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thoughts on a special edition of Leopardstar?

yes please give it to me ok bc leopard is underrated and so many ppl are so quick to judge her

like we got a ambitious young cat who has been doted on by her clan and pretty much groomed for leadership, she defends her clan borders against thunderclan cats and holds a grudge because they (accidentally) killed her former apprentice in a border skirmish (a cat she was very close to and felt proud because he had just been made a warrior) 

she was right all along about graystripe’s loyalty lmao, she made sure riverclan got silverstream’s kits, she continued to push for sunningrocks and get more territory for her clan, she was the only leader in the darkest hour to even think of leaving the territories and sent scouts to ensure her clan would survive

like, YES she made a mistake with tigerstar. she believed she was doing what was right in a harsh winter to pair up with tigerstar vs have him attack her. do you guys remember the previous winter when riverclan starved?? they had to have thunderclan cats feed them in order to survive

YES it was wrong of her to allow blackfoot to kill stonefur, but what could she have done? the shadowclan cats were infested in her camp which was full of sick and elderly. had she said no to tigerstar he would have massacred riverclan and used them as an example of what happens to cats who defy him. leopardstar was just trying to do what was best and y’all gotta stop blaming her for a mistake she made


Forgotten World War II — The Battle of Lake Khasan

Technically the Battle of Lake Khasan was not a World War II battle, rather one of the many events leading up to WWII in the 1930’s, what I would call part of the World War II era.  After the Japanese occupation of Manchura and parts of China, tensions between the Empire of Japan and Soviet Union began to rise.  One major bone of contention had to do with border disputes. Small skirmishes and incidents between border guards and soldiers became common, and it was clear that a conflict was brewing.  In early 1938 the Japanese Government began to accuse the Soviet Union of tampering with border  markers along the border between China and the Khasansky District.  Fearing that the Japanese were up to no good, the Soviet Red Army began fortifying the high ground west of Lake Khasan, located around 130 km southwest of Vladivostok.  Unfortunately for them, the Japanese intercepted and decoded Soviet messages, and decided to respond in force.

Only July 29th, 1938 around 7,000 troops of the Japanese 19th Division crossed the border and engaged Soviet forces, at one point successfully surrounding and annihilating 300 Soviet soldiers and repelling 300 others.  At first the Soviet defenders were forced to fall back under the onslaught.  However by August 2nd, Soviet reinforcements would begin pouring into the region.  Over the next week around 23,000 Soviet soldiers, 350 tanks, 230 artillery, and 250 aircraft.  With overwhelming force, the Soviets answered with a massive and powerful counterattack.  The Japanese were especially at a disadvantage, with only 37 artillery pieces, no tanks, and no aircraft.  One Japanese artillery officer noted that the Soviets fired more shells in a day than what the Japanese did during the entire battle. 

By August 9th, Japanese forces began to break under the Soviet counterattack.  On August 10th, the Japanese sued for peace, and the fighting stopped on August 11th.  Japanese forces lost 526 men, with another 1,000 wounded.  While the Soviets were victorious, they suffered terrible casualties, with 792 killed, over 3,000 wounded, and 46 tanks destroyed.  Because of the high casualties, the Soviet commander, Vasily Blyukher, was tortured and executed by the NKVD during Stalin’s purges.

The Battle of Lake Khasan would not be the last incident between the Soviets and Japanese. A year later, the Japanese Kwantung Army would attempt a massive full scale invasion of Soviet allied Mongolia.  During the Battle of Khalkin Gol, at least 100,000 men total took part in the battle.  In the end the Soviet Army dealt the Japanese Army a devastating thumping, convincing the Japanese that they should steer clear of further conflict with the Soviet Union.

Heyy! I’m Lexi, I’m a 20 year old Aussie who loves sports, surfing and reading. Super chill and would love to meet some new people so don’t be shy to hit me up (because we can’t bothhhh be shy now).


