borderlands 2 tattoo

Tattoo Artist AU

Sooooo I’m gonna be writing a Tattoo Artist AU of Borderlands in a modern setting (i.e. no vaults, no Sirens, our time period and technology).

What I am asking from you lovely people is this: what tattoos do you think each of the four original Vault Hunters would have? We already have Roland’s cartoonishly huge skull tattoo, Lilith’s Siren tattoos (as awesome glow in the dark coolness) and a phoenix tattoo as well, and Brick’s huge scars as tattoos and simple knuckle and hand tattoos. For Mordecai, “Bloodwing” is this huge, detailed, full color tattoo he has across most of his back (which ends up with a pretty cool story revolving around it).

But my idea is these guys having head to toe ink. So I need more ideas. What do you think they would have, how big, where, what colors, the works.

Tell me your ideas, and credit will given in the story if they’re used.