borderlands tattoo

So the artist wasn’t sure if he could do both my sister and my Zer0 tat. “Ain’t no rest for the wicked” by Cage the Elephant came on Pandora (heh heh) so then he knew he had to do it. As we were finishing up the tat an other Cage the Elephant song came on. It was fate!

why are my faves always the nerds who get possessed. how does this keep happening to me, why am i so predictable

i fully expect choosing the jack ending in episode 2 is going to bite me in the ass, but i’ve dug this grave and i’M GOING TO BURY MYSELF IN IT

hello everyone!! happy (early) halloween!! i drew questionable anime dads as questionable video game dads! why? fuck it i don’t know, it seemed like more fun than the standard halloween costume type thing

i chose bioshock’s booker and elizabeth for jotaro + jolyne because of alternate universe themes. handsome dio and giornangel was… uh… i guess ‘bombastically horrible villain dad’ was the motive there, in terms of who i could picture retelling Jack’s spoon story with utmost sincerity (giorno doesn’t want to be here)


I wish I could say that I was done making jokes about the bromanceromance there guys share, but I am not. Yeah, sorry.
These were really fun to make, tho.

Original scenes from Scrubs.