Deputy of WindClan and prepped to become leader once her mate lost his last life, Forestleaf thought she had her life set up for success.  As a young warrior, she won Hazelstar’s affections and made sure he made her deputy, and while she served WindClan faithfully, the same could not be said about Hazelstar, who she pushed hard in hopes that he would die quickly and pass the mantle of leadership on to her.  Her cold, detached nature made her an efficient deputy, but it did end up costing WindClan in numerous situations. Goldenpelt was Forestleaf’s third apprentice.  The apprentice before Goldenpelt was a fragile hearted tom who left WindClan to become a rogue during his apprenticeship with Forestleaf.  Forestleaf also has caused many border skirmishes with the neighboring clans, RiverClan and ThunderClan, mostly due to her prideful nature. Forestleaf especially hates RiverClan and their leader, Rainstar, who Forestleaf has always seen as a rival and enemy. Forestleaf never became leader, however, and died doing one of the last things she thought she’d do: Fighting to protect another clan.

books read in 2015:   C A P T I V E   P R I N C E   /   P R I N C E ’ S   G A M B I T   by C.S. Pacat

Laurent said steadily, “I have your oath that you will see this border skirmish through to its end? Then you have mine: stay with me until this thing is done, and I will take off the cuffs and the collar. I will release you willingly. We can face each other as free men. Whatever is to fall out between us can do so then.”
     Damen stared at him. He felt a strange pressure in his chest. The lamplight appeared to wave and flicker.
     “It’s not a trick,” said Laurent.
     “You’d let me go,” said Damen.
     This time it was Laurent who was silent, gazing back at him.
     Damen said, “And—until then?”
     “Until then, you are my slave, and I am your Prince, and that is how it is between us.”

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Queen Annabeth and King Percy headcanons, please?

  • they were married at 17 despite their parents being arch rivals because their parents could not deny the benefits to both their kingdoms 
  • at 23 years old they are the most popular royals of the last century 
  • Queen Annabeth is King Percy’s most trusted advisor and it is widely known that he never makes a decision without first seeking her counsel 
  • it had caused him problems in the past, with older rulers not agreeing with having a woman in the room no matter her title 
  • but Percy was adamant 
  • any kingdom looking to do any sort of business with his would have to respect the authority of his Queen or face embargo 
  • after a border skirmish with a neighboring kingdom, the threat of war was imminent  
  • Percy had been in war council meetings all week and his partner was surprisingly absent 
  • there were rumors throughout the kingdom that the queen was sick, possibly even on her deathbed and no one, not even other royals, were brave enough to ask Percy about her health directly 
  • he is in a meeting with this war council one day when Piper, one of Annabeth’s ladies, enters and whispers into his ear
  • as soon as he is out of the war room, he sprints to the other side of the castle where the infirmary is 
  • the doctor is waiting outside the infirmary for him and explains Annabeth fainted while out in the gardens on a walk 
  • the door creaks open and he sees his wife sitting up on a bed and leaning against the wall, eyes closed, but she smiles when she senses his presence 
  • “Are you gonna come in or are you just gonna stare at me from over there all day?” 
  • “Don’t tempt me,” he teases 
  • sitting down next to her, Percy places a hand to her stomach and a kiss to her forehead 
  • she opens her eyes as she places her hand on top of his and takes a deep breath, "You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.“
  • he laughs lightly, his thumb rubbing circles onto her barely showing belly 
  • “We’re fine, Percy. I promise.” 
fic rec friday

Today’s topic: Vampires! What a good spooky topic. Romantic and bloody and spooky. Nah I just like the intimacy in vampire society fic.

Warning: Since these are all vampire fic, there’s a lot of blood below.  Make sure to read all tags, comments, and notes.

An Accident of Circumstance - E - 12k - manic_intent

As part of a reward for his successes in border skirmishes, Sebastian Shaw allows Erik discretion to create a childe of his own, within reason. Erik rebels.

Note: A lovely take on vampire society and romance between Charles and Erik.  Because it’s set up like a start to a bigger plot, but it’s full of amazing world building and relationships.

Last Fire - E - .5k - Claire

The blood sings to Erik…

Notes: This has all the intimacy that I love in vampire fic wrapped up and tied with a bow.

The Vampires Who Drink Tea - T - 28k - keire_ke

An obligatory Buffy AU. Features Raven the Vampire Slayer, Charles, the frumpy Watcher to whom nothing interesting should ever happen, and Erik, the penitent ensouled vampire. The preceding statement is 100% true.

Notes: The tone of this story is a m a z i n g and it really does fit the outline of a Buffy AU to a T. Part dark, part funny, and all intense.

Night Life - T - 46k - Ook

The young journalist, or researcher, or whatever he is, is going to get himself in trouble around here. Erik can tell.

A researcher who doesn’t know when to stop.
A man who doesn’t take no for an answer.
A vampire that doesn’t give interviews.

Warnings: attempted rape (not between Charles and Erik); torture; violence and gore

Notes: I love the way this fic first builds the relationship between Charles and Erik before running them through a supernatural nightmare :D

Untitled tumblr snippet - T -  turtletotem

it kinda looks like charles is somehow pining and erik is somehow saying no i can’t   AND VAMPIRES

Notes: Short and full of feeling.  I love it when they can’t be together.

