Valentine’s Day has come one week early~!!!
This time we choreographed to Emon’s “Dreamin Chuchu”~!!!



I translated most comments to this video. All comments she got were admiration!

  1. She’s got a different structure from Japanese, and her moves are great
  2. This is the coolest video of “i tried dancing” I’ve ever watched.
  3. Though she’s good, she swings longer than the Japanese since she’s taller.
  4. Although there are lots of great dancers, it’s not only her skills that attract us.
  5. I wonder why she can dance this well in her heels.

The audience liked her bow at the end of her dance.

Opinion on Ari and Ki ( Aka BorderlineChocolate )

These girls are amazing. Like, omg. Their movements are so clean and energetic!! They also act like THEMSELVES and not all ‘Kawaii moe moe moe~~~~~!’ As a dancer, I have a problem with that too so I shouldn’t be talking but they got it down! I especially like their Happy Synthesizer Cover. When they made a mistake they turned it into comedy and made it more interesting~~~! And that’s definitely a good thing to do~! Like, if you fall on stage just get back up and keep going! 

Anyway, These girls have A LOT of potential and I wish them luck in the future~!  


I love vocaloid dances. SO MUCH.


Hello! We’re back with some original choreography!!

”Here and There" by Kagamine Rin (DATEKEN)


Ki got Galastic Award for dancing Galaxias! Congratulations!


Hi Fun People~☆

We’re back with original choreography to RUBY-CATMAN’S “Electric Curator”

Thanks for watching~☆




Mirrored version~!!!


Pop'n girl @ communication!! 


If you’re interested in learning the choreography to Acchi Kocchi,

StrawberriiMist has very kindly uploaded a mirrored version to her channel




Mirrored version ☆



It hasn’t even been a week of classes and I’m exhausted!

I need a nap.

But besides that,

new shoes!!

i love them so much!!

They’re by a brand I’ve never heard of called “Sugar”. 

The store clerk at Macy’s said they just came in. I’m sure that if I had come a week later they wouldn’t have been in my size anymore! 


Also new dance!!!


This is the first dance that we’ve created ourselves!! It’s definitely not the last so look forward to more from us! 

That’s all for now~

Ciao ♥


Hiya~! This week we bring to you an original Ari。Ki x Light creation~!!