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Kratos Jack:

After the events on Elpis, the burn that scarred his eye and face, Jack became embodied with the energy of the Vaults. If he comes in contact with any Eridian artifact or object, he can hear It’s (Bia; the Energy of Eridian) words, speak to Them, even go into a mental plain of Elysium. It has only named itself once to Jack, They love talking to the man, enjoying finally being able to spill It’s secrets to someone who can comprehend It.

When in contact with relics and the book Jack has in his possession, that he had come to find in a small box in the make-shift throne from the Vault on Elpis, his eye will glow purple. Depending on how many artifacts/relics he’s holding, depends on how much Pure Eridium will bleed from his left eye, also, after time will seep out smoke also.

Being only able to reach the Elysian Plains, a place for Sirens, is only possible with the book in Jack’s possession while having a Siren holding their specific relic Jack and the Siren must be in physical contact with each other..

Art Collab with renegad3spectre​ [who did all this BEAUTIFUL LINE WORK]

based off this post with maliwanelegance

                            my  trashy work: {Line Coloring/Fill-in Coloring/Editing}

- Corel Painter 2016 -

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Sketches because I can’t sleep. My maskless designs for Zer0 and Krieg. I did the Zer0 one before but I adjusted it a bit from the first few times I drew him.

I’ll honestly never be satisfied with the Krieg one because I dont like noses/lips. Though I’m keeping the design for his other eye. I just headcannon that while escaping Hyperion he got rammed face first into a table with some slag test tubes. The bacteria combined with the slag mixture slowly infected and discolored the skin around the cuts. (Some of the glass had pierced his eye and he had no choice but gouging it out to avoid serious infection)

I’ll probably refine these soon


Welcome to Lynchwood~ 

Guys, I can’t believe so many people likes my work. ;__; It’s just insane, thanks a lot to all of you for all your faves, reblogs and comments, I really appreciate that and you can’t imagine how much this supports and inspires me. And…yeah, I’m a real human ;D I really LOVE Nisha a lot, especially as Sheriff of Lynchwood so I want everything to be perfect and I’m still working on it. So, hopefully, I’ll finish all details soon and I would show this costume on Igromir 2015 & Comic Con Russia! 

Char. : Sheriff of Lynchwood 

Game: Borderlands 2

Costume made and painted by me.

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Y’all gotta watch this, it’s so freakin’ perfect! This Easter Egg is amazing! 

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