“When you, Master Bruce and young Master Dick used to haunt the rooftops until dawn.  It was a different city then.

“”We thought we could do no wrong.  We ruled Gotham’s nights…and answered to no one but ourselves.  Maybe that was our mistake.”

“But you did what you thought was best to protect the people and you were magnificent at it.  But if I may be so blunt Miss Barbara…this mask…this suit.  It no longer fits.”

gailsimone is the person I wanted to meet the most! Totally worth the whole day wait to tell her thanks for fighting the good fight for gender equality in comics, for informing me about the power of women from a young age and reminding me comics are about being fun. I wish I could have talked to her more, but just saying “thank you” was more than enough.

And hey, got a quick conversation about The Monkees out from her husband (who took the photo) as well! Memories of my pre-teen years abound!