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5 Things You Don't Know About Fifth Harmony... (According to BOP Magazine)

1. Boys, Boys, Boys

Just like you, these girls LOVE talking about their crushes. “One of our favorite topics is boys,” Dinah confesses.

2. Smooch Secrets

“I’ve never been kissed,” Camila spills. “I get really nervous around boys.”

3. Real-Life Roomies!

Not only do they sing together, but they also live together! “Camila is my roomate, and she’s definitely the messiest,” Lauren Laughs. “Normani and Ally have the most beauty products. We’re like sisters!”

4. British Obsession!

The girls are all unique but there’s one thing they have in common: They’re obsessed with Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction!

5. They <3 BOP!

Fifth Harmony couldn’t put down the newest issue of BOP during their visit! “This is our first big interview with a magazine,” Ally spills. “We’re so excited!” Aww so are we, girls!


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