borderlands tattoo

I wasn’t going to go to the gym today, just going to sit around and be lazy but then I saw a YOI post and I was like “fuck…what would Yuri do? He’d take care of his body. UUGHH *drags self to gym*” and I’m really glad I did. I even tried out some of his workouts! I will make my gay ice skating boys proud! Gonna be the spiciest katsudon ever ;D


I wish I could say that I was done making jokes about the bromanceromance there guys share, but I am not. Yeah, sorry.
These were really fun to make, tho.

Original scenes from Scrubs.

hello everyone!! happy (early) halloween!! i drew questionable anime dads as questionable video game dads! why? fuck it i don’t know, it seemed like more fun than the standard halloween costume type thing

i chose bioshock’s booker and elizabeth for jotaro + jolyne because of alternate universe themes. handsome dio and giornangel was… uh… i guess ‘bombastically horrible villain dad’ was the motive there, in terms of who i could picture retelling Jack’s spoon story with utmost sincerity (giorno doesn’t want to be here)

more stuff for the coffee shop au

the pastel unicorn one was a mistake and he was gonna get it covered up but angel liked it and called it buttstallion


“Hey, Athena?”


“I uh…I was pokin’ around outside Concordia a bit the other day.”


“Yeah. I actually found something I’d been lookin’ for for a long time. It belonged to my mum but I lost it when I got stranded out in Serenity’s Waste. Bloody kraggons at my doorstep y'know? This thing though…it got me thinkin’. These last couple of years since the whole thing with Jack and Zarpedon have been really great don’t you think?”

“I…yes. They have. Why?”

“Well…I’m really glad you decided to stick around. Like, really REALLY glad.”

“I had a good reason to. Janey, is this about those matching tattoos you said we should get because I already said-“

“Nooo no no, nothin’ like that. I just…like I said I’ve been thinkin’. About you. About us. About how crazy happy I’ve been since you fell down from Helios and…well, I wanted to ask you somethin’…”

(Realised my last post of this didn’t have Rhys’ jack (pun!) in it… Oops!)

They’re probably fighting over a sandwich 💰💛🍔 more soon