Opinion on Ari and Ki ( Aka BorderlineChocolate )

These girls are amazing. Like, omg. Their movements are so clean and energetic!! They also act like THEMSELVES and not all ‘Kawaii moe moe moe~~~~~!’ As a dancer, I have a problem with that too so I shouldn’t be talking but they got it down! I especially like their Happy Synthesizer Cover. When they made a mistake they turned it into comedy and made it more interesting~~~! And that’s definitely a good thing to do~! Like, if you fall on stage just get back up and keep going! 

Anyway, These girls have A LOT of potential and I wish them luck in the future~!  


I love vocaloid dances. SO MUCH.

Ari&Ki: Dance Panel Panic!

is the name of the panel that Ari & Ki are hosting a j-pop dance panel at animeNEXT on Friday June 8th from 3-4pm. We’ll be dancing as well as lightly educating people on the world of “oddottemita” or dance covers! We’ll also be playing games with the theme “panic!” in mind so be prepared to move and dance with us! All games are optional! We hope to see you there!! 

Also check out our youtube channel to see what we’re about!

Ari & Ki