border killing



-captain of the Quiz Bowl team but is failing math so he needs to study

-brings his cat to rehearsal every week and calls him the mascot

-he’s also a male cheerleader

-is invited to all of the cheerleaders’ postgame parties and listens to their problems

-definitely plays the ukulele

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Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can you make a scenario of hoshi? Make it super angst but fluff in the end. You can do whatever you want I just want to cry right now lmao btw I love your blog 😘

- kwon soonyoung is immortal
- he’s lived for over two hundred years now and he’s somehow still not bored??
- with every new era, he just finds something new to do and someplace new to explore
- he meets many different people and makes new friends
- and it’s just so easy for him because he’s so funny and cute and kind and everyone who meets him automatically loves him
- you may ask HOW is soonyoung immortal??
- we’re going to get into the magic now ok so basically when he was born, words were tattooed on his wrist which said the words “you’re my hero” and turns out they’re the first words his soulmate would ever tell him
- he would grow until he’s 22 years old and then aging would stop for him
- once he finds his soulmate, and if they loved him back, then he would age
- that was the contract. if he couldn’t find them, he’d be cursed to roam the earth forever
- so it’s the joseon dynasty and soonyoung is a foreigner to this little village where he sees this suspicious-looking person jump over a fence and he’s like well this should be fun
- he silently follows them and looks over the fence to see the person practicing their sword-fighting and he’s like WOAH THEY’RE SO COOL
- he overhears two guards approaching and one of them is like “hey we should probably go check if someone’s behind that fence, the queen specifically ordered that anyone found be brought to her”
- and soonyoung’s like NOT HAPPENING and he jumps over the fence and grabs the sword-fighter’s hand who looks at him like ??? UM WHO ARE YOU
- soonyoung’s like “shhh stay down!!” and he pulls them behind this stack of torn-up dummies and chipped wood the sword-fighter probably created while practicing
- they’re both down while the guards walk around the area, and they shift a little closer when one of the guards walks a little too close to the pile
- luckily the guards leave, and soonyoung and the person let out a sigh of relief
- they both sit up and look at each other before bursting into laughter
- soonyoung says “that was close huh?’
- the person nods and says “you’re my hero”
- and soonyoung’s world just stops
- he looks down at his wrist, at the words written on his skin….. and he SMILES because he found his soulmate!!!
- he doesn’t immediately tell them that in fear of scaring them off so instead he says “if it’s all right….. would i be able to meet you here every day?”
- the person just nods their head and says “i’ll be here. you can call me (name)”
- “i’m soonyoung!! it’s nice to meet you!!”
- and they both become acquaintances, meeting there every day, just talking and laughing and soonyoung even learns how to sword-fight a little
- one day soonyoung gets called up to the palace and he’s like WHAT DID I DO I WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE A QUIET LIFE
- but then he gets there…… and sees the sword-fighter in royalty clothing….. and his eyes just go wide
- but instead the queen says “i’ve been looking for someone to watch over (name) for a while now…. someone who could keep up with them, that is. and it seems they’ve chosen you”
- and so soonyoung becomes their knight or bodyguard i guess you could say, and he even gets a nice little room in the palace as per his soulmate’s order
- he’s more like babysitter though because theY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING HIS HANDS FULL
- they’re pretty rebellious royalty
- they’re always escaping the palace to practice their sword-fighting in that restricted area, out climbing trees in the nearby forest, freely running along the fields under the bright sun
- and soonyoung admires their bravery, their adventurous spirit…. it’s refreshing to watch, really
- one night before soonyoung can even get some sleep, he overhears someone trip in the hallway and he already knows who it is
- he gets up and slides open the door only to catch his soulmate standing frozen in front of his door
- soonyoung laughs “what is it now?”
- his soulmate grabs his hand and says “shhh let’s go” while pulling him forward
- they sneak out of the palace and go to the nearby field, where there’s a beautiful view of the night sky sprinkled with shining stars
- soonyoung knows all about constellations so he points at each one and tells his soulmate all about them and they’re so fascinated by it all
- when soonyoung finishes, his soulmate gives him the nickname hoshi
- “why hoshi??”
- “it means star in japanese. every time i look up at the night sky from now on, it’ll remind me of this moment”
- and the nickname just….. sticks
- soonyoung starts introducing himself as hoshi after that
- one night after sneaking out to the field again, his soulmate says “let’s get out of here” and hoshi sits upright and looks at them like…. “what did you say?”
- they say “let’s get out of here. you know…. explore the world? i’m sick of this place”
- hoshi screams “what?! we can’t—anyone caught outside the village’s borders gets killed how could you even think of that?!?!?!”
- his soulmate says “i sneak out every night and don’t get caught, i’m sure we could do it. besides, my mom wouldn’t kill her own child, and she loves you too much to kill you too. the worst thing that could happen is that we get dragged back here. and it honestly wouldn’t even matter if i left….. my sibling could take my place. they’re more fit for the throne anyway”
- hoshi KNOWS it’s such a horrible, risky idea
- if they do manage to escape….. how would the village react to an heir disappearing?
- there would be CHAOS
- but the thought of living an adventurous life….. growing old with his soulmate…… he makes the selfish decision of “let’s go”
- the next night, they pack up some food and clothes and head outside to meet up, making sure to disguise themselves and sneak past guards
- “i can’t believe this is happening” hoshi’s soulmate says
- and when he looks at them….. for the first time since he met them…… they’re smiling genuinely, and he’s starting not to worry anymore about their decision
- they spend a few days walking in the forest, taking breaks for meals, and sleeping under the stars
- but everything goes downhill when they finally pass the border
- they’re caught by the guards of the neighboring village, and rather than giving in and being dragged all the way back to the palace, hoshi’s soulmate takes out their sword
- he’s like “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! YOU SAID WE’D JUST GO BACK IF WE GET CAUGHT” and his soulmate says “i lied, there’s no way i’m going back there”
- hoshi, who really doesn’t want to fight, knows that they can’t fight alone and so joins in on the fight
- but they’re no match against six knights
- hoshi is being held down by three knights, while his soulmate clashes swords with the three others
- one of the knights say “drop your sword now or die” and obviously the rebellious royal says “never” and kicks the sword out of their hand before sending a swing at them, injuring their arm
- hoshi screams for his soulmate to stop
- but the world stops instead when one of the knights stabs their stomach
- hoshi screams at the top of his lungs and escapes the knights’ grasp as he rushes over to them
- “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!?” he screams, punching the guard who stabbed his soulmate down
- he of course ended up getting really injured, but he faked being unconscious and was left behind along with his soulmate
- the guards though they were dead so they didn’t bother taking them to their queen
- when the guards are out of sight, he quickly crawls over to his soulmate and lies their head on his lap
- “don’t die don’t die on me come on (name) you’ll be all right i promise you’ll be all right”
- but he knows it’s a lie, and his soulmate knows that very well too
- “why didn’t i just stop you…. if i wasn’t so selfish you’d….. we…..” hoshi cries, covering their wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out and their breathing is slowing down
- they place a hand over hoshi’s and smile “hoshi…. i’m sorry it turned out this way but….. thank you for everything you’ve done for me…. thank you for this little taste of adventure….”
- and their hand falls
- hoshi’s eyes widen and he tries to wake them up but…… nothing
- he sits there with them on his lap while his tears fall on their face while he cries “i’m sorry” over and over
- when night falls, he looks up at the stars and recalls that night they first snuck out together to watch the stars
- unable to withstand that painful memory, he takes back his real name soonyoung
- and he starts to hate stars
- the next morning, he buries his soulmate and places the healthiest flowers he can find on top of their grave
- he whispers “i love you” before getting up and leaving
- he decides to start over in a new village because going back would bring back too many painful memories
- many lonely years pass after the death of his soulmate and while he’s out running some errands, he passes by a crystal clear lake, where he stops to stare at
- but then he sees his reflection in the water and realizes
- he hasn’t aged a day
- his soulmate…… didn’t love him back
- they liked him. they liked him A LOT. but “like” is different from “love” and it isn’t enough to break the spell
