The Art Of Work feat. Steph The Sapphic Songstress
  • The Art Of Work feat. Steph The Sapphic Songstress
  • Substantial & Marcus D
  • Bop Alloy (Deluxe Edition)

Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) - The Art of Work

Nice guitar rhythms and flow on this smooth joint. Can’t ever go wrong with these two.. both seriously under appreciated and under exposed. Well guru can sum it up best, “the underground is where i dwell at.. it’s where i find my heaven, and where you find your hell at..”

message me too if you need the dl.


DJ Deckstream (R.I.P.), Substantial, & Nujabes (R.I.P) - January 2000 in Asakusa

Hip Hop lost another insanely talented beat maker. 

I learnt about Deckstream back in 2011 (or late 2010) while searching for HydeOut’s early vinyl releases… He was Monorsick, at that time and his remixes had deeply impressed me. I fell in love with his music’s unique style. 

The first song I listened to was his remix of Ain’t no Mystery (Nujabes & L Universe)… Like… WOW! Then came the remixes of “Lyrical Terrorists” (Subs & L Uni.), Don’t Even Try It and it was a magical mindblown.

After finding him on facebook, and seeing that he changed his name to Deckstream, and the first song I listened to (by Deckstream this time) was Life is Good” feat. Mos Def. You should totally listen to his remix of CL’s “Bozack, Exit Sign feat. Nikki Jean and literally all of his releases & Soundtracks. 

Marcus D made a playlist with his favorite DJ Deckstream tracks on soundcloud for those who aren’t familiar his music. Another traffic car accident. R.I.P. Monorsick aka Deckstream. One luv.

His biggest song with Subs is ’Home Sweet Home’ which people often mistake as being produced by Nujabes. He also produced More Than A Game & Kalitwutchuwon2 and a slew of remixes from Subs’ debut album, To This Union A Was Born (2001).

“He’s also worked with a lot of amazing artists from around the world such as Lupe Fiasco, T-Boz (of TLC), Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Verbal (of m-flo), Shing02, Nikki Jean & many more.”

Read Substantial’s heartfelt note with his feelings and memories here. That’s the source of the photo.


[World Premiere] Chillaxation - Bop Alloy

Very Smooth track Created by that dynamic duo we call Bop Alloy ( Marcus D and Substantial) with additional help from Mr. SOS and Cise Starr, laying homemade verses over that already amazing piano break.

Another Day in the Life Feat. Cise Starr and Mr. SOS

Bop Alloy (Marcus D and Substantial

Substantial and Marcus D are Bop Alloy (album title)

 - Enjoy

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Bop Alloy - Commencement (Japan Bonus Track)

“Bop Alloy, comprised of Baltimore, MD emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven’t set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy,” says Marcus.“

Please support by purchasing the album, Elevation.
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Bop Alloy & CYNE West-Coast Tour

That’s right, Substantial, Cise Starr and myself all in one show.

And if Sub and Cise performing “Another Day in the Life” doesn’t get you hype…then just imagine them doing their Nujabes collabs while I DJ.

Still some time to book us. We’re looking for contacts to venues anywhere on the West Coast including these cities or surrounding areas.

  • Vancouver, CA
  • Seattle
  • Eugene
  • Boulder/Denver
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles/anywhere in Socal

1 confirmed show in San Diego. Can’t wait to see yall.

Please repost this. It might just bring us to your city.



check out the video i shot the other day. hip hop every day