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well don’t u know abt the worm? 


At the House of Mouse

Ariel (wearing a fake mustache): Ya know Belle, I’ve always wanted to come in here. And now that I’ve got a mustache, the timing just feels right.

Belle: [Looking at the menu] Wow, all this stuff looks good! [Turns to a waiter] Hey, excuse me, can we get some salami? Maybe-

Ariel: Hold on hold on, Belle, I’ve got this. [Turns to Pinocchio and tries to socialize] Um, scuzie, boppa di boopy?

Pinocchio (trying to eat): Que coza?

Belle: Ariel, what are you doing?

Ariel: Speaking Italian. Boppita boopy? Beepity boopity boppity boppa!

Belle: Ariel, you can’t speak Italian just because you have a mustache!

Ariel: Boopita boppa. Bopa beepa bopa boppa!

Pinnochio (as Ariel continues): Tu sei un pazzo. Va via di qui! Sono stanco di te! Ti do un pugno alla testa. (Holding up a spicy Italian sausage) Tu Uccido con questa carne!

Remnants of Rain

So instead of finishing a prompt, I made this instead. Yaaaay. Anyways, this is a little one-shot of my Civilian AU, “The Binds of Yesterday.”

This is dedicated to bat-reputation and safety-dancer, because their batbabies fics are ADORABLE and everyone needs to read them! (They will cheer you up and make you smile, seriously. Go follow them.)

Hope you like it!


“Lorna to front, Lorna to front.”

The intercom clacked off, leaving the shoppers to resume their peaceful meandering. A gentleman nearing a gray age (and yet maintained an impeccable mustache) gracefully turned his cart around the corner. His eyes discreetly checked the package inside. A child of three years was tucked in the interior, a small shoe slipping off a sock-clad foot. His flushed cheeks were still in sleep, frog green pacifier slipping out of his teeth.

Alfred bent slightly to adjust the blanket under the body, stretching it out. Damian had been restless at nights lately. The toddler napped infrequently, so any sleep he was able to garner was welcomed. The man absentmindedly patted his charge’s small span of back. The child’s schedule had been disturbed since the day after his birthday, when…

Alfred shook his head. He returned to the cart handles and maneuvered to the front, deciding to go meat shopping tomorrow. The man stepped into line.

“Hi! How are you?” the cashier chirped, scanning items.

Alfred gave her a small smile. “I am very well, Miss Lorna. May I inquire after you?”

She waved her hand. “Wish the rain would hold up. October’s such a gloomy month in Gotham.”

“That it is.”

Here Damian sighed, fidgeting slightly.

“Oh,” the woman cooed softly, leaning over to look at the child, “this is the little one, hm?”

Alfred nodded and after a moment replied, “Just so.”

She bounced back on her heels and resumed scanning items. “Why, it feels like just yesterday the entire brood was following you in here,” she recalled nostalgically. She grinned. “I remember the dog incident. I had just started here and I laughed for hours afterward. Nearly got fired.”

“Yes,” the man responded, tilting his head in acknowledgement. “This young sir has yet to be banned, thus the shopping experience is far more convenient.”

She hummed, double-bagging several products. “Looks to be my Colin’s age,” she mused. “If the wee thing wants a friend, I can bring him over. Sweetest child you ever did see,” she said, fond at the thought. “It’s a miracle. I fer sure thought that karma would get me for being such a hellion growing up, but he is so gentle.”

“There is always the next one.”

The woman burst out laughing. “Thanks for the warning!” she replied between her giggles. She mock-saluted him goodbye and moved onto the next customer.

Alfred made his way out and glanced at the sign near the front.


The children’s actions had so generously bestowed it upon the warehouse store four years back. The mustache quirked upwards in remembrance.

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