- this news hits hoshi HARD because this means he would never age because they died
- he hated it……. he hated knowing that he ruined his one chance and now he would be alone for the rest of his life
- because he knew that he’d outlive any friend he makes
- the happy, energetic and smiley hoshi we all know
- is now the sad and lonely soonyoung
- fast forward a few centuries and it’s now modern day, and soonyoung is living a relatively normal life as a part-time choreographer for a dance school
- and one day this person he’s never seen before enters the dance studio wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and he’s like oh well must be a new student or something
- so soonyoung’s class is normal as usual; he turns on some music and continues with where he and his students left off last class
- when suddenly these two bodyguards enter through the doors and one of them says “we’re looking for (name)”
- and soonyoung’s students are all like omg!!!! (name) is here????
- soonyoung’s like “(name)?? as in the idol (name)?? why would they be here—” and his mouth opens slightly when he sees you place a hand over your lips going shhh!!!
- that’s right you’re the person with the sunglasses and hoodie
- one of the bodyguards says “don’t lie to us, we saw them enter through here” and soonyoung says “you must have made a mistake because only my students are allowed to enter this place” and so the guards just give up and leave
- you let out a sigh of relief when they leave and you shoot soonyoung a thumbs up
- soonyoung lets class end early that day and while you’re packing up your things, he walks over to you and laughs “that was close huh?”
- you laugh and say “you’re my hero”
- the world stops
- and after hundreds of years…… soonyoung’s eyes light up again
- he looks down at his wrist and stares at the tattoo for a while before looking up at you who’s still laughing about the whole thing
- but that’s when you sling your bag over your shoulder and say “it was nice meeting you. if it’s no trouble at all…. would i be able to come back again?” and soonyoung just nods his head while staying silent
- you wave goodbye as you leave the school and soonyoung’s lips curve into a genuine smile for the first time in forever
- he found you
- so you start passing by more often and you notice how good soonyoung is at dancing and honestly he interests you a lot to the point that you even contact him to be your personal choreographer
- and soonyoung doesn’t know what to say because…. this is all too familiar….. he feels like he’d just lose you again
- but he makes the final decision of yes because he realizes that maybe he was given a second chance to find his soulmate
- and this time
- he’ll make it work
- so he goes to your company the next day and you meet him at the door where you officially re-introduce yourself and you both head to the studio to start practice
- but then soonyoung realizes “wait. you don’t dance. you just…… sing. or they’re simple steps?”
- and you grin “so you do know a bit about me. i can’t dance at all….. which is absolutely pathetic considering i’m an idol huh? i was recruited for my voice. my dancing skills are non-existent”
- and you tell him that you always escape the building to clear your mind off of it because it stresses you a lot and hiding is the only thing you could do for now
- soonyoung realizes just how similar you are to his past soulmate but he realizes just how different you guys are too
- you both like to run from things you don’t think you could do
- for his past soulmate, it was ruling as the heir to the throne
- for you, it’s performing like an idol should
- soonyoung grins “okay well i’ll teach you how to dance. your comeback is in about three months right? i promise i’ll help you with dancing until then!”
- and for once, you feel confident in yourself
- he goes through the basics with you with simple choreo but it gets especially hard when you have to sing while dancing
- “how do you dance so amazingly?? it’s like you’ve been dancing for centuries”
- and soonyoung’s like “HA you have no idea”
- you say “you should be an idol too. you can sing and dance?? you’re a born star” after realizing what you said, you laugh and say “hey, what do you think of the nickname hoshi?”
- soonyoung freezes
- you continue “it means star in japanese!! i think it matches you well—”
- soonyoung firmly says “no.” and you look up to see his eyes covered by his bangs and his signature smile isn’t on his face like it always is. he continues “i… hate stars.”
- he ends practice early that day and you just wonder what you said that was so bad that made him this upset
- soonyoung immediately feels the regret after saying because WOW HE JUST FOUND HIS SOULMATE AGAIN YEARS LATER AND HE’S PUSHING THEM ASIDE
- but he always feels bad…. you’re his soulmate but…. is he falling for you only BECAUSE you are?? only BECAUSE you remind him of his past soulmate??
- he wants to change that…… he wants to love you for you
- dance practices are kind of awkward now and you both HATE it
- after a long day of practicing, you and soonyoung both part ways and you’re on your way home when you pass by the park and decide to go to your favorite spot to kill the time
- but then you notice that someone’s already there you’re like whO THE FRICK ARE YOU
- the person then turns around to reveal soonyoung
- he says “oh (name)! what are you doing here??” and you say “oh i…. usually go here to kill some time…. not really in the mood to head back yet”
- you walk over and sit next to soonyoung and it’s quiet at first until you ask “if you don’t mind me asking….. why do you not like stars?”
- and he just smiles sadly and says “let’s just say i used to know someone who loved them.” you notice that he said “used to” and you don’t say anything after that
- but one thing soonyoung doesn’t like is silence so he starts a conversation with you and it goes so smoothly
- you guys even find out you have so much in common and you laugh as he goes off about how much he loves shinee and fried chicken
- he then brings up the thing about you dancing by saying “so have you been coming by my dance school to hide from those bodyguards??”
- and you shake your head and say “it may seem like that but no….. the first time i came in was to hide form them but after that, i came willingly….” he asks why and you reply “BECAUSE you’re just so amazing when you dance. you really inspired me to actually work harder in dancing”
- and that’s it. soonyoung’s face warm up and he smiles widely at the compliment
- this becomes routine for you guys: intense dance practice, dinner, park.
- you both become really close because of this and time goes by way too fast because before you know it, you’re already standing backstage for your comeback performance, ready to go up in about thirty mins
- you’re panicking like “what if i forget the steps?? what if i get backlash for dancing so badly??”
- soonyoung notices your stress and leaves the room only to come back with a cold drink in hand
- he walks up to you and holds it against your cheek and you jump in surprise
- you turn around and he grins “don’t stress!! i know you’ll do great!!” and you just kind of blush as you open the can and drink from it
- you finish your drink and you’re called up to perform a few mins later
- you turn to soonyoung for reassurance one last time and he grins at you and says “do your best!”
- you get on stage and the whole audience is AMAZED by your dancing!!! you’ve proven yourself to be a hard-working and good performer!!!
- after the show, you can soonyoung decide to go to your usual spot and by then the sun just went down and stars begin appearing in the sky
- you look up worriedly and ask “is this all right?” and he says “it’s fine.”
- you say “so? do you think i did good?”
- soonyoung teases “ACTUALLY you were a beat off in the second chorus—”
- you’re like “HEY” and he says “I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING YOU WERE GREAT LOL”
- you laugh and look up as stars start appearing in the sky and the moon is so bright and pearly that night
- you smile and tell him “it’s all thanks to you, soonyoung”
- and he’s as humble as ever and he says “no, you’re the one who worked hard to improve”
- you shake your head and say “without you, i don’t even know what i’d be doing now. it’s only been three months but it’s just…… been so fun with you…..”
- you turn to him and look into his 10:10 eyes while he gently places his hand over your cheek
- you both lean in and share a kiss under the night sky, pulling away after a while to look up at the stars once more
- and that’s when soonyoung realizes
- he doesn’t hate stars anymore
- you say “i think i love you, soonyoung” and he just grins and says “call me hoshi”
- one day, while you and hoshi are taking a walk in the park you suddenly run over to the little bridge connecting one part of the park to the other
- you’re waving hoshi over and when he makes it there, you point down at the water below you two and exclaim “i loved this place when i was younger!! i loved seeing all the pretty fish”
- while you’re watching the fish swim around in the lake, hoshi is just focused on one thing
- he aged
- he knows he did, even though the change is so small. he was shorter when you both first met, and now he towers at almost a head taller than you
- while you’re still watching the fish, he takes your hand which surprises you for a second
- you turn to him and see him still looking down at the waters, and you just smile and squeeze his hand a little tighter

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Ready or Not: Chapter One (Keith)

Keith could safely say that he would rather be anywhere else right now.


