See I find this sad for a number of reasons. Here we go.

  • All Claptrap wants to do is take Jack down.
  • And Claptrap worked for Jack.
  • Hell Claptrap was THE FRAGTRAP.
  • He like found a Vault and killed some Eridians and basically kicked ass.
  • But then Jack turned on him.
  • He destroyed his combat functions and ripped his wheel right out of him, leaving him to trudge about in the snow all alone.
  • Jack even ended his product line.
  • And now, the most that Claptrap can do to fight Jack is spray some graffiti on scrap metal :/ This is quite sad.

I got bit by the Borderlands bug again and had to get back to playing Borderlands 2. Then I remembered how much I loved this asshole, so then I had to look at what happened in the Pre-Sequel (can’t afford to purchase it still) and yehhhh boi still my favorite asshole child.

(I almost gave him glowing purple Eridium-like blood because let’s be honest, we know me at this point, and the temptation to inject some of the Eridian in Jack is MIGHTY TEMPTING, but I nixxed it.)