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Pj and Marshmallow are super adorable, but can I ask, how do you tell them apart? :o

Prrretty easily, actually! 

It’s not outwardly noticeable in pictures online, but my borbs do look distinctly different and if you spend any time with them you can tell them apart almost instantly.

PJ is poofier than Marshmallow in general appearance, her feathers feel more ruffled and she’s a beige color on her back. The ring around her neck is light against her beige feathers. She has yellow-brown eyes and dark magenta feet. She looks doofier in her face and really affectionate and cuddly.

Marshmallow is noticeably whiter in color next to PJ, she has dark red-brown eyes and her feet are a lighter more pinkish color. Her feathers are sleeker, neck is longer, and she has this sort of stern look on her face in contrast to PJ’s more affectionate one. The ring around her neck is darker in color against her light feathers.

Then if we are talking personalities, PJ is super friendly and will come over to you and just sit on you for hours and let you scratch her neck and she’ll preen you back. PJ also has a difficult time flying and has a hard time keeping herself clean. She can get pretty sassy in the cage though and frequently bullies Marshmallow because she gets protective over her food supply that is unlimited.

Meanwhile Marshmallow is very cautious and curious. She’ll usually come out of the cage, sit somewhere up high, watch you, then fly over to you and sit with you when she feels it is safe to. She will let you hold and pet her of course because she is really tame, but she doesn’t like being scratched or snuggled like PJ does. She’ll get annoyed after a bit and prefers to just sit on your shoulder or head. She is a huge pushover and frequently lets PJ bully her despite looking more intimidating and being a bit bigger than PJ. She is also a huge lesbian for PJ so maybe that explains it. PJ does not return the feelings.

Then if that’s not enough, here’s some comprehensive refs my bud @jamgram made highlighting their differences.

As a bonus, here’s Melody’s reference who is not my bird anymore but I still babysit her.


This is a guide to bird classification:

  • Barb: an intimidating bird

  • Berb: a fast, thin bird
  • Birb: applies to any bird
  • Borb: a fat and/or adorable bird
  • Burb: a bird that is diminutive in size
  • Byrb: a mysterious bird

Thank you for reading! Now you will be able to properly classify any birds you find in the wild!


your faves as borbs: marvel edition
you’re welcome