Having your face pinned to the ground by your teammates boot, in front of all your other teammates, was not a position he liked to be in.

Yet here he was, and he outwardly sighed.

“What’s the matter, Kogane? Don’t like the taste of defeat in your face?” The man above the mullet haired boy sniggered, lifting his boot and backing away as he claimed victory.

Keith rubbed his dirtied cheek, brushing hair from his eyes. This guy was so ridiculously full of himself.

A sarcastic smirk formed on his lips, “No, just don’t like the shit you must'a stepped in.” He staggered to his feet and brushed himself off.

The larger man frowned and glared, “You wanna eat that shit, Keith?”

Keith raise his hands in surrender, glaring right back at him. “I’m good, you seem to be constantly full of it so I wouldn’t want to take your supply.”

“You little—”

“Boys!” A deep, grave voice spoke, thundering footsteps sounded on rocky surface and everyone on a thirty foot radius scrambled into a line.

Zarkon stood, tall and proud, glaring at his trainees with his scarred face stern.

He must have stood at over six feet tall, with an all around broad body and old muscles. The man may be old, but he truly didn’t move like a hobbling old man.

Zarkon wore a dark grey dress shirt under a scratched up vest, a medallion of Galran rule around his neck. Black slacks and army boots fit his look, and brass knuckles between his fingers.

The greying parts of his black gangster style hair almost blended in with his complexion as the evening sun shown down on the group. His face resting in a stern expression.

“We are not here to fight each other. You train, you lose or win, and then the next man is up. You can prove your worth and settle and squabbles later.” His steely eyes grazed across the boys before him. “Who is next?”

A small boy, Matt, spoke up. He stood straight, respective. “We are done, sir Zarkon. Keith and Jerome were the last set of pairs.”

Zarkon nodded once, “And who won?”

An African male, Keith’s opponent, now identified as Jerome, answered him. “I did, sir Zarkon.”

Keith cast a glare his way, flipping him off just out of Zarkons view.  ‘Fuck off.’

“Kogane. Why did you lose?”

Keith was startled from his momentary distraction, standing up straight and looking towards Zarkon. “Why did— I lost because I depended too much on his next moves to make my own, sir Zarkon.”

'And because Jerome is a bastard.’ He thought in his head.

Zarkons eyes remained on the boy for a moment, a 'tch’ passing his lips, then he paid Keith no mind.

“You are all here, training as Sneakers.” He started, pacing up and down the row with his boots crunching on gravel.

“Sneakers, are our most important section of warriors and that is why, there so few of you.” He looked back at Jerome and Keith, a glance that could have been easily missed.

A few of the boys looked at each other.

“We lost a Sneaker today.” Zarkon said, finally. “Rolo, he was discovered about a mile past the border and was killed.”

Keith swallowed hard, but kept an unwavering stoic gaze on his instructor. He had liked Rolo.

“Therefore!” Zarkon said loudly, turning 90 degrees and stopped. “We must choose one of you today to take his spot and go across border to do your duty.”

Zarkon had everyone’s attention now. Not a man here had reached their complete training yet, how could they be expected to go across border?

A few murmurs rose up, despite generic orders to not speak at times when Sarkon does not say. But the ruler appeared to let it go n for a moment.

Keith watched carefully, a small bead of sweat going down the side of his face. He trained, and he trained hard. He wasn’t the perfect team member yet, and it was more than likely that Jerome would be picked.

Jerome was taller, had more muscle, and was a yet ahead in training than Keith was. It was going to be him.

Keith knew the guy would never let him hear the end of it when he was chosen, and the boy with the mullet hair could certainly see more dirt in his future.

Or more so…dirt in his face.


Keith was jarred from his thoughts, linking a few times and found Zarkon in front of him. Some one behind him laughed.

“What?” Keith said, jaw set as he realized that he had just missed something.

“You will be going across border. You will change your trainers outfit for a Sneaker pack and appropriate clothing. In 28 hours time you will be escorted to the border between Altean and Galran land, and accomplish what Rolo failed to do.” Zarkon instructed, chin up.

Keith had to take everything within himself not to let his jaw drop. His purple eyes widened slightly.

“…what?” He repeated.

Keith could feel Jeromes eyes on him, and those of his team mates. Some felt angry, others relieved that they wouldn’t be going yet.

Why was Keith chosen?

“I-I mean—” Keith stammered, pulling himself together and nodding once. “Of course. Thank you sir Zarkon. I will not fail and I will use my training to accomplish the role I’ve trained for my whole life.” It was a rehearsed line.

Zarkon kept his state on Keith for a moment, nodded, then strolled away. “Clean up and head to dinner! Bed afterwards, and if you’re not sleeping you’re cleaning tents.”

As soon as Zarkon was gone, all the boys broke out in chatter. Most were about Rolo, few were about what had just happened.

Jerome had stomped off, angry and was not about to start he fight he had just been reprimanded for. He would get his anger out some other way.

Keith chuckled, “Anger jerk, probably.” He shook his head, picked up his bag, and started for his tent. There was much to do.

Keith was taken from his training early and dropped right into war sooner than he was supposed to.

He brushed his hair out of his eyes and let out a long sigh, shoulders relaxing.

This would be interesting.

Okay, but that post got me thinking - Which is rare.

If you never start Skyrim, the inciting incident can’t occur. The person that got caught and arrested at the border of Skyrim is killed by Alduin at the attack on Helgen -Likely dying in a  T-pose at the Executioners block-  and Alduin goes about his business destroying everything as the Dovahkiin was dealt with, and so couldn’t ascend to Sovngarde to kill Alduin before he kills Nirn.

So really. The only way for Alduin to win, and Skyrim to be released from the Dead Horse Beating Chamber is to never play Skyrim.

And the best way to stop playing Skyrim:

Is To Stop Buying The Fucking Game

anonymous asked:

How likely do you think it is that the reason the Imperials wanted to execute you by the start of Skyrim is because the dragonborn committed a crime? Other than just crossing the border, like they killed someone or stole something really valuable like Lokir did.

Nothing like that is ever alluded to within the game. In fact, everyone seems to be either unsure or completely indifferent to the question of the Dragonborn’s involvement in any crime. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or in the right place at the right time, as it would turn out.

Then again, there’s nothing stopping you from giving your own Dragonborn any backstory you like. It’s purposefully left open, as with every protagonist in the games.


twelve - beneath

Glass Heart
Rating: M
And he was in the darkness, so darkness he became.

