I got my sailor collar today from CuteCandyCloud on etsy. OMG it’s so soft and cute and lovely. It’s very well made. And also she gave me a cute hand written note with Halloween themed small goodie bag with items in it(like a small plastic spider). The owner of the shop is so nice. You guys should check out her shop. Everything so cute.

whoops I mean not a hand written note. But it’s a nice typed note with discount code. :3. I mixed it up with my other note. Lol I horde notes from packages. XD. Or maybe there was a written note and I lost it. O.o

My angelic pretty dream dress /skirt wish list:
1. Day dream carnival jsk (any color)
2. Berry Garden shirred op (brown)
3. Rose letter skirt (any color)
4. Melty cream donut jsk or op (mint)
5. Sweet Cream House jsk or salopette (brown)

But the top 3 are my all time favorites.
Really thinking about getting a replica day dream carnival jsk so it can fit me better.