how much stuff you have but don’t need.

5. If moving out of home, bills and rent or paying for accommodation can be STRESSFUL.

6. ~Adulting~

7. How sometimes boring general core units are. It sucks but have to be done.

8. Your tutor not haggling you about studying more and stuff, ‘cause that’s all on you. If it’s the tutor’s fault, I would suggest bringing that up with the head of the school/faculty or even your student guild to think of solutions.

9. By approx. week 5 to week 6, class numbers begin to exponentially drop, most significantly within the last three weeks of semester.

10. Yes, older people study at uni too. Most of them are nice, genuine, and nervous. Yes, sometimes they do older people things.

11. There are many, many intelligent and kind people in university.

12. Some people have significantly different work ethics.

13. Going to the wrong class across the year is a-OK. I walked into an upper year math lecture and realised the lecturer wasn’t who mine actually was. Whispered very loudly “OH MY GOD” and walked straight out. We’ve all been there. Just kindly walk out and pretend nothing even happened.

14. University life is more than academics. Take a leap and do things.

15. You’ll have to do more than your degree to get to where you want to be.

16.  People party a lot, you can be one of them but if you want to keep up your grades, please balance it with your studies, work and other commitments!

17. University can either be harder or easier than high school. For me? Easier so far. Further units will be difficult. But you’ll learn a lot of useful and enriching knowledge which is worth something more than what you might learn in high school.

18. Seating plans don’t exist, but if you’re gonna change seats every week, you’re most definitely messin’ up the system.

What other things can first years expect? Whether you’re fresh out of first-year like me or a tertiary education veteran, I’ll make sure to update this continuously with all of our input!


What do you mean this isn’t exactly how it happened?

A Tomb Raider and Anniversary comparison.

Who We Used to Be

Prompt/Summary: Based on “Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles

Pairings: Tony x female!reader

Warnings: angst, bittersweet moments, implied smut

Word Count: 2260

A/N: I wrote it for Bella’s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge ( @whothehellisbella ). This takes place at the end of Captain America: Civil War. I didn’t exactly include the lyrics of the song, but I did make sure that it fit the plot :)

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We’ll Watch The Stars


Sansa choked on her drink and sputtered, embarrassingly, as little droplets flew in the air that almost landed on Jon’s sleeve. Sansa’s hand flew to her mouth before she spewed out whatever that was still in it.

“Say what now?” Sansa asked, not really wanting Jon to repeat, as she heard him loud and clear. Jon’s cheeks burned hot as he felt a blush spread over them. Shit.

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Make You Mine: Chapter 1

Chapter one of a story I’m beginning. Gwenvid-angst currently for this first chapter.

Gwen and David have both parted from the camp. Against David’s wishes they have gone separate ways and have not spoken for two years. David has found a partner and is engaged to be married, he invites Gwen to the wedding to be their maid of honor. He had almost forgotten how nice it was to see her smile after half a glass of wine.

Chapters will be found under the tag: makeuminegwenvid

Around 2k.

A stiffening numbness surged through her blood stream as her fingertips enclosed around the tips of the parchment. She had not heard from her ex coworker in a few months, keeping only in touch through a distant series of likes. Eventually she had to come to the understanding whatever was between them was inevitably doomed but she didn’t think today would be the day.

Her dirty nail scratched the golden embroidery around the card’s edge.

“You’re formally invited to the holy matrimony of David and Amber”

The need to empty her stomach tickled in the back of her throat and Gwen swallowed back bile. In a futile attempt to remain sane she continued reading finding David’s chicken scratch hand writing directed at her underneath the initial invitation.

“Gwen, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately! I miss you dearly, and I just wanted to personally invite you to my wedding. Sorry to spring this on you so last minute, I am sure you’re busy with grad school, I just wanted to ask you to be the maid of honor for the ceremony. No matter what you have been one of my closet friends for a very long time and Amber is extremely happy to have you joining us. Give me a call if you accept and I will give you details.

Campe Diem


She was more than aware that she should decline. Gracefully back out of his life as she had done a year ago but the dark screwed up part of her heart that pumped out selfish greed roared to life. Setting the card on the table, Gwen sat on her counter and sighed. He didn’t belong to her, and he never would. David deserved someone who was happy and didn’t take a pill every morning to keep themselves from jumping off a cliff. Someone who baked pies on Sunday and took care of their skin and could hold a conversation without constantly worrying about how they were being perceived.

Yet the lust to drain the happiness from him to feel whole again burned her every nerve.

To see him smile and feel less empty and watch how his innocent eyes soaked in every piece of her like she was important. Ultimately though she would have destroyed him, if she had stayed he would have fallen apart. It was a sacrifice she made so why couldn’t he let her suffer in peace.