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His lips tasted of ash, while her lungs burned. She could feel his hands adjusting to the way her hips moved against his own body, and while every nerve ending twisted and turned, Sakura remained with her lips attached to Sasuke’s.

The ends of his obsidian hair tickled her nose the more he moved. With the sun setting and the moon in full motion, Sakura could feel the night air creeping up her legs and cooling her body down. In the distance, the fire continued to eat every tree in its wake, spreading like a monsoon.

“We can’t stay here,” Sakura breathed between each kiss.

Sasuke’s dark eyes looked to her, his lips parting from hers as he inhaled quickly.

“No,” he retorted before his lips found their way back to hers.

In Sakura’s mind, this wasn’t the right thing to do. Not here, not now. Especially with Anbu from the Leaf so close, and a fire raging on the border. They could get killed if they remained here, but the excitement and adrenaline that rushed through her body kept her in place.

When Sasuke’s hands found their way to her scalp, his fingers began to tangle into her roots and pull lightly.

“We can’t leave,” Sasuke gasped for air, “not again.”

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1. The Foundation

Many years ago, the pillar had shattered. What was once a tall, immortal figure on the horizon of a world bristling with magic was now broken in to pieces, which scattered across the whole of Sornieth in a rain of rude awakenings. The shade had erupted from the void of space itself to strike back against the eight sealed within the column, still teeming with hate and vengeful bile over its defeat eons ago. Upon awakening, the eight deities, now joined by three others, saw to which the extent of their neglect had done to their planet. What were these eleven titans to do with such a responsibility? 

The tendrils of shade retreated as quickly as they appeared, leaving the deities with a question. What do we do now? One after another, each elemental force set out to claim for themselves a slice of territory. The Earthshaker attempted to convince them to stay. Being the first of them all, he considered them all to be his brothers and sisters. Even with all of the warring they had done in the past, he would be lying if he claimed to dislike any of them. Of course, none of them remained.

Left alone with nothing but a broken pillar and a desolate, rocky world to call his own, the Earthshaker grew sad. An emptiness was deep within him, as his family had gone off to create worlds of their own. The Windsinger would paint clouds in the sky as if with a large paintbrush, the Flamecaller would break and wound the earth in to a volatile, ever-changing landscape, bleeding fire, and the Tidelord was crafting beneath the waves an underwater world for himself to reside within.

But why? Why were they isolating themselves like this? The granite golem was ever so lonely. What good was magic when there wasn’t anyone to share it with? 

He rested his aching, ancient body against the ground, watching the horizon as his mind wandered. But then the most brilliant idea struck him. What if he created… a race? His very own children, crafted in his image and capable of serving out their own purpose in life. They would be his family, and they would all be happy. Siblings or no siblings, he was going to make something beautiful.

With either of his mountainous legs, he sculpted from primordial clay, a figure. One with solid features, a powerful jawline, a thick tail, and strong legs. He would deem this breed … Snappers. And with just a touch of elemental magic, this figure came to life, opening its walnut eyes to a dusty world. The first dragon was born.

He could hardly contain his excitement! The first of many! He kept making more and more and more until a whole population had been crafted. The Flamecaller took notice of this and burned in jealousy, crafting her own breed out of the hottest lava in the land, which she then solidified and transformed in to the slender shape of the Coatls.

The Tidelord saw this and became intrigued, shaping sand, calcium, and saltwater in to the spined shape of the Guardians.

And then the Windsinger caught on and thought this idea was fun. With condensed clouds and twisted bamboo, he crafted the first Spirals.

A game of deity-telephone then began, deity after deity making their own breeds of dragon until a fully fledged society was born, each child of the elements taking after them quite loyally. For a time, however, each breed only ever stayed within its own territory, the deities never permitting them to leave. 

This perpetual tension between the eleven territories was driving clans to the brink of war. Borders were strictly guarded, and many were filled with blind hate, proclaiming how much they absolutely despised the other flights and about how much better theirs was. Any dragon caught even a few feet across their own border would be killed on sight by other dragons. It was a time of great coldness and domination.

Until one dragon decided to forsake his deity and change the world.

On this day, February 28th, in 1637, in the kirkyard of Greyfriars in Edinburgh, the National Covenant, one of the most important documents in Scottish history, received its first signatures. It marked the start of the Scottish Revolution, and one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the British Isles. 

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 King James of Scotland also became king of England, thus creating the United Kingdom. Whilst James was always careful to balance his two realms, his son and inheritor, Charles I, payed far less attention to his Scottish subjects. In an attempt to increase the unity between the two kingdoms, Charles embarked on a campaign to force the Scots, who were overwhelmingly Presbyterian Protestants, to adopt the Episcopalian Protestant Church of England. 

Charles believed he had a divine right to change the Scottish religion and this sparked outrage, since the country had been fiercely Presbyterian since the Reformation in 1560. The situation culminated in the signing of the National Covenant in Edinburgh in 1637. It asserted the independence of Scottish religion and laws. Those who signed it became known as “Covenanters” and copies were distributed across the kingdom. Importantly, and unlike the famed Declaration of Arbroath, it was not only signed by the nobility but received the support of ten of thousands of the common people of Scotland too.

The final spark for revolution came that summer, when a peasant girl named Jenny Geddes flung her stool at one of Charles’s bishops in the cathedral in Edinburgh. A riot began, and soon the whole country was up in arms against Charles. A single blow by a low-born woman had started the most tumultuous century in British history.

Two brief wars, named the Bishop’s Wars, followed, as Charles tired to tame his northern subjects. Both ended miserably for the king, partly because the Scots were so determined, partly because the English, plenty of whom were also Presbyterians, didn’t want to fight their northern coreligionists. 

The loss of the Bishop’s Wars showed the rest of Britain that Charles could be overcome. There was a Catholic rising in Ireland in 1641 (which the Scots and English united to suppress), and a year later the English Parliament finally went to war with the king, beginning the first of three English Civil Wars. The Scots were natural allies of the English Parliament, and Scottish Covenanter armies were soon marching south to join the war against the Charles in England. 

After the Restoration in 1660 Charles’s son, Charles II, began a program of revenge against the Covenanters. Whilst the rest of Britain basked in the splendour of the “Merry Monarch” thousands of Covenanters were executed or deported in what became known north of the border as the “Killing Times.” One Covenanter martyr was a seventeen year old named Margaret Wilson. She refused to renounce her beliefs, and was tied to a stake in the Solway Firth, where she was left to die, singing the Psalms as she drowned. 

Two Covenanter risings were crushed by Charles II. It wasn’t until after his death that the tide would once again, finally, turn in the Covenanters favour. 

In 1688 Charles’s brother, James II, had a son. This incensed the rest of Britain became James was a Catholic, and his son’s godfather was the Pope himself. United by their determination to avid another Catholic succession, Presbyterians and Episcopalians put aside their differences and invited the husband of James’s daughter, the Protestant William Prince of Orange, to take the throne from James. This he duly did in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. William III ended the persecution of the Covenanters, and finally accepted Presbyterianism as the state religion of Scotland. To this day the official church of the nation, the Church of Scotland, is Presbyterian whilst the Church of England remains Episcopalian. 

The influence of the Scottish Covenanters runs like a blue thread through the events in Britain between 1637 and the final defeat of the Stuarts at Culloden in 1746, binding together events like the English Civil Wars, the Restoration, the Glorious Revolution and the Acts of Union. Given that, it’s surprising how few Scots are aware of the massive importance of this period, not only in Scottish history but in British and, indeed, glorbal terms.

