I grew up watching movies where they said there was a sexual revolution, but when you went to the movies you saw naked women; you never saw a naked man. And I thought, I’m a woman, I can change that, right? Hahaha.

I had two people in an awkward scene, they’re supposed to be uncomfortable, it’s their first sexual experience, and I didn’t want it to seem romantic or fun. They take their clothes off and you see a naked young man. The studio heads said, “you’ll have to cut that or you’ll get an X rating.” I said if it was a woman, it wouldn’t be an X, and they said, because the male organ is aggressive, and the female organ isn’t. But then you see something like Borat, and you see schlongs swinging in the wind for, like, 15 minutes. Not that I didn’t enjoy those movies, but it didn’t seem fair. I’m going, what didn’t make that an X? That’s a pretty aggressive organ.