border collie puppy

It’s now been 6 weeks with Zoe, and she is 14 weeks old. She had her last shot and vet check yesterday, she is 21 lbs and 15 inches tall ( zak only weighs 35 lbs and is 20 inches), so she is rapidly gaining on him. The vet was really impressed with how calm she was and told us most border collie puppies are all over the place, trying to jump off the table and bouncing off the walls. She was quite happy to sit on the table while the vet checked her over, giving her kisses as she did. So they both are done with shots for the year, which I’m sure Zak is happy about, he isn’t keen on going to the vet.
As you can see in the photo, her eye is only half blue, and the dark spots on her nose are getting bigger and will, at some point merge into each other making her muzzle black.

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