The Psychotic Drug-Dealer, Trevor Philips

Trevor’s theme song
Trevor’s character trailer

“Here’s the problem - I don’t know what I want. It’s a bit, well, like pornography or a perfect turd. I can’t quite describe it, but I’ll know it when I see it.” — Trevor Philips


Trevor is of average height, either as tall as Michael or about half an inch off, and is also Caucasian. In the prologue, he sported a moustache, a mullet, sideburns and a very prominent widow’s peak. He also had a small bald patch on top of his scalp. By the time of the main story, his bald patch has spread to cover most of his fringe, with only a small tuft of hair left on his forehead. His side-burns remain, but he’s ditched his mullet and moustache. His skin is very sallow and his cheekbones are slightly sunken, a result of his many drug addictions. His eyes are brown, and his body is quite muscular for a man his age, another possible side-effect of all the drugs he takes. He has a scar from what looks like a knife wound on his abdomen, along with various sores and boils all over his face and body (again, likely from his drug-abuse). He has several tattoos on his body, including the words ‘fuck’ and ‘you’ on each of his knuckles, a dotted line above the words ‘cut here’ around his neck, a small picture of a swallow under his left ear, and a ‘R.I.P. Michael’ tribute on his left shoulder. He wears very casual, often filthy clothing, which Michael gleefully attributes to a subconscious desire to be hipster. He’s said to be the same age as Michael, which would make him either 45 or 48.


Like Michael, Trevor grew up in abusive home that likely shaped some of his later personality. He was born and raised in Canada, near the border to the United States. He did not have a stable upbringing, being moved around from various homes and even states, with his mother constantly changing boyfriends. According to him, his father was ‘not nice to him,’ neglecting and possibly abusing him. Like Michael’s father, Trevor’s eventually left him and his mother; when Trevor was young, his father abandoned him in a shopping mall (which Trevor later burned down in retaliation). His mother, whom Trevor encounters briefly in a post-game mission, was mentally abusive, insulting Trevor, guilt-tripping him and mockingly questioning his sexuality. It’s also hinted that she sexually abused him, as Trevor heavily implies several times that the two of them have had sexual intercourse. Trevor also had a brother, Ryan, who died in an accident that is never elaborated on. Some players have predicted that Trevor killed him himself, but there’s no evidence for this as of yet.

As a child, Trevor had many anger issues that caused him to have violent outbursts. He implies at one point that he sodomized his hockey coach with a hockey stick, and at another that he strangled a clarinet player. He cites two correctional facilities as part of his upbringing, meaning he’d been to jail at least twice before adulthood. In addition, he hinted that he molested other men while in prison, which is likely true from what is shown about him in the game. Trevor also dropped out of school, likely because of his violent tendencies. However, at some point, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Forces to pilot fighter jets, meaning he would’ve had to have gone through at least four years of education at the military academy in order to qualify. Although he had a real talent for flying, just about the only thing besides math he was really any good at, Trevor failed the psychological evaluations just days before completing his education, being (correctly) deemed mentally unstable and banned from flying professionally for life.

Unable or unwilling to find the motivation for other work, Trevor became a ‘drifter’ and amused himself by committing petty crimes along the Canada/United States border. These included killing animals for fun (a common warning sign for psychopathic behavior) and, purportedly, the odd person. Eventually, he got into smuggling, which was where he met Michael. I’ll go over their meeting more in their joined sections. After the two realized how well they worked together, they teamed up, eventually becoming best friends and partners in crime. Trevor’s angry, impulsive behavior caused him and Michael to have to be on the move a lot, but he and Michael nevertheless managed to become fairly notorious criminals, likely feeding off each other’s personalities. At some undisclosed time, Trevor robbed someone he knew at a checks-for-cash place, who in turn ID’d him and got Trevor a six-month jail term, of which he served four months. It’s implied, though not confirmed, that Michael was present for this, as he knows all about it and considers it an hilarious highlight of Trevor’s amateur beginnings.

Michael and Trevor eventually got a small crew together, including a sickly hacker, Lester Crest, and a mean and incompetent bully, Bradley ‘Brad’ Snider. Michael also met his future wife, Amanda, at a strip club, and went on to marry and have two children with her. As a result, he began to grow less daring in the heists he pulled off - or ‘soft,’ as Trevor called it. The situation was worsened by the fact that Michael and Brad did not get along at all, and Amanda disliked Trevor and thought him a bad influence on her husband. Despite this though, Trevor grew surprisingly close with Michael’s two children, Tracey and Jimmy, who both saw him as a sort of uncle figure and addressed him accordingly.

Nine years before the main story, Trevor and Michael, now living in Ludendorff, went to rob a local bank, accompanied by Brad. However, the job was a setup, leaving Brad and Michael shot and Trevor just barely managing to escape after Michael’s entreaties. To Trevor’s knowledge, the failed heist resulted in Michael being killed and Brad being locked up in a state penitentiary for life. Deeply sobered by the loss of his colleagues, Trevor went into hiding and eventually moved to a small, rural town called Sandy Shoes, just a few hours away from Los Santos. A few years before the main story, he started exchanging emails with the prison holding ‘Brad’ (actually FIB agent David Norton, the man who shot Michael and Brad, pretending to be Brad).

From Sandy Shores, Trevor surrounded himself with a new set of friends and cohorts: nervous conspiracy theorist Ronald ‘Ron’ Jakowski, dim-witted but good-hearted meth addict Wade Hebert, and capable drug-cooker ‘Chef.’ With them, Trevor started up a modest little ‘business’ called Trevor Philips Enterprises/Industries/Incorporated/Corporation/Whatever the hell Trevor feels like calling it, which specialized in smuggling weapons, and cooking and distributing crystal meth. His company never really flourished though, with the neighboring drug-dealers and smugglers thinking of him as little more than a crazy addict. It wasn’t until Trevor learned that Michael had faked his death that he really began asserting his business and trying to branch out, before rushing off to Los Santos to confront his former best friend.


Like Michael, Trevor is a very complicated character. Unlike Michael, he seemingly lacks any empathy and will kill without remorse if angered, or even if he’s just bored. He clearly suffers from some kind of personality disorder, or a multitude of them, though what these are is never elaborated on. For a start, he has serious anger issues - much more severe than Michael’s - that can cause him to lose his temper at even the slightest provocation. His loss of temper can in turn send him into homicidal rampages that can involve slaughtering anyone from the people who pissed him off, to countless innocent bystanders. He has numerous psychotic tendencies, such as not caring about the terror and suffering of his victims, and even kidnapping people and handing them over to what’s heavily hinted to be a cannibalistic cult. He willingly associates with people he doesn’t like and assists them in committing crimes such as murder and kidnap. According to him, hanging out with people he doesn’t like is almost like a hobby.

In his first introduction after the prologue, he murders biker Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Klebitz, a protagonist from a previous GTA game, simply because he reprimanded Trevor for having sex with his girlfriend. Trevor shows no remorse for this and even makes morbid jokes about the dead man’s brain matter now stuck to the bottom of his boot. He then sets out to kill all of Johnny’s fellow bikers to ensure there will be no retaliation (and also to help his own drug- and weapon-smuggling business, as the bikers had been competitors in the market). He also kills some other rivals of his, most of the meth-dealing O’Neil brothers, for ‘stealing’ a client from him, then callously tells one of the surviving brothers that there were too many of them and they needed culling. Even more disturbing, Trevor will kill or torment people simply out of boredom, such as when he helps two crazy British tourists kidnap and ‘silence’ a celebrity (although the player can choose to let him go if they so choose).

