pinkiemarshmallow  asked:

For the ask thing! c: A - F - R - Y ♥

a - age:

i’m 17, 18 in november !!

f - favorite song: 

aaaaaaaa idk i really like a lot of songs. i like reflections by misterwives it’s really boppy + makes me happy

r - reason to smile:

corgis wearing hats. corgis just in general tbh. also @twentae4-7. she’s an angel

y - your favourite food/foods:

sushi, french fries, pizza, lobster, salmon, all seafood, strawberry ice cream, chocolate cake…..aaaaa there’s so many !!

thank u so much !!! i needed this c:

anonymous asked:

oc most likely to win in a fight and oc least likely to win in a fight

Ophelia: Pretty much already dead and can rebuild her-self anyway. Not even mentioning the fact all she needs to do is touch you to pass her spores. It may take days or even weeks to get that shit cleaned off. A walking plague.

Sam:  Buff and 7 ft tall, she’s gonna to punt kick you into the sun, doesn’t even need to use her stinger (which would be as equally potent)

Anthony: lil fairy-bug doesn’t stand at all much chance against larger fellas but he’ll get bitey n slappy/boppy if/when he can (normally prefers not to)

agustd-mv  asked:


SHUTUTUP THAT S LONG !!!! shuttup…………im a phi fan…….i wud delete my blog for u…….but that would be useless bc i constantly talk abt how much i lov u on here….ok

p - press your number - taemin // play - urban zakapa // pity party - melanie martinez
h - hot pink - exid // hello - primary ft. lena park // haunting - halsey
i - i like that - stellar // i wish - luna // i took a pill in ibiza (seeb remix) - mike posner

note: bc i love u, 3 playlists for u… 1st one is boppy, second one has a more calm but still catchy feeling to it and the third one is just some really mainstream stuff that i somehow like

play  ▶️▶️