borded up


Elven wasn’t always the brightest boy. Sure, he’s been alive for a few centuries, but that doesn’t mean he understood a thing. He was a vampire, but he had never expected to actually be hunted. He hadn’t had a real actual meal in a very long time. He was pretty much a vegatarian, with only a bag full of Chinese noodles to keep his hunger at bay. Which was something the vampire would never understand.

Elven did not look threatening. He looked like a short 19 year old boy. He had completly white hair, with only a single strip of black in it. He dressed rather nicely though. A button down shirt and jeans. He carried a backpack with him, and wore earbuds. He sang along to what sounded like a katy perry song.

it wasn’t long before he reached his destination. Which was an old warehouse with borded up windows. It looked like it hadn’t been used in forever. Regardless, he pulled out a set of keys, and opened the door. He called in “Violet! I’m home! And i got dinner for you.”