He is incredibly unhygienic, wearing often filthy clothes, going for days without a wash and living in a tiny, rundown trailer even though he could easily afford to buy a decent house. He both pisses and shits in public if he feels the need to; Michael encounters him doing his business behind a dumpster in one scene, much to his disgust. Trevor also collects novelty toys and statues, and values them more than he does most people - in his words, “This statue here of Impotent Rage fucking meant more to me than Johnny K meant to anyone.” Michael attributes all of this, along with Trevor’s numerous tattoos and ‘weird’ taste in music, to his secret desire to be a hipster, an accusation which Trevor denies furiously. He’s highly addicted to drugs, citing speed as his most common source of substance. He also does meth, drinks heavily (even more so than Michael) and sniffs gasoline. He considers indulging in a substance that America was built so heavily around ‘patriotic,’ even though inhaling the stuff is inclined to cause him to black out for hours and feel horrible afterwards. He doesn’t like to do marijuana as a rule because it ‘interferes with the speed,’ but he’s clearly experienced in it.

Trevor has a number of defining qualities aside from his explosive anger. Probably the most sympathetic one is his obvious loneliness and tendency to cling. Like Michael, he appears to have abandonment issues, and they were probably caused by his parents. Before the main story of the game, he drove Ron away from his wife, eventually making them bitterly divorce, so that Ron would have no other loyalties but him. Also before the main story, he met with Wade’s friends in Sandy Shores and, as the last anyone ever saw of them was them driving away with Trevor, very likely killed them, forcing Wade to depend solely on him. He invites himself on a drug-run with Franklin and Lamar Davis, whom he barely knows at said point, simply because he wants to feel included. He constantly hangs around Michael once they’ve reunited, insulting and baiting him at every turn but seemingly unable to let him out of his sight for too long.

Additionally, he falls in love with people on what seems to be little more than a whim, announcing his undying passion for Patricia Madrazo and Mary Ann with very little prompt; in fact, he ‘falls in love with’ Mary Ann only seconds after meeting her. During an argument with Trevor about Patricia, Michael implies that Trevor’s had similar impulsive romances before, and that they’ve never worked out. Trevor also announces that he’s in love with Floyd and his fiancée Debra (again, only seconds after meeting Debra), tearfully asking that they both marry him and take turns sleeping with him. He shows signs of wanting to marry and settle down, maybe even fathering some children, even as he mocks Michael for being tied down in such a way. In one of his character switch-ins, Trevor mentions paying a hooker to hold him through the night, possibly as a simulation of the tender love he never got from his mother.

Trevor is very loyal to those he considers his friends and will do everything he can to protect them. For example, he will put himself in real danger to protect Franklin or Lamar if the player puts him with either of them while they’re fleeing from the police, and when dragging Wade along with him to help kill Johnny’s colleagues, Trevor tells him to stay in cover and ‘try not to get killed.’ He also rushes to Michael’s aid in a three-way shooting match, even after he’s found out Michael betrayed him. Throughout the game, Trevor constantly voices his desire to bust Brad out of the state penitentiary he’s purportedly locked up in, and is both furious and shaken when he finds out Brad was dead all along. However, he later tells Franklin that Brad was a dick and that he probably would’ve killed him himself eventually anyway, just that he wouldn’t have done it in such a treacherous way. Trevor considers loyalty a very valuable asset and expects everyone to value it as much as he does. If they don’t, he will write off the offenders as traitors and snakes, and possibly come after them.

He constantly abuses his friends Ron and Wade (Wade often physically), despite actually caring for both of them, and the two in turn are terrified of him and make sure to walk on eggshells whenever he’s around. He’s also sexually abusive towards people, perhaps as a result of his own possible sexual abuse at the hands of his mother, although he seems to favor men over women for this. His implied victims include several men in prison, random men on the street (mostly in the form of public indecent exposure), hobos he tries to elicit sexual favors from, Wade, Wade’s cousin Floyd, and ‘lonely’ sailors.

Trevor sleeps for twelve hours, though likely not all in one day. Given his heavy abuse of drugs and many people commenting on how he looks like he’s been awake for several days at a time, Trevor more likely sleeps for twelve hours every two or three days. Like Michael, Trevor speaks very roughly, getting most of his emotions across by cursing excessively. He also has a faint (very faint, according to him) Canadian accent, showcasing his real origins. Despite what one might think, he does have some semblance of basic morality. He’s disgusted by both racism and misogyny, defending illegal immigrants against a self-proclaimed ‘border patrol’ and telling Wade off for calling Johnny’s girlfriend a bitch. He’s also against government corruption, calling their stance on torture a thinly-veiled excuse for their sadism. He’s not against torture in its own rights - he even considers it a great time - but he hates that the government won’t admit to just enjoying torture for torture’s sake. In fact, he’s so adamant about this that, after happily helping to torture a prisoner under the FIB’s orders, he helps the prisoner flee the country and urges him to share his story, instead of killing him like the FIB requested.

Even though Trevor kills without a second thought most of the time, there are a few occasions where it’s implied that he didn’t mean to let it go that far. After repeatedly stomping on Johnny’s head, Trevor screams at him to get up and fight him several times before finally realizing he’s killed him. He doesn’t seem fazed by what he did, but his reaction at least shows that the action wasn’t completely intentional. Even more grey is his murder of Debra and Floyd, which could very well have been genuine self-defense, as both Debra and Floyd were armed, and Trevor seems to show genuine remorse after the act. He mentions that he had never really killed anyone beyond animals or the occasional ‘drifter’ before meeting Michael, indicating that it was perhaps the circumstances of his life that made him a killer, rather than a real aspiration for it. Trevor’s first serious murder also affected him at least a little bit, as both he and Michael threw up after dumping the victim’s body, and he mentions the incident without any trace of glee when telling it to Lamar.

Although he’s abusive to his friends, Trevor is still capable of showing them affection and even of considering their feelings on occasion. This is shown quite a bit with Wade, who almost seems to share an unconventional (and abusive) brotherly bond with Trevor. When Wade becomes covered in shit from an undercover job he pulled for Trevor and sits traumatized in Floyd’s living room, Trevor walks over gives him a hug of comfort, even though this gets feces on him as well. In the offshore version of the Merryweather heist, Trevor responds to Wade telling him he missed him by saying the same to him, apparently sincerely. After killing Debra and Floyd, Trevor makes sure Wade doesn’t find out what happened to them, telling him instead that they don’t want him around anymore. He then takes him to the local strip club and makes sure he’s well looked after. Another person Trevor is very close with is Ron, who’s his best friend after Michael. Though Trevor terrorizes and insults Ron more often than not, he still values him, considering him a valuable asset to his company for his skills and loyalty. Ron also appears to be one of the few people Trevor told about his former life, including extensively talking about Michael, as Ron knows quite a bit about him.

Trevor is also very fond of Michael’s kids, thinking of them as the niece and nephew he never had. He’s protective of them and clearly cares about them both a great deal, though he’s also prone to jealousy towards them for taking Michael’s attention from him, and will speak rather cruelly to them if agitated enough. One example is when he calls up Jimmy just after finding out Michael betrayed him and Brad. Seeking to hear Jimmy abuse Michael, Trevor is furious when instead Jimmy says that he loves his father and begs Trevor not to kill him. He mocks Jimmy and says he’s just like his pathetic father, before hanging up on him. Most of the time though, Trevor is fiercely protective and supportive of Michael’s kids, and would literally kill for them. He can even be almost responsible with them, as on one occasion he refuses to take Jimmy out drinking when they’re both out together, saying, “I don’t care how old you are. Little Jimmy don’t drink, not on my watch.” Trevor also develops an interesting relationship with Franklin; like Michael, he eventually begins to think of him like a surrogate son or younger brother, albeit to a lesser extent than Michael does. On some social outings with the three of them, Trevor and Michael can even joke about being Franklin’s new fathers (much to Franklin’s annoyance).

