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Calling all college students!!!

Fascists are planning to hang up anti-immigration posters around college campuses on the night of the 21st! I’m calling all of you to help stop them in any way you can whether that be getting the word out, patrolling your campus and tearing down posters, or hanging up counter posters. Please do all you can to help combat these horrible people and the horrible ideas they espouse! Google #MyBorderMyChoice for more information about their movement.

Like highkey I think people forget that it’s canon Simmons has been friends with the BAU team since /before/ season ten??? JJ asks about his family with familiarity when we first see him 3 seasons ago. He’s worked in the BAU for years, just in a different team. He’s not some guy who just wandered in from another unit, he’s been in their sphere for years. 

drstanakatic: Canadianisms: okay… so, last time we left off at “Canadian Tux”. And in anticipation of #ABSENTIA ’s rollout on @showcasedotca this Sunday (at 9pm), I’m going to post a few standard Canadianisms. 🇨🇦 So, here you go: #KetchupChips … late lunch anyone? 😜
#4DaysAndCounting 👁


Also, apparently neither of them know how to find a toy once they’ve run it over.
Who knew?

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German pilots ground over 200 flights after refusing to deport asylum seekers

Flight crews did not want to help send people back to Afghanistan, local media report

German pilots have reportedly grounded more than 200 flights after refusing to be involved in the deportations of failed asylum-seekers.

Flight crews said they did not want to participate in sending people back to Afghanistan, where violence is still rife following years of war and occupation by Western forces.

Between January and September 222 flights were cancelled, according to German government figures, with most – 140 – coming at Frankfurt airport.


At least one similar refusal is known to have taken place in the UK when British Airways pilot refused to take off while Samim Bigzad was on board earlier this year.

Mr Bigzad, an Afghan, faced deportation to the city where the Taliban had threatened to kill him before the pilot intervened, saying: “You’re not going to take him; I’m not flying. Someone’s life is at risk.”

Direct action! “Just following orders” is never an excuse! [article]