There was a reason she stopped answering his calls, stopped reading his messages, pretended they had never interacted in real life. Of course it had hurt him, it had hurt her. There was no other way.

Her eyes glanced back on the gold leafed parchment a moment longer, she stared until her eyes focused and unfocused again.

Gwen. One of my closet friends.

His voice reverberated in her skull, the happy honey drawl and scolding undertone. David sounded like authority, but not punish based authority more rewarding. Someone who could lead you into battle safely and give his life for yours.

Her fingers were moving without thought of repercussion as she typed out a message to David. The bubble that was his profile picture blurred in her vision but she typed perfectly fine. Something in between pounding anxiety and humane calm settled in her stomach as she pressed send.

It was the warm pleasurable sting that flooded her body as she had just been shot in the gut and kissed back to health.


His reply was instantaneous.

Gwen had multiple opportunities to do the right thing, to turn around and leave his life forever. She could have stopped herself from writing her vacation days in, paused as she was packing her clothes, turned on her heel at the airport doors. Yet here she was.

Allowing her luggage to disappear into the unknown and shuffling across too small aisles to plop down in an economy seat.

She was returning to the wooded reality of yesterday, ears plugged with headphones and spine aching. David had helped her book the ticket, talked to her silent end of the phone like nothing had changed. Promised he-no-they were going to pick her up from the airport.

It was early, too early to be flying away from home to only watch a ceremony she would leave with a bitter taste in her mouth. Maybe she would find some average man there at the ceremony, someone to fill the hole in between her legs and the hollow in her heart. He would be married, he would be supportive, he would smile and tell her he was so happy she found someone too.

The thought stung but brought familiar comfort like she was in control. Gwen’s body slunk into the cushions and the music pounded against her ear drums until her mind was on autopilot and wandered.

Soft greenery and mossy forest air lingered in her nostrils, the smell of a hidden cigarette behind the bathroom, a shared glance that lasted just a moment too long. A desire that thrummed not only in her chest but in the very atmosphere around them, a persistent vibration.

Floating in and out of consciousness in the seat her mind returned to the memories of her and David at the camp.

More importantly their parting from the camp.

“Did you get everything-”

Gwen had called to him a few yards away one of her bags slung over her shoulder. David was standing over near a cliff which looked over most of their terrain for the past decade. Both his hands remained on his hips and she watched his whole body shudder as he seemed to inhale the very moment he existed in.

It must be nice, to be able to absorb something to its full potential like that, he must experience life differently to appreciate this place.

This was the last time they would ever council children in this desolate camp, Campbell had been arrested. The tiny budget they did have could not cover the costs of his absence, the parents couldn’t even supply anything more. They had tried, David had tried to pour his life savings into the idea but it wasn’t feasible. She tried not to remember the devastation on his face when the bank rejected his offer. The summer haze was over a dream that had ended with tears and mosquito bites.

Gwen admitted she had come to care for this place, care for all those damned kids, cared about David.

“No. Not yet.”

David had turned around with those large introspective eyes of his and bore straight to her core. Gwen continued walking to his side unable to keep from shivering at the underlying tension between them. When she reached his side she could see the sad smile stretched across his pale cheeks and the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.

“I just need to get one more look, one last image. For the road.”

She could hear the stripped quality from his voice, the dip in excitement that clouded her with the exhaustion in his words. He was forcing each of them out and she turned away out of respect.

Standing shoulder to shoulder they took in their last moments in camp Campbell in sobered silence. Her hand came to rest on the middle of his bony back, the swish of her palm on the cotton shirt filling the void of sound.

“I will miss this place.”

It was a whisper from his lips and she frowned deeply.

He moved until he faced her and his long arms intertwined around her shoulders. David knew Gwen was never big on physical affection but by the way she shifted to fit her chin in the crook of his neck he felt she must not have minded. The hug was messy and warm, they both reeked of sweat and grass, the way their limbs collided was awkward. Yet she didn’t want to let go.

The hug lasted for a long time, until he swayed them back and forth with a familiarity only old friends could.

It felt so good to be wrapped up in his arms, chest to chest, her cheek brushing his ear. Her emotions fluttered as they always had, the crush she had on him still simmered and she allowed herself to indulge. The bond they had formed with one another and those children was too personal to be shared. The pair shared the unspoken knowledge this would most likely be the last time they saw each other, maybe forever.

When Gwen finally pulled back she nodded in agreement, looking up to the beanpole of a man before her. David’s expression was blank as he stared back at her, a tint of red edging on his ears.


