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Zombie apocalypse with Yoongi includes:

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this is what happens when you watch The Last Of Us gameplay for like the 4th time

  • you found yoongi in an old borded up music shop playing an old beaten down piano which you thought was kinda ???
  • cause like dude, you’re attracting all the zombies are you trying to die?
  • honestly, you were all for leaving him for the dead but you also couldn’t handle the guilt of knowing that you left an innocent person to die
  • but then it all came back to bite you in the ass when he was an ungrateful little bitch about it, thrashing about when you carried him away and saying “fuck you!” and “I wanted to die!”
  • so you left him by the side of the road and left to go your own separate way, thinking that was the last time you’d ever see him
  • you met him yet again when he surprisingly saved you from getting cornered by a herd of zombies
  • funny how fate works
  • you two pretty much stuck with each other after that
  • it took what seemed like a lifetime for yoongi to open up to you
  • which you couldn’t blame him, you were pretty much a stranger to him. he didn’t owe you any explanations
  • you soon learnt that he was with 6 of his friends when this whole fiasco started and lost all of them as time passed
  • he thought there was no point in him going on anymore and sought out death
  • which was when you met him at the music shop, which would then also explain why he was screaming and crying for you to let him go
  • suddenly, you had a whole load of sympathy for yoongi
  • the pandemic started around 3 months ago and honestly you were so surprised as to how he lasted this long because he is awful at combat
  • but it’s okay because he makes up for it with his stealth
  • yoongi knows almost all the ins and outs of buildings and you know how to pull a zombie’s brain out from their skulls
  • you two make quite the team
  • yoongi trusts no one
  • which is good cause you trust everyone which always seems to fuck you over
  • as relatively nice as yoongi is, he brings you a whole bucket load full of concern
  • he barely eats and will not do so unless you practically shove food down his throat
  • he barely sleeps which puts him in danger because that means he becomes slower when reacting to zombies
  • overall the condition of his physique worries you like mIN YOONGI PLEASE JUST EAT SOMETHING
  • however, that doesn’t means the same can’t be said for you
  • Yoongi may put on a ‘i don’t give a single fuck about anyone’ attitude but deep down he’s as sensitive and caring as the next guy
  • will constantly express his disappointment in your recklessness as he bandages you up but will whisper “I can’t lose you” when he thinks your’re not listening
  • in reality, he is equally worried about you
  • it takes you what seems like another lifetime to make yoongi even crack a smile
  • because you believe everyone deserves a little bit of comic relief, especially in the apocalypse
  • it doesn’t take you long to realize that if it wasn’t for yoongi, you’d be long gone dead
  • he’s the level headed one, the responsible one, who’s constantly looking out for you, even when he claims that he isn’t
  • the apocalypse can do a lot to a person; yoongi is no exception 
  • the countless amount of times he’s either woken up in a cold sweat, whimpered in his sleep or straight up just burst into tears makes you realize he truly is a broken man
  • and the countless amount of times you’ve snuggled up to him in the hopes of making him feel a little bit better
  • as much as yoongi hates to admit it, you’re his rock, you keep him going every single day
  • without you, he probably would’ve went with his whole suicide thing in the music shop
  • min yoongi may be a broken man but he’s a broken man who’s found something to live for. And that something is you

“Bir ağacı kök saldığı yerden ayırıp başka bir yere taşırsanız, ağaç meyve vermez olur. Verse de, kendi yerindeyken vereceği meyve kadar güzel olmaz. Bu, doğanın kanunudur. Bence, ülkemi terk etmiş olsaydım, aynen o ağaç gibi olurdum.”

Abbas Kiarostami
Fotoğraf: Abbas Kiarostami'nin 1991 yapımı “Close Up” (Yakın Plan) filminden.

  • Güzel uyu İran sinemasının gözü, Abbas Kiarostami.. (4. 07. 2016)

Keşke her şey “Zeytin Ağaçlarının Altında” ya da "Sevmek Gibi"deki “Kirazın Tadı” kadar güzel ve “Shirin” olsa.
Sonra da,
-eminim ki o ağız tadıyla sevdiğimizi arar, sana “Arkadaşımın Evi Nerede” diye sorduğumuzda, sen bizi “Yakın Plan”ına alıp “Rüzgar Bizi Sürükleyecek” derdin..

Ve işte sürükledi rüzgar, ‘güzel bir insan’ı daha aramızdan, ağzımızda ‘kirazın tadı'nı bırakarak..

009 the reason for my visiting Nogales has to do with my thesis.  I am looking at sister cities along the U.S./Mexico border for signs of decay due to increased border isolation.  This was taken in downtown Nogales, AZ.  It was once a thriving business community–no longer. 


Elven wasn’t always the brightest boy. Sure, he’s been alive for a few centuries, but that doesn’t mean he understood a thing. He was a vampire, but he had never expected to actually be hunted. He hadn’t had a real actual meal in a very long time. He was pretty much a vegatarian, with only a bag full of Chinese noodles to keep his hunger at bay. Which was something the vampire would never understand.

Elven did not look threatening. He looked like a short 19 year old boy. He had completly white hair, with only a single strip of black in it. He dressed rather nicely though. A button down shirt and jeans. He carried a backpack with him, and wore earbuds. He sang along to what sounded like a katy perry song.

it wasn’t long before he reached his destination. Which was an old warehouse with borded up windows. It looked like it hadn’t been used in forever. Regardless, he pulled out a set of keys, and opened the door. He called in “Violet! I’m home! And i got dinner for you.”

Office Plague

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Argh!!! angie-pangaea​ has been hit with the flu the same as I have :( But unlike me, she’s become productive from it! She wrote a Pietro x Reader fic. You know you’d want him to look after you if you were sick!

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