borderlandstuck au


Halloweenstuck photos with my borderlandstuck babes~

I didnt get the costume finished in the two days I had beforehand but I’m definitely going to finish it for a shoot sometime because this AU is amazing and one of my absolute favourites (Although every blackoutballad design is my favourite ever so….)

Borderlandstuck AU Designs by blackoutballad

Jane Crocker: Me
Dave Strider: grimdorkjohn
Dirk Strider: pyrelle

oh hey borderlandstuck is out of it’s 20839257th hiatus ughhh

but yeah here’s kan n dave! i decided to cut down on the theatrics and streamline the style for these designs so i can get to full refs faster

(for those of you who have asked i’ll try to shell ‘em out as soon as i can!) 

ryumarumg  asked:

So, about your Borderlandsstuck AU, I was wondering: when you do reveal the classes, are the characters only going to be using the classes from Borderlands 2, or from both games? Or have you made up classes for some of them?

they will be from both borderlands 1 and 2 and will use all skill trees (so the siren will have 6 in total).

so the possible classes are hunter, soldier, berserker, siren, assassin, commando, gunzerker, and mechromancer. unfortunately i drew all of this out before the psycho class was released so i can’t guarantee that i’ll expend the effort to move classes around again @u@ but it’s still a possibility!