He swallowed and she watched his adam apple bob, his hands shaking came to her shoulders and then her cheeks. Gwen stood frozen in confusion, unsure of why he was doing this. Almost as she was observing someone else’s perfect life she witnessed David pressing his lips down to meet hers.

It was a chaste kiss, a brush of lips that carried years of trust.

“I’m sorry, Gwen. I don’t know what came over me-I didn’t mean to spring that on you. I should have asked-”

All she could do was stare back at him before her own fingers came to touch her now buzzing lips.

That had been the last time she had seen him.

A sudden jostle of the plane beginning take off yanked her back to the present. Her thoughts flooded with the after math of one of the most fulfilling kisses in her entire life. They had-no she-had left him behind.

Both of them loaded their camp worn memories and belongings into their trunks and said goodbye. She could feel his eyes remaining on her form the entire time she packed up. Gwen left behind stars and a chance of undeserved happiness.

During the ten hour drive home she realized just who she was, a fuck up. An absolute waste of space and David was something more than that. An idiot, maybe. But definitely not someone who should have to deal with her the rest of their lives. For the exit 4B and the roadway stretching across the vast hills she allowed herself to dream, to revel in the kiss.

Yet the sweetest fantasy came to an end when she pulled into the driveway.

David called, texted, wrote.

No reply.

In the beginning it was hard to ignore tempting messages, he was like a siren except he would have been the one drowned if she accepted him. Eventually David stopped. Gwen couldn’t tell which one hurt her more, the silence or the pain of having to distance herself.

He would have wanted love and life and she couldn’t supply him with that.

Sighing as she remembered how she ghosted the nicest man on the planet, Gwen shifted to get more comfortable in the seat. The woman next to her already asleep despite the face they just took off.

“What the hell am I doing.”  

13 September // I had my first day of college yesterday. It was mostly getting set up and getting classes etc but I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It’s as if it was somebody else who went in yesterday and sat in a room and gave details and listened to plans for the next year. It’s a bit wild. And I’m a bit scared because I have no idea if I’m going to like it or not. But my timetable is really lovely, I get Tuesdays off, I get to drop a class in a few weeks (although I can’t drop any of the boring core ones) and there’s a trip to Berlin in January for European Studies! I can’t say that I’m not excited about what I know already. And I can’t say I’m not delighted to be with other people in the same situation as me with getting into university. I guess I just need to figure out how to be a student.

Lover, Fighter

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Warnings: none

Pairing: Thorin x reader ( wolf skin-changer )

Here´s the next part of this journey. Enjoy! If you want to be tagged in this let me know :) 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Thorin was sitting in a chair next to your bed and watched as you slept peacefully. Elrond had told him that they kept you in deep sleep so your body could heal better and you wouldn´t need to feel the pain. He was relieved that you would be alright after all. But Thorin had a feeling that there was something the elf lord wasn´t telling him and that was bugging him. The door opening snapped him out of his thoughts and he turned to look who it was. 

Fili walked through the doorway closing it quietly before entering the room. He looked like he hadn´t slept  in weeks. Thorin understood why his nephew would not sleep, he knew the level of Fili´s and your relationship and he was actually glad of it. Thorin gave Fili a small yet warm smile and beckoned him to come closer.  “How is she?” Fili asked with a very small voice which caused Thorin want to hold him and comfort him like a father would comfort his crying son. “She´s sleeping, but she`ll be alright.” Thorin assured looking right in Fili´s reddish eyes which was tell tale sign that not only Fili had slep poorly, he had also been crying a lot. Fili nodded his head and sat down next to his uncle looking at your sleeping form. “Kili is blaming himself for this, you know….” Fili said after little while and that wasn´t something Thorin was expecting. He turned his head to look Fili with stunned expression. “What? Why?” he asked trying to figure out the reason why would Kili blame himself for this. It wasn´t his fault, it was nobody´s fault. It was just damn bad luck that you got hit by that arrow. 

“I don´t exactly but I heard him say to Gloin that if he hadn´t be the last one to run for safety…to linger too long, she wouldn´t been hit.” Fili answered and glanced at his uncle from the corner of his eye. Thorin couldn´t believe it, Kili actually said that and was beating himself about been last one to run for safety. “I need to talk to him. Are you gonna wait here?” Thorin shaked his head and stood up. Fili nodded his head and took more comfortable position in the chair and watched as Thorin walked out of the room to go find his little brother.

Thorin walked through the long corridos of Rivendell searching for his younger nephew when he bump into Bilbo who was in a search of his own. “Master Baggins.” Thorin said nodding as he walked past the halfling but stopped when he didn´t get reply back from the hobbit. “Everything alright, Bilbo?” he looked over his shoulder.
Bilbo stood tall, as tall as he could with his short height in front of Thorin and tried to find the words how to tell him what was in his mind. “Ummm….is Y/N alright? I saw Kili little while ago and he seems quite upset about the fact that she got hit by that arrow…” Thorin turned fully to face Bilbo when he heard that.

