Today we learned 3 things: 1) some squirrels are silly, 2) border collies are faster than silly squirrels & 3) Flynn’s recall is pretty good!

Two squirrels ran onto the path. Flynn enthusiastically gave chase. One squirrel (Sensible Squirrel) ran straight up a tree. The other (Silly Squirrel) turned & ran back up the path.

Flynn was faster than Silly Squirrel. A LOT faster. They were now running level - I fully expected to hear distressed squirrel noises at any moment.

I finally found my voice & called Flynn. He actually listened & came back immediately, no hesitation, no “ohh, I’ll just have one little nip first”!! Silly Squirrel finally ran off the path & up a tree. Flynn got showered in treats… A very, very good dog :)


“Who’s your best friend?”

with the weather getting warmer I wanted to address something that a lot of people don’t know. if you have a german shepherd, husky, pomeranian, corgi, collie or any breed with a double coat, DO NOT SHAVE THEM DOWN

so many people shave their double coated dogs thinking it will keep them cool in the summer but this couldn’t be more wrong!!! the undercoat actually helps keep them cool!!! by shaving them down you are actually doing more harm than good. without the protection of the undercut, your dog can easily become sunburned and will feel the heat much more than they would with the undercoat. shaving them removes their ability to cool themselves down