reblog this if you would date someone with borderline personality disorder

i want to show everyone who has bpd that they deserve to be loved. you all have so much love to give and you deserve to get it back.

I wish I could take peoples pain away. I would absorb it all myself if I could, just to know they are completely happy. They deserve that happiness because to me they are the most perfect human beings in the world who I would do anything for. I would die for you if it would help you. I just love you so fucking much that it tears me up inside to know you aren’t happy. It will be my life goal to change that.

shoutout to everyone with bpd who tries so hard to maintain relationships with people, despite the ever present paranoia that no one genuinely cares about them; you are strong as fuck and i’m proud of you. know that most of the time those thoughts are wrong, people do care about and like you.

Me: *wants to be cool, mysterious, aloof*
Also me: anyways here’s every person who has ever wronged me and the complete detailed account of what they did, yesterday I literally cried over spilled milk, here’s my SSN, credit card number, PIN, the password to my phone, oh do you wanna see a picture of me when I was 3?