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Always keep immigrants in your thoughts and prayers. Those who are considering crossing the border(s), those who have started their journey, and those who have made it to the other side. May their journey be a safe one. May they face no more violence. May they have food and water to get them through the long days and nights. And may they be able to find what/who they’re looking for when they arrive to the other side of the border.

So the Bruce Wayne Secret Identity Dynamic is a lot of fun for batjokes, but also please consider these:

Matches Malone: A criminal arsonist persona Batman takes to infiltrate into the criminal world.


Eric Border: An idealist Arkham Orderly the Joker disguises himself as to stay undercover for about a year after a supposed death/disappearance 

Bats has also desguised himself with a bunch of other identities (he desguises himself as “Jack Saw”, a homeless man, to infiltrate Arkham with once, and Eric is in that comic too, go figure)

So if you dig playing around with secret identities and don’t mind taking aspects from the comics, I think either of these would be really fun to play with

So I’m going to talk to a therapist tomorrow about ESA/service dog aspects (the service dog one being “can I even qualify for this”), because I’ve wanted a dog for a LONG time and I’ve gotten to a point in my depression where I think it would benefit me.

Now a family friend of ours got a blue heeler (Australian cattle dog)/border collie mix pup, and she is the SWEETEST little thing; she’s very well behaved, trains well, very gentle, great temperment, and is great around others (she also gives the best hugs). Our friend told me she thinks this is the perfect dog type for me, and is keeping in contact with the breeder (which is SUPER sweet of her, especially as I never asked her too. She’s just thinking of me, I love her tbh).

In my experience with blue heeler crosses (I don’t think I’ve ever met a full breed one before), they’ve been SUPER gentle; as was the old (presumed) border collie mix we had. What I’m wanting to know is this: is this a norm with this breed mix, or have the dogs I’ve met been flukes? And do you think they’d make for good ESA, or even psychiatric service dogs?

Obviously it depends on a lot of things, like good breeding, and just the individual dog in and of itself; but I’d like to know if this is common, or if I’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack, so to speak. Because Jin is a great little dog, and we all agree a dog like her would be perfect for me; and if I can train one to better help me, all the better.

I’d also like to hear about your experiences with ESA/service dog stuff! Especially if you live in Canada as that’s where I live (doubly so if you live in BC). I’m looking for any advice really; I’ve been doing research on good breeds for this sort of stuff, but I highly value personal experiences and I respect the opinions of many of you.

Thank you in advance!


say what you want about prussia but there’s no denying that by 18th century beauty standards their country technically had the most attractive representative in europe

  • Car Boys Ep. 28: Nick and Griffin try to throw a Nokia phone at a truck.
  • Car Boys Ep. 29: Nick and Griffin find phase through the surface of a post-apocalyptic wasteland and discover an infinitely deep and most likely four-dimensional body of water that contains the intersection of two universes and several massive aquatic entities. They are eventually shunted back up to the surface by an unknown force, and are unable to go back down.

Full video of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad. In the tv ad version aired before halftime, Fox made them cut the scene of the mother and daughter crossing the border.