Previous Recs

(my vampire!erik/werewolf!charles fic :D rated E)

Tomb of the Astronomer

The djinni Calim governed Calimshan for almost a thousand years before someone challenged his rule.

On the shore of the River Agis the great efreeti Memnon proclaimed his sovereignty. Despite border skirmishes, assassination attempts, and unfavourable trade status, Memnon’s power grew for three hundred years until all-out war erupted between the Calim Empire and Memnonnar, ushering in the Era of Skyfire.

That war lasted for centuries.

Some of Faerûn’s most appalling battles occurred during the Era of Skyfire. Battle accounts ink crumbling tomes with names such as the Blood March, the Fall of Agis, and the Battle of Ruin. Both sides suffered horrendous losses, especially so amongst the thousands of slave-soldiers forced to fight for both sides. Before the elves of Keltormir and their djinn-efreet binding ritual permanently ended the clash, many heroes of the conflict fell to noble and ignoble deaths alike.

More than powerless slaves found themselves caught up in the fighting. Stronger entities, too, who cared nothing for either of the two principles, were forced to choose sides lest they be destroyed by the other.

One of these was known generally as the Astronomer. However, the Astronomer would not choose a side. For that, she was brushed aside, and her home disappeared under what became the Calim Desert. Few histories record even that she existed, let alone the location of her buried home.

Who Was the Astronomer?

Despite being kin to djinn, the Astronomer would have nothing to do with the centuries-long struggle for dominance between Calim and Memnon. A genasi, the Astronomer concerned herself only with her study of a burgeoning planar realm she referred to as the Elemental Tempest.

According to the Astronomer, beneath the world the forces of the Elemental Tempest churn. There, elemental substance and energy crash together in an unending cycle of creation and destruction. Its substance, she claimed, was the very stuff from which the world was crafted, and once the scales of ignorance fell away from the eyes of the supposedly wise, all would recognize her claim as so.

Thus the Astronomer’s lone home, far from any other home or village, was a facility dedicated to peering into this realm over which she obsessed. Her large compound could support her, her staff of mage-researchers, her household workers, and the explorers that she briefly dangled into the realm via magically insulated Tempest Cages.

When the ultimatum (“Serve me or perish!”) from Calim arrived on the lips of a leering captain of one of Calim’s many armies, the Astronomer dropped the envoy, unprotected, through a portal to the very heart of the Elemental Tempest.

Surface Description

In Calimshan, tales speak of a lost reliquary contemporary with the famous djinn Calim. This ancient place, called the Tomb of the Astronomer, remains lost in the midst of the Calim Desert, and some say it contains an ancient secret.

If it can be believed, an antique scroll in the library of Candlekeep explains how explorers once or twice stumbled on the entrance to the Tomb of the Astronomer. 

A half-sunken, shattered stone face in the sand marks the entrance. The wrinkled frown and cold sneer on this visage seems to recall images of ancient Calim, and indeed, the scroll indicates that after the Astronomer’s compound was buried under a sandstorm that lasted ten years and a day, a single graven image of Calim, in all his splendour, was set upon the site as a warning to others not to gainsay the will of the djinni.

Excavation of the Tomb

Excavating the constantly shifting, fluid sand anywhere in the Calim Desert is nearly impossible. A hole fills in nearly as fast as it is dug unless the diggers use physical and magical supports.

And thus, if adventurers come upon the site with the antique scroll from Candlekeep clutched in eager hands, perhaps they will be delighted to find someone has beat them to the site and has already started digging. Then again, perhaps not.

The noted collector Dulmanico of Waterdeep is on location, and for several months he has supervised the work of his team of diggers, excavators, sages, guards, and even a few fellow wizard collectors who contributed to the cost of the expedition.

Thus hopeful adventurers discover a slowly growing pit of terraced shelves gradually stepping down to the lowest point of the deepening pit. Nearly a hundred tents, an equal number of camels, a semi-permanent barracks and kitchen, and a camp library have made a once-sterile spot in the middle of nowhere into a miniature village.

Arcane and divine magic keep the draft animals, workers, and overseers fed, watered, and safe from the heat. The guards, who Dulmanico pays in ale and silver, busy themselves dealing with the increasingly frequent attacks coming out of the deep desert.

The attackers consist mainly of shambling, mindless zombies whose tissues are more fossil than bone. Dulmanico theorizes that the undead are animated recently from an eon-long slumber rather than being the free-ranging zombies who’ve walked the desert so long that they’ve fossilized. He supposes an intelligent agent controls them while lurking somewhere farther out in the desert in a hidden base.

