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rivertam  asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. (or not).

1. everything about this iconic moment in history (x) (x)

2. pigging out with my friends at wendy’s and relieving the Rosa Experience™

3. going to the youth fair every year and then internally crying over my bank account

4. making my mom and uncle laugh

5. my favorite cast bopping to my favorite jam

I was thinkin’ about a Dangan Ronpa AU where they sing during things like the investigations and trials and, well, photoshop happened.

Dangan Ronpa School Musical.

The cast of DR and their respective songs~

Start of Something New - Makoto Naegi and Sayaka Maizono
Get'cha Head in the Game - Naegi  (featuring Leon Kuwata)
What I’ve Been Looking For - Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa
What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise) - Naegi and Kyoto Kirigiri
Stick to the Status Quo - Chihiro Fujisaki, Mondo Owada, and Kiyotaka Ishimaru
When There Was Me and You - Aoi Asahina and Sakura Ogami
Bop to the Top - Ishimaru, Celestia Ludenberg, Hifumi Yamada, and Yasuhiro Hagakure
Breaking Free - Naegi and Kirigiri
We’re All in This Together - Naegi, Kirigiri, Togami, Fukawa, Asahina, Hagakure, Junko Enoshima