Uh Oh, Russian tanks roll into Ukraine to aid pro-Russian rebels

Even though a cease-fire has been declared, a convoy of Russian tanks has crossed into Ukraine reportedly to aid pro-Russian rebels and mercenaries in Ukraine.

From Yahoo! News:

Ukraine’s military accused Russia on Friday of sending a column of 32 tanks and truckloads of troops into the country’s east to support pro-Russian separatists fighting government forces.

Thursday’s cross-border incursion, if confirmed, is a significant escalation of a conflict that has killed more than 4,000 people since the separatists rose up in mid-April and would call into question Russia’s commitment to a two-month-old ceasefire deal.

The truce has looked particularly fragile this week, with each side accusing the other of violations after separatist elections last Sunday condemned as illegitimate by the West.

…A NATO military officer said on Friday the alliance had seen an increase in Russian troops and equipment along the border and was looking into reports of Russian tanks crossing into eastern Ukraine.

“If this crossing into Ukraine is confirmed it would be further evidence of Russia’s aggression and direct involvement in destabilizing Ukraine,” he said.

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This should surprise no one as it is no secret that Vladimir Putin wants the entirety of the USSR back together again, even if it means doing it by force.


“Refugees” using their children as human shields during border incursions. They deliberately drag their already-distressed children to the front to get tear-gassed, then parade them in front of the cameras to get the headlines: