borderline scam

So my electric company, Duke Energy, has been sending me fliers for this Fixed Bill service of theirs.  Essentially if you sign up for this, you will only ever have to pay a single amount every month for the whole year so that you “won’t be surprised” when the electric bill unexpectedly (for those who don’t have functioning brains) rises in the summer.

Only, look at this. Just look at it.  My yearly expense for next year is just under $1,100.  If I signed up, the rate they would put me at would be just over $1,200.

I love the promotion: “Protect yourself against rising energy costs.”  Apparently by just going ahead and paying more for your energy this year.

The previous flier I was sent tried to appeal to my laziness and stupidity by assuring me “peace of mind” over the “unpredictable” energy bill.

But I have to give them some credit, they are at least giving me the figures up front so I know it’s incredibly stupid right from the get go.