got lazy only after what 1 pannel?

sighh time to go to bed and sleep until the stress goes away

anonymous asked:

prompt of Jack spanking Rhys? (for whatever reason you choose)

EHEHEHEH got it anon xD This labeled as Corporal Punishment. My masterlist archive of bullshit i write can be found linked at the top of the blog or here.

Generally, Jack liked Rhys.

He was punctual, he knew what peons were important and which to filter out where meetings were concerned, and Jack would even go so far as to say he was one of the best PA’s the man had ever had. It helped things that he was very easy on the eyes and loyal to boot.

But lately, there were problems.

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Canon Subject Delta: An older model Big Daddy on a desperate quest to save both his former Little Sister and his own life in a heartwrenching story about what defines paternal love

My in-game Delta: Local diver goes on drunken rampage, photographing everything and telekinetically throwing dead cats. Mysteriously spares prominent citizens. Psychiatrist regrets life choices