Moreover, Dulmanico insists the undead attacks are not, as the superstitious workers in the dig camp mutter, the effects of a curse that strengthens with each foot the excavation descends toward the Tomb’s buried entrance. In fact, Dulmanico believes the attacks are orchestrated by none other than agents of the Twisted Rune, a group of powerful undead spellcasters that meddle with affairs in Calimshan and beyond for power and amusement.

If someone could stop the attacks once and for all, Dulmanico would command his workers to excavate the final few feet to reveal the Tomb’s entrance, which both mundane and arcane methods indicate would take only a few days of uninterrupted work.

Newcomers to Dulmanico’s dig site find him amenable to sharing the fruits of the excavation if they would make a good faith effort; he asks interested visitors to look into the supposed Twisted Rune base hidden in the desert, eradicate the Twisted Rune agent or agents that probably reside there, and thereby hopefully put an end to undead raids. Only investigation reveals whether any of Dulmanico’s series of surmises are accurate.

Inside the Tomb

Once diggers remove the final few feet of sand concealing the Tomb of the Astronomer, a pitted iron surface is revealed. Curved seams suggest a great, eyelike iris that is currently closed. A humanoid palm print in the exact centre of the iris begs to be touched. If it is, the eye responds.

A terrible scraping sound accompanies the opening eye. Excess sand around the edges pours into the opening like a liquid flood, but apparently the space beyond the aperture is more than large enough to contain it.

The rusted, newly sand-filled chamber beyond contains no immediate threats, furnishings, or distinguishing furnishings (unless falling sand buried them). The chamber is apparently carved from solid rock.

Corridors lead off in several directions, though one corridor is more than twice as wide as all the others, potentially indicating its importance.

Disturbingly, demons have somehow gotten into the Astronomer’s buried facility!

Soon after explorers begin to move through the chambers, several demonic creatures attack them. These demons are initially as astonished to discover visitors as visitors may be surprised at encountering them. However, demonic eyes quickly alight with anticipation as they attack.

If the explorers overcome the demons, they soon enough find the main observing dome with its rusted arcane instruments, shattered lenses, and forgotten astronomical scripts. There they can discover that the magic mechanism for opening the dome for observation still functions. If they trigger it, the dome splits, though it doesn’t spill sand into dome. Instead, it opens onto a view into a different plane – perhaps the Elemental Tempest itself!

The view through the opening is of a floor of black stone stretching away in all directions, though the landscape is broken up by rivers of lightning, seas of fire, floating earthbergs, ice mountains, and cyclonic columns of air, fire, and soil.

In the far distance, a fire-rimmed stain of darkness hangs in mid-air, as if a scar on the sky itself. According to notes found half-shredded at the observation stations under the dome, the scar is the physical manifestation of the Abyss within the Elemental Tempest.

Thankfully, despite being visible, the burning scar is hundreds of miles off, but perhaps it explains the demonic infestation of the compound. Certainly the rusted, now-useless instruments in the dome appear as if they may have once been trained on that distant blot.

What was the Astronomer really studying here? What does the view into the obviously very real Elemental Tempest have to do with the Abyss and demons who swarm and breed within it? What other secrets does the demon-infested, observatory-turned-tomb hold? And does any aspect or memory of the Astronomer herself yet walk the hollow stone halls?


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Thx a lot for all your rec! I have great fun reading them! Do you know any Vampire!Erik or Demon!Erik fic? (btw I love your 007 AU and geek-but-badass-Charles a lot, it stay on my top fav list all the time)

Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recs! 

Here’re some demon!Erik and Vampire!Erik Cherik fics for you, friend!


An Accident of Circumstance by manic_intent (M, 12k)
As part of a reward for his successes in border skirmishes, Sebastian Shaw allows Erik discretion to create a childe of his own, within reason. Erik rebels.
Ending’s Comment: Erik attempts to woo Charles while keeping him safe. Definitely different from the average vampire fic and I loved it!

Old Metal (Blood, Memory and Rubber Ducks) by pprfaith (T, 8k) 
Erik is a vampire. Sookie, err, Charles is a telepath. Any questions?
Ending’s Comments: Charles has to bargain with old, cynical vampire Erik. Part one of a series, which is nice : D

Love and Other Secrets by Microsaur (M, 20k) 
Erik is a vampire that would much rather be left alone, Charles is a baronet that can’t seem to accept that.
Ending’s Comment: A lovely period piece that manages to keep their philosophical debates alive even in this complete AU. Ends a bit abruptly, but enjoyable nonetheless!