Trevor has poor grammar and punctuation in text messages and often ‘improvises,’ as he calls it. He mentions that he has trouble with writing, but his vocabulary is notably impressive, suggesting some untapped potential. Additionally, he’s very apt at math, possibly even to a prodigious level, as he instantly works out a very complicated set of sums in his head during a heist, and Wade mentions that he’s always been good with numbers. He’s also second to none in flying, having both a natural talent for it and at least four years of education around it. Interestingly, and likely due to his past training for the military, Trevor is surprisingly competent when he’s forced to take on an authoritative role. He plays the part of a traffic cop and police helicopter lookout near-flawlessly until he loses his temper and breaks character towards the end, and he seems to be a semi-capable business owner when he’s not losing his head.

Although he is actually very intelligent, because Trevor’s instability is often played for laughs, one has to look slightly deeper with him than with other characters to see it. His anger issues make him less level-headed than Michael, but he can still prove to be a capable planner when he needs to be. He shows more intelligence and rationality when on missions or heists than anywhere else, and he rarely lets himself get too angry to think clearly while in the heat of battle. He can even be somewhat of a motivator, though in a pretty unconventional way. When associates of his show fear or reluctance towards an upcoming task, he baits them by calling them weak or incapable. He then reacts with delight when they get angry and yell at him, considering their anger proof that they’ll do well in the job. He can also be extremely passive-aggressive at times, especially with Michael, whom he insults constantly but rarely completely loses his temper with.

He’s quite childish a lot of the time; aside from his aforementioned baiting of people for his idea of fun and motivation, he’s also sometimes prone to acting like a young child playing make-believe. When he and Michael are pretending to be traffic cops in order to steal some expensive cars, Trevor enjoys himself immensely and makes comments like, “Officer T maintains his pursuit!” during the related chase. When he’s in a police helicopter on lookout for Franklin, not only does he pretend to be a member of the law enforcement, he even goes so far as to make fake crackling sounds through his headset, imitating the sound of a walkie-talkie. When chasing a train along the tracks in Sandy Shores, he makes ‘choo-choo’ noises as he goes, clearly having way more fun than he should be. Additionally, he often makes fun of people’s accents, even if he’s not trying to be particularly malicious. He also mockingly mimics people when he’s annoyed, rather than trying to respond to them like an adult. One reason for this might be because, as a child, Trevor didn’t get as many chances as he would’ve liked to just have fun and play, so, whether purposely or subconsciously, he makes up for it in later life. Another reason might just be his unstable personality stunting certain parts of his brain’s development.

Trevor’s favorite radio stations are Channel X and Los Santos Rock Radio, the latter of which he shares with Michael. He typically plays Channel X in his car, while preferring to play Los Santos Rock Radio in his places of residence, such as his trailer or Floyd’s condo. Channel X plays punk rock and features songs mostly from the early- and mid-80’s, such as Youth Brigade’s Blown Away, Agent Orange’s Bored of You, and Black Flag’s My War. Los Santos Rock Radio plays classics from the late-60’s to late-80’s, such as Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now, Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, and Queen’s Radio Ga Ga (Michael’s theme song). Trevor’s own theme song, Waylon Jennings’s Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, is from the Rebel Radio station, which he never listens to.

Trevor has a number of triggers that push him into a particularly vengeful rage. These include people mocking his Canadian accent, people mentioning his implied incestuous relationship with his mother (this includes using the insult ‘mother-fucker’), and hipsters just existing too close to him. Just the mere hint of one of these things can send Trevor into a murderous rampage. Notably, he allows Michael to push all of these triggers without killing him, or even hurting him. This will be examined more closely in their joined sections. He’s also terrified of clowns, but the reason for this, if there is one, is unknown. Unlike the more emotionally closed Michael, Trevor cries openly and never tries to suppress his emotions. Indeed, he considers the act of suppressing emotions ‘fake’ and ‘hypocritical,’ and accordingly insults anyone who does it. Trevor’s also hinted to have suicidal tendencies; apart from claiming to be such while huffing gas, he often goads people, such as the police, into killing him while in shootouts, and willfully engages in many dangerous stunts liable to leave him flattened on the pavement.

Trevor is more than jokingly referred to a cannibal by Michael on multiple occasions, and makes comments alluding to the subject himself in various character switch-ins. At one point, he eats a bowl of stew that’s strongly implied to be human remains (not before graciously offering it to Michael, though), then vomiting it all up minutes later. His motto is ‘Kill strangers, protect friends, eat enemies,’ which he seems to follow to the letter. Trevor is also a highly sexual person, possibly even suffering from some medical disorder like nymphomania. He masturbates constantly, and will have sex with just about anything; his Lifeinvader (Facebook) page’s relationship status bluntly states, “Any hole’s a goal.” He helps himself to men, women, objects and even, it’s hinted, dead bodies. Like Michael, he also has somewhat of a nervous twitch, although Trevor’s involves randomly grabbing at, and even fondling, his own crotch - often in public.

Trevor is a very muddled person. He doesn’t really have a clear idea of where he wants his life to go, apart from branching out in his business. This seems to be more to make a name for himself than for power or money, though. More than anything, he just wants to be recognized and appreciated, particularly by the people he cares about most. After thinking his two closest friends were lost to him forever in Ludendorff, Trevor appeared to lose most of his motivation, and both his physical and mental condition deteriorated greatly in the nine years between the prologue and main story. It wasn’t until he found out that Michael was actually alive that he really began pursuing his goals, namely in expanding Trevor Philips Industries. It’s clear that he depends on Michael a lot, and is driven to both anger and depression when Michael shows signs of wanting to extricate himself from him. To a lesser extent, Trevor also shows dependency issues towards others, such as the aforementioned Ron, Wade, Franklin and Lamar - all of whom he practically forced into becoming friends with him - and Floyd - whom he imposes on constantly because he seems to find some sense of security in his house. If one had to describe Trevor in a single word, that word would probably be ‘damaged.’ His anger, depression, loneliness, drug-abuse and, above all, his desperate clinginess are all perfect indicators of this.


Trevor is canonically confirmed to be bisexual - or, more accurately, he’s a hyper-sexualized pansexual. Aside from everything mentioned above, there are numerous scenes in the game of him showing sexual attraction towards men. One of his character switch cut-ins shows him sexually harassing a guy, saying either, “I don’t care if you ain’t washed it,” or, “Five dollars for a handjob’s the best you’re gonna get.” In the mission I Fought the Law, he grabs the private parts of a man he’s pretending to arrest while frisking him, in order to ‘make sure.’ If chosen for a certain random event, he expresses interest in a man who’s been tied in his underwear to a pole, helping him out because he has ‘a weakness for men in panties.’ In a side-mission, he mentions his sexual abuse of men in prison, calling the occasions ‘good times’ and getting happily lost in the memories. He even says that he enjoyed his various stays in prison for this reason.

