Rumor has it that enigmatic American trio Terror Jr is made up of two esteemed producers and a well known vocalist (who apparently love grapes considering their heavy usage of the grapes emoji on Twitter). Despite dropping four ace tunes and drawing much buzz in the past few months, they’ve managed to keep to the shadows. Terror Jr makes it a total of five ace tunes today with Come First. There’s no mistaking that this is a Terror Jr song. Crisp bopping beats, kittenish sweet vocals, and a sparse spacious atmosphere come together for yet another jewel of a future popping confection. The sweet effervescent.sparkler is a collaboration with producers Felix Snow and Jerker Hansson. Whether all these splendid tracks are leading up to an EP or album, we’ll have to wait and see.


Kodak Bop

I almost wasn’t a singer. I had this epiphany. I was going to write novels and that would be my career path. I’d write my friends into the book under different names and describe their personalities. What I loved about writing the novel and what I love about poetry and songwriting is being able to communicate a thought or story or describe a character through the process of editing and rethinking and imagining.
—  Taylor Swift about how she almost was going to be an author instead (BOP Magazine Interview Jan/Feb 2014)