On the Scent by dedkake (E, 5.5k) 
The full moon is nearing and Charles decides to visit his neighbor.
Ending’s Comment: Werewolf!Charles and Vampire!Erik being snarky and banging.

Mark of Caine by You_Light_The_Sky for toestastegood (T, 1.3k) 
“Do you think you can run from me, liebling?” 
Ending’s Comment: Creeeeepy, dark possessive Erik. Not exactly a love story.

Modern Vampire: A Guide, by Raven Xavier, Vampire Slayer by keire_ke (T, 4k)
An obligatory Buffy AU. Features Raven the Vampire Slayer, Charles, the frumpy Watcher to whom nothing interesting should ever happen, and Erik, the penitent ensouled vampire. The preceding statement is 100% true.
Ending’s Comment: First part of a series with a much longer sequel. Charles is too cute and Erik is an appropriately soulful vampire.


Urban Legend by toestastegood (M, 10k)
They say that if you stand in front of a mirror and say his name three times Magneto will appear. Charles has never believed in urban legends and he’s never been capable of turning down a dare.  
Ending’s Comment: This is one of the scariest fics I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and truly chilling.

Veni ad me (Come to me) by strawberrymilano (T, 52k)
Charles summons his first demon on a lazy Saturday afternoon. He wasn’t expecting such a handsome, refined one to pop up.
Ending’s Comment: The fluffiest demon fic ever. Adorable and will put a smile on your face.

The Geometry of Chance by manic_intent (E, 35k)
Charles is an incubus who feeds off sexual energy. However, such feeding can lead to the death of his bed partner, so Charles is always careful not to go too far and picks people he is only moderately attracted to. Then comes Erik who drives Charles absolutely wild.  
Ending’s Comment:
In which Charles is the demon, not Erik, but I’m including it anyway because it is excellent. The author takes a semi-cracky prompt and makes it heartfelt and lovely.

My other fic rec lists are here!

Also check my AO3 bookmarks.

And I’m so glad you enjoyed my 007 fic : D  I’m a bit obsessed with total nerd but still badass Charles <3  For anyone who’s interested, here it is: One Life for Yourself and One for Your Dreams starring 00 Agent Raven, BAMF!Q!Charles, and villain?!Erik (shameless self-promo)

Re-watching FMA: Brotherhood and once again curious how neighboring countries reacted to the whole nationwide transmutation circle, spikes of red light, enormous doors, monster-thing trying to swallow moon, etc. They must have been watching, because there was all that border skirmishing going on.

Aerugan sentry: Sir! Sir, the border… uh… the border… Amestris… uhhh…

Austria Declares War on Portugal

Friedrich Rosen (1856-1935), German ambassador to Portugal 1912-1916; he delivered the German declaration of war.

March 15 1916, Lisbon–Portugal and England had an alliance dating back over five hundred years, despite some recent tensions regarding their African possessions.  However, Britain did not call on Portugal to join the war when they did, in part because they thought their weak colonial forces would be a liability against the Germans in South West Africa [Namibia] and East Africa [Tanzania].  Even without Portuguese entry, there had been a few border skirmishes.

By February of 1916, with South West Africa conquered and an invasion of German East Africa in the works, Portuguese weakness in Mozambique seemed less of a liability.  On February 24th, at the request of Britain, Portugal seized 36 German and Austrian merchant ships that were anchored in Lisbon harbor.  In response to this “provocation,” Germany declared war on Portugal on March 9th, calling Portugal nothing but an “English vassal.”  Austria followed suit on March 15th.

Today in 1915: Germany To Send Submarines to Austria, Turkey

April 12, 1916 - Portuguese Occupy the Kionga Triangle in German East Africa

Portuguese troops training.  Economically poor and militarily weak, the Portuguese militarily relied heavily on British advising and supplies after their entry into World War I.

Portugal joined the Entente in 1916, hoping to wrap up long-winded border skirmishes with the Germans on the borders of their African colonies.  In April 1916, Portuguese troops occupied the Kionga Triangle, a piece of German East Africa which jutted into Portuguese Mozambique and had been a source of tension between the two colonial powers for some time.  The Treaty of Versailles confirmed the occupation in 1919, but it was Portugal’s only territorial gain from the war, which cost Portugal 8,000 European soldiers and over 100,000 African subjects.  Portugal also did not get any share of the war reparations or a seat on the League of Nations executive council, which went instead to neutral Spain.