If the player puts Trevor with two women in the Los Santos strip club, he will sometimes say, “Oooh, if we only had a guy join us, we’d have a real party!” In Grand Theft Auto Online, the player can encounter Trevor, and if they use a male character, Trevor will claim that the character is giving him a semi. He will then say, “Now, normally, I have that whole ‘beggars can’t be choosers, take anything you can when it comes to love’ attitude…” On one occasion while getting drunk with Franklin, Trevor tells him that he would rather suck cock than smoke pot, adding, “…And I’ve done both!” On a social outing with Michael and Franklin, Trevor invites them to ask him any questions they want, which Franklin uses as an opportunity to ask if Trevor’s gay. Trevor is quite flustered and doesn’t give a straight answer, but when Franklin assures him that he just wants him to be happy, Trevor replies more comfortably, “Well, that’s what I am: whatever makes me happy.” On another outing with the three, Michael tells Franklin that Trevor will be a poor role model because all he’ll teach him is how to smoke meth, kill bikers and molest sailors. Trevor protests against this, saying that it’s not molesting if the sailors are lonely, but ‘patriotism.’ If the player is controlling Michael or Franklin and has him bump into Trevor while they’re both drunk, one of the reactions Trevor can have is happily murmuring, “Mm! Hello, sailor.”

Trevor also flirts with Lamar on occasion, most notably when he responds to Lamar’s joke about jacking Trevor off with tentative sincerity. When Trevor and Lester are on spy duty in a helicopter and Lester complains about how long it’s taking, Trevor sleazily mentions that there are ‘ways to make minutes go by.’ Given his and Lester’s hostile relationship though, it’s perfectly possible Trevor was just messing with him. Additionally, Trevor can come on to Franklin on an outing if they both get drunk, saying that no one will know or judge what they might do to pass the time (Franklin generously lets this remark go because Trevor’s drunk). Trevor also owns a vibrator and appears quite comfortable in a dress (which, to be fair, doesn’t say anything about his sexuality, but is still interesting to note).

On a less light note, Trevor doesn’t seem to care if his male partners are consenting or not. Aside from the aforementioned abuse of men, his two main named victims are Wade and Floyd. Wade mentions on Ron’s Lifeinvader page that Trevor recently made him put his penis between his legs and wear the wig ‘again,’ and later mentions that, like Trevor’s coach, Trevor once caused Wade to have a ‘hockey stick accident.’ Just before the two leave for Los Santos, Trevor tells Wade that he can jerk him off if he gets bored. He then turns around and assures Wade he was joking, only to add a second later, “You can suck me off.” Also, one of Trevor’s switch-ins shows him waking up from a drunken stupor outside his strip club and asking where Wade is, which might have some sexual implications. Floyd, if anything, suffers even more than his cousin. One of Trevor’s switch-ins shows him spooning with Floyd in Floyd’s bed, while Floyd lies in the fetal position and whimpers, sometimes begging his fiancée to forgive him, sometimes having nightmares about his teddy bear (which Trevor sexually violated). While talking to Floyd over the phone during the Freighter version of the Merryweather heist, Trevor threatens Floyd when the latter shows reluctance to help him, saying that he’ll do more of what he did to him before and that Floyd ‘knows what he’s talking about.’

Because of Trevor’s openness about his sexuality, a noticeably large number of characters think that he’s gay, specifically with Michael. Characters who mistake or joke about the two being a couple include Lamar, Lazlow Jones, Steve Haines, Devin Weston and the Chinese Triads, the last of which even go so far as to kidnap Michael because they think Trevor will do anything for his ‘lover.’ I will go over Trevor and Michael’s mistaken relationship more in their joined sections.


Trevor impatiently breaks up a quarrel between Michael and Brad Snyder (prologue)

Trevor protects himself, Michael and Brad from the pursuing police (prologue)

Trevor takes a hostage in order to escape capture (prologue)

Trevor has sex with Johnny Klebitz’s girlfriend, Ashley Butler

Trevor’s reaction upon finding out Michael was alive all along

Trevor pretends to comfort Johnny, just moments before killing him

Trevor with Ron Jakowski and Wade Hebert, his trusted friends and business partners

Trevor prepares to defend his meth lab with Chef

Trevor threatens Tao Cheng

Trevor punches Wade for his failure

Trevor bemoans the nine years he spent in ignorance, mourning Michael’s ‘death’

Trevor greets Amanda after over nine years apart

Trevor is joyfully greeted by Tracey after over nine years apart

Trevor invites himself on a drug-run with Franklin and Lamar Davis

Trevor helps Ferdinand Kerimov flee the country after torturing him

Trevor shows his possessive nature with Wade

Trevor hugs a feces-covered Wade in an attempt to comfort him

Trevor forces Floyd Hebert to massage his leg

Trevor argues with Michael

Trevor clashes with Franklin

Trevor gets up from spooning Floyd, possibly after sexually assaulting him

Trevor grabs the crotch of a man he’s pretending to arrest

Trevor and Ron talk about their business

Trevor prepares to pilot a plane, his best skill

Trevor with Martin Madrazo’s wife, Patricia

Trevor ‘proposes’ to Floyd and his fiancée, Debra

Trevor’s apparent remorse after murdering Floyd and Debra

Trevor urinates in public while in the middle of a heist preparation

Trevor emotionally tells Michael to kill him in Ludendorff

Trevor tearfully hugs his mother’s knees as she rejects and mocks him


Side-note: I don’t love Trevor as much as I love Michael, but I do still love the guy. He’s utterly insane and pretty evil, but you can’t help enjoying him despite it. I also feel pretty sorry for him. I’ll go into it more later, but the main thing with Trevor is that the person he loves more than anyone else (platonically or otherwise) just doesn’t love him as much. Even for someone like Trevor, this is a very painful position to be in. </3 I also have a very empathetic view towards anyone who loves Michael more than they should, for obvious reasons. XD

i. american

I used to pledge to this country’s flag.
I used to feel solace in hearing this nation’s anthem.
I was 6 when I felt American.

  I was 6 before September 11th,
  when the other Americans began
  treating me different.

  I was 15 the day SB1070 was signed into law
  & Border Patrol began following me around
  the barrio, asking if I was American.

  I was 16 when HB2281 was signed into law
  & school officials boxed up books about Americans––
  dark & Brown eyed like me––into warehouses.

  I was 17 when a Border Patrol officer shot & killed
  Jose Antonio Elena on the border. & I wondered
  what good being American was. 

  I was 21 when I was pulled over by a Border Patrol officer.
  They didn’t give me reason for the stop. They searched
  my vehicle. They didn’t check my ID or passport.
  The officer said, “you look like you could be a citizen.”
  (What good are looks, if you still stopped me?)

Why pledge to a flag that blows
in the wind of our wailing?

Why sing along to an anthem
that was not written for my lips?

Why call myself an American
when mi gente were here
before the county’s violent birth?

  I am not American.
  I am not Other.
  I am not a comprise to a colonized history.

Artwork I did for @bookishandbossy‘s Persuasion AU for the Fitzsimmons Network’s Rom-Com Challenge, Half Agony, Half Hope. It’s Regency Fitzsimmons! I had a lot of fun doing this one, even if I feel I didn’t quite capture their likenesses perfectly (that one anon will have me insecure forever, I’m afraid). Hope you guys enjoy!

[Read the fic on AO3 HERE]

anonymous asked:

“The Emoji Movie,” he argued, was a meaningful step toward encouraging younger audiences to “understand and adopt progressive values.” God Brote I hope your movie is made to brainwash kids by being so crap it kills their braincells.

No it’s about kills. It borders on having a message but I don’t really care about that. I’m more concerned with if you had a nice laugh in the 8 to 12 minutes.