 Bilbo took a step back wondering if he had crossed a line by asking that. “You saw Kili? Where exactly?” Thorin asked hoping that Kili wouldn´t do anything stupid before he could find him. Kili had quite bad habit  doing something impetuous if he was upset and this was one of those cases where Thorin was expecting to find his nephew doing something really idiotic.  “Just outside of the platform where you can see half of Rivendell´s gardens.” Bilbo said and Thorin knew what platform he was denoting to. He took off before Bilbo could say anything else but answered over his shoulder Bilbo´s previous question. “She´s fine, elves are keeping her in deep sleep so she can recover faster.” Bilbo sighed closing his eyes for a moment. “Thank goodness for that…”

Thorin found Kili sitting on the edge of a stone rail right where Bilbo had said he would be. “Kili.” Thorin approached him slowly not wanting to scare the lad. Kili turned to look back and when he saw his uncle, slight panic started to show in his eyes. “I´m so sorry, I didn´t mean…I just….” Kili was rambling and Thorin could see that the guilt Kili was feeling was overpowering his common sense. “Kili, calm down. I´m not here to accuse you for anything, I just heard from your brother that you´re blaming yourself of what happened to Y/N.” Thorin put his hand over Kili´s shoulder in order to try calm him. Kili started sobbing as his shoulders was shaking violently. He was sure Thorin would yell at him, kick him out from the company because what happened. Instead he felt his uncle´s arms around him as Thorin took him in his lap like a lost little dwarfling and rocked him gently. It had the desired effect on Kili as he buried his face in his uncle´s neck and started cry harder. This was very rare action from Thorin these days but Kili was happy that the same Thorin, who had been there for them when their father had died, was still there underneath that cold, strained appearance. “I don´t blame you, I never did, not even once. So, stop blaming yourself. It was just a bad luck that she was the one who got hit by that arrow…nothing more.” Thorin whispered quietly to Kili´s ear as he felt him little by little to relax and calm down. “And I´m sure she doesn´t either.” 

Kili finally pulled back from Thorin´s embrace and looked at him nodding his head a little. “Now….want to go and see her? I think it might do some good to see that she isn´t any danger anymore.” Thorin suggested and after receiving a smile and nod, he stood up and guided Kili toward the chamber where you were resting.

You have been staying in your bed almost two weeks and it was starting to get to you. You were bored to the core but elven healers insisted that you would not got up from your bed without their or Thorin´s permission. Man, this sucked! You thought to yourself while listening Dori´s story telling which was…how to put it politely….boring as hell. 

Luckily for you, Dori was cut short as all of the sudden the two Durin brothers stormed into your chamber and flopped down at the end of your bed. “Y/N! Am I happy to see you wake and looking good!” Kili said with such enthusiasm that it made you suspicious. Even Fili was wearing that famous Durin smirk on his face and you knew, they were up to something. “Hello boys. Aren´t you two in a good mood. What might be the cause of that?” you asked raising an eyebrow and glanced first Fili and then Kili who was chuckling to himself. “Glad you asked. You see, we got this idea…" 

Oh boy, that didn´t never sounded good when Kili said something like that, especially when KILI said something like that. "Mahal save me….what are you two plotting now?” you groaned throwing your head back to the pillow behind you and closing your eyes. This was doomed to end badly, either for you or the boys….either way, you were screwed.

After Fili had shooed Dori out, brothers shared their little plan and although you knew you should not get involved, your bored mind worked against you this time. So here you were, with the lads quietly slipping through the corridors at night aiming toward the sacred foundain to have a night swim. “You do realise that this is the most stupid idea in a history of stupid ideas you two have come up with?” you whispered to Kili as you got to the foundain. “How this is a stupid idea? You needed to get out of your bed and what a better way to refresh yourself than a dip into the water?” Kili smirked as he started to strip his clothes. You sighed and watched as both of them jumped into the foundain looking back at you and beckoning you to join them. 

After considering the thought for a moment you shrugged and started to take of your clothes. Fili and Kili turned their backs to you, giving you some privacy. Although you were their aunt and going to marry Thorin, they didn´t want to stare at you as you were getting naked. When they finally heard that you were in the water both of them turned back and gave you a wide smile. It didn´t take long you to start a water war against each other. Your laughter were echoing through Rivendell and it reached someone´s ears you hoped would not discover that you had slipped out from your chambers.

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