It amuses me to no end just how wrong the skeptics constantly are. Like remember the time they were convinced that Benedict’s career will go downhill after he married Sophie and that he had already become the laughing stock of Hollywood?

Well I looked at the majority of the new reviews for Black Mass and literally every review that mentions him says that he does an excellent job in role that it very different. Hardly anyone had anything bad to say about him - matter of fact the only complain was that he should have been given MORE screen time in the movie because he made his character incredibly fascinating. So I ask you dear skeptics - what happened to all those business insiders, those tarot readers that you relied on to convince yourselves that he was going to fail? How come you no longer talk about the fact that you were convinced his career would go down in the drain? Was it because you were wrong yet again? Can’t accept mistakes when they hit you right on the face? Well this has all been rather amusing really, but I think you’ve proven just how wrong people can be.

Because despite what you may think, Benedict has not failed, he is not the laughing stock of Hollywood, he is still a respected actor, he is still very influential - respected papers break decade old traditions because of him, he is still working on Sherlock, he is still friendly with his cast-mates, he has gotten a CBE, he is still locked into a marvel franchise which everybody is excited about, he is still a major British icon, he is still married to his wife, he still has his baby to love and to cherish and most importantly, he is still the same old Benedict Cumberbatch. He has not changed and will not change. He is too mature and grounded for that. Unlike you lot he lives in the real world and not a virtual reality. He has a life, a career and the family he has always wanted. And he is happy. So you. were. wrong. You. Are. Wrong.

Have fun being wrong for the rest of your lifetimes.