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baektao, lost explorers in the jungle

Baekhyun stops dead before Zitao has a chance to comprehend the situation. He ends up toppling over his red boots, and climbs woefully up Baekhyun’s purple backpack to stare at the fox in front of them,

“Go away Swiper, we’re trying to get to the Tree of Life,” Baekhyun says proudly, and the sleepy-eyed, tan teenager chuckles, animal ears wiggling in his dark hair.

“Give me your monkey then,” says the fox, smirking, “and I’ll let you pass.”

Zitao finds himself smothered to Baekhyun’s chest as the boy screams “SWIPER NO SWIPING” and runs wildly in the other direction. 

“Baek,” Zitao whines into his ear. “The Tree of Life is past Swiper.”

“DON’T WORRY BOOTS, ¡vámonos!

And that is why Baek the Explorer never made it past the first episode.

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