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Unfortunately as you can see, Hesper has been eaten alive by a landshark, RIP Hesper, we shall miss your spaghetti.

In 2006, the man photographed above was caught with $10 worth of cocaine in Toronto. In 2005, the same man was going by the name of Andrea Jerome Walker, and had arrived in Canada with an American passport. After being arrested, the Canada Border Services Agency attempted to deport him back to the United States, but were told the passport was fraudulent and that  Andrea Jerome Walker was not his real name. Unable to be deported, he was held in an immigration detention facility while authorities attempted to discover his real identity. He has remained there for nine years and has earned the nickname “The Man with No Name”. His fingerprints revealed that he has lived under at least eight false identities in multiple countries. 

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If I have a double Major in Psychology and Criminology what can I do with them?

The most obvious thing is probably a criminal/forensic psychologist. Here’s a link with more info about the job - salary, training, location, etc.

It might be more beneficial to get a Master’s in one than to double major in both. You should look into graduate programs to see if it’s something you would be interested in. You would definitely make more money with an advanced degree.

Here are a few other options:
We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 14: Rituals
A companion piece of sorts for 50 Reasons to Tell Him It's Love. Rick reflects on what Michonne means to him.

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Life had become a matter of habit; it was what kept them alive, what kept them safe, what kept them fed. Everyone had a job to do, a part to play, every person a critical piece in the machinery. Check the border, service the weapons, take inventory of the pantry, search for survivors, hold community meetings—the list was endless for Rick Grimes. He was good at the rituals that made life livable after the turn, it was part of the reason that he was in charge.

The rituals began to change that day Michonne arrived at the prison.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, but surely nonetheless, the tasks of surviving began to take on new meaning. Life became livable one menial task as a time, as long as Michonne was there performing it with him. He hadn’t realized it was happening until he was faced with the possibility of facing the rituals of the day without her. Wounded, defeated, bleeding, he had limped away from the smoldering prison, without his daughter, and with a disappointed and seething son. Continuing on seemed insurmountable, and if Carl had not been with him, Rick may have fallen asleep on that couch and refused to wake up.

Then she was at the door, knocking like it was an afternoon visit before the turn, and he’d realized just how much he missed her. All through that time on the road, of taking turns sleeping at night, of distracting Carl from his hunger and pain, of looking over their shoulders, of grieving for those they had lost and those they thought they had loss, she had been there. He hadn’t had to ask, and Lord knows he never thanked her enough, but she’d been there all the same. Losing her was not an option, so he did what was necessary to keep her.

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i do find it interesting that you've given thunderclan the stereotype of "not my problem", considering they're the complete and utter opposite in canon. it makes sense if you're trying to even out each clans' moral standing, but still, makes me wonder about all the awkward hunts where Firestar'll stop to talk to any scuffed up cat who passes by while his patrol shuffle and mutter uncomfortably behind him

Trust me, that will be a thing. 

ThunderClan’s sudden change in ideals here is partially due to how often they fraternize with loners and kittypets. The other Clans already disparage them for having mixed blood, so ThunderClan responds by limiting their interactions to battle tips and breeding, and any other problem will get you escorted away from the border (if you’re not servicing ThunderClan, you get nothing, you lose, good day sir). Eventually, this behavior eventually bled into their relationships with the other Clans. Now they’re just giant assholes who only step in when there’s something related to them. 

And, well, I figured that’d be more interesting narratively, but that’s whatever.

Future “most hated soap opera villain in England” Alex Ferns, best known for his role as Trevor Morgan on East Enders. He served in the SADF’s 2nd Special Service Battalion as a MAG-58 gunner, and was regarded by his fellow troopers as a “hell raiser of epic proportions”, a “mad Scotsman”, and the “most talented cadence singer in the Battalion”.

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Okay so, y'know those pics of ppl carrying their giant dogs? Shiro is one of those ppl. Also, Keith decides to take a nap on the couch and later Shiro finds his husband buried under their dogs

shiro has a border collie that’s his service dog and keith has a little black cat but they call them both dogs because they’re weirdos and “it’s not like the cat cares” according to keith

sunset at shipwreck and a very busy boy on his job! His vest and leash was kinda weird because we went biking to the beaches! He even alerted me while I was biking which was so good and we don’t normally bike so he handled it very well!
I didn’t put his patches on his vest because they usually just draw unnecessary questions when we’re at places that are dog friendly, and we only had one drive-by pet our whole trip.