bop art

they bop!!!!!!


Tous les goûts sont dans la nature. (“All tastes are in nature.” )

A French proverb that explains ‘It takes all kinds (to make a world)’. Art and Bop’s start of friendship as they meet the new egos. Via presentation.

(Here’s a little backstory I’ve made for Art with Mark’s literal dialogues- from “Mark makes fanart” to “art” to Passpartout. Art is a sweet Frenchman and Bop is there to give your 90′s slang to cheer you up. What do y’all say? Hope you like it! Also, @lowat-golden-tower, @kenmarlenn, and @inkwasalwayshere you wanted these  guys :D?)

mac-n-junkers  asked:

Hanzo always has his tiddy out, how does mccree handle it?

externally he’s all like

but his internal monologue consists of