borderland comic

A short story of how  Lingrimm and I are playing Borderlands 2

Zer0 (me) and Axton (Lins) accidentally cause each other to duel every time we play. A special pleasure is to do so in the middle of a battle with some creepy bandits when you’re trying to cover up your friend. Gaige (Grimm) only has to resign herself with this masculine idiocy %)                    

Dinah Lance: [trying to enlarge a map] Computer, enhance.

Helena Bertinelli: Enhance!

Dinah Lance: Enhance!

Helena Bertinelli: [pointing at the screen] Enhance!

Dinah Lance: Enhance… Computer images!

Barbara Gordon: Stop it! This is not how computers work! Where are you from? You… You don’t just yell “enhance” at the screen!



And some out-of-original-canon doodles illustrating one of our Alternative Universe thing with Lingrimm x)

Penguin-like baby Pticenoga aka Hedwig is so terribly cute Shade couldn’t resist. Someone loves dead bodies too! And, when she grow up, it became possible to show Vaughn the whole collection together! Seems he doesn’t like this much, but who cares?

It’s AU thing only. Of course, there’s no Pticenoga in the original game and she’s a completely separate character appeared much earlier than Borderlands 2 game. And, in her original story, it’s impossible for her to be a baby.

But there’s always a place for exception >:)

Shade and Vaughn aren’t mine, only Pticenoga is.



That’s how they first meet

the rest is up to you to decide. Maybe Tim beats Rhys up for scaring him. Maybe Rhys runs for his life! 8) wow this took me ages omg

Rhys and Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands


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sorry this took faaaaar too long! i had something spring on me today so i was only able to work on it just now q_q;;

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