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I hate to bother you ! but the download on your icon post isn't working ! c:

you’re not, love! i’m so sorry, dropbox can be awful, so i just decided to upload it with two more borders in a zip file to media fire. it can be found here. please like or reblog if you’re using.  i hope i’ve helped! xx

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hi! your dotted icon borders were gorgeous! can you think about sharing it/pointing me to where you got it from?

thank you so much!   i actually made it myself and have been meaning to release it  /  make an icon borders pack for awhile now since i hit a milestone on both my blogs awhile back,   but i’m honestly so lazy and slow whoops.   so,   i’ll just release this border now instead.   i hope you enjoy it,   and all i ask is that you give this a like or a reblog if you use it,   and also please don’t claim it as your own !      (  download.  )


this is for those of you that want to know how to make your OWN rp icon overlays/borders/coloring and psds.  you WILL need photoshop for this, and though i won’t be providing a link to download it free-there are videos and other links out there that can get you it for free (bc we are all sneaky ppl that dont want to pay our life’s savings just to edit photos).  

This will teach you to-

go from this:

to this:

And also just how to make your own borders basically.


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250+ gif icons ( 70x70 pixel ) of Henrik Holm in SKAM.None of the original gifs are mine. I only cropped them and added a psd. Feel free to use them for roleplay purpose. Some scenes might be double. Please don’t claim them as yours. they still were quite some work to make.

tw: injuries, blood, semi nsfw, smoking

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everything, by design.


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may i request some circle icon borders/textures in png format?

i’ve whipped some up in various sizes and since they are all in PNG format they should work in all/most photo editors people use but if anyone wants the psd file for any of these let me know ! all under the cut !

if anyone wants any other sizes/shapes then please let me know <3

please like/reblog if this was useful. 

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200x200 icons for kirigiri!

i hope these are alright kirigiri! i kind of experimented with the background and border and all that, but i hope you don’t mind! i think i’ll start making all icons like this unless requested otherwise if that’s okay with everyone! ((by the way if anyone wants to send more icon requests i’m on a roll right now so be sure to ask!))

-mod angie