Welcome to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, kiddo. I’m afraid you’re not gonna like this area all that much – it’s about knowledge. Experimentation. Discovery. You’ll see lots of complicated equipment and signs with real big words, but don’t worry – if your brain can’t handle all the science, you can always put a bullet in it.


A sketch that stopped being a sketch. I wanted to create a cover image for my fanfic Wolf Among Wolves. Where Tim saves Angel at the Bunker (unbeknownst to anyone), and they set off to escape Jack’s influence. Featuring; Tim as the  #SadMurderDad with an Eridium addiction, Angel as the unstable Siren genius, Felicity as the fiercely loyal AI mum, and a Skaggy Mc MeatFace. 

Read it on A03 :) Tim gave her the haircut :D