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Hi :3 I'm a huge fan of you :) I don't know if you've answered this already, but could you recommend some of your favorite exo-fic authors? :)

thank you ;;;; and no i haven’t answered this yet! but be prepared because this is going to be a long message with a lot of gushing (omg this took three days to write). most of my favorite exo-fic authors are dear friends of mine so I HAVE VERY STRONG FEELINGS FOR THEM. however, the exo fandom has soooooo many amazingly talented writers and if i don’t list someone it’s very likely because i am terrible and need to read more from them!

thesockmonster (LJ/AFF/Tumblr) bunny is my closest writer friend in all the exo land and her mad skills are constantly inspiring me to push my own abilities further. she’s super fast, really creative, has great characterization, and is the smut queen. i highly suggest all of her work, but if you need to start somewhere I suggest default state of being for extreme kaisoo hotness and feels. for the bold, check out the angst and amazing sci-fi world of space cowboy.

adorableprince (LJ/Tumblr) demi is gifted in ways i can only dream about. SUPER FUNNY, crazy good to tragedy, and everything is just so natural. she’s also quick like a bunny (hurhurhur see what i did there) and can turn on this wonderfully romantic poetic charm. want funny? read ugly christmas sweaters, want tragedy read countdown, want wonderfully romantic read bloom. really demi is a one stop shop.

changdictator (LJ/Tumblr) ahhh bangarang changarang. what’s not to love about someone who has that much talent and is an adorable sweetheart too? ever humble, her writing speaks for itself. she paints vivid pictures that stay with you long after you’ve finished the story and you end up thinking about her characters for weeks. for a raw stream of excellence read in tandem. for brilliant characterization and imagery keep an eye on à contre-jour.

boozeandyogurt (LJ/Tumblr) ebbie is filled with joy and light and optimism. she can cheer you up on your darkest day and that flows into her writing. she takes inspiration from everywhere and writes amazing bite sized scenes i can’t stop devouring. check out her wicked games au and this super clever fic she wrote for me the bateleur and the king of coins.

whatthekey (LJ/Tumblr) lauren is the queen of suchen, THE QUEEN. she writes them every which way and then sprinkles in MAGIC. she’s not your run of the mill writer. she doesn’t follow a standard formula. she’s experimental and can write fics in the form of poetry that just leave you breathless. dive into hella good for suchen gold and check out the way it goes for poetic beauty.

canttakeabreath (LJ) gorgeous lady with gorgeous imagery. els can drop you into the action like no one else. her writing is a living, breathing thing filled with emotion and intelligence. whatever genre she writes, she always finds a way to reach your heart. for the cry of a lifetime read turns on a dime and for a sharp/smart fic that makes you think, head to a dance of falling stars.

praxisss (LJ/Tumblr) i am convinced emily is the nicest person on this planet. she can spin an au faster than you can blink and is the best if you want to scream about fics/ideas. her fics don’t shy away from gender bending, mixing in a dash of other fandoms, or adding a good dose of humor. she can turn serious on you in an instant with something like let’s have a heart to heart. here’s mine, and here’s a knife and then will throw the neighbors know my name at you (aka hot and adorable baekyeol).

sendandrecieve (LJ/Tumblr) chels is the owner of my favorite university au in the galaxy—aka my favorite kaiyeol ever—aka my favorite seho of all time. she’s also my soccer buddy and basically adorable all around (and cool, she’s legit a cool person). she does shy away from ripping open characters, playing with their flaws, or keeping true to who they are. there’s no magical happy endings or perfect people. it’s all real. if you haven’t read sova boys do it. right. now. i’m also about to marathon slow burning hope, so you should all join me.

thisismylastlie (LJ/AFF/Tumblr) if you need to be cheered up, here is your girl. her fluff is second to none and her humor hits the spot everytime. she’s as sweet as her mainstay genre and worthless words you waste on me is guaranteed to have you flailing in your bed, while i dare you to not laugh out loud during the milk misadventure.

fumerie (LJ) her writing is mesmerizing. she’s fluid, clever, and real, making the supernatural seem plausible and constantly showing the complexity characters. she’s inspiring and a writer i truly admire. if you haven’t read arbitrage you are silly and (all i wanna see you in is just) skin is the most intense nc-17 you may ever read.

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baektao, lost explorers in the jungle

Baekhyun stops dead before Zitao has a chance to comprehend the situation. He ends up toppling over his red boots, and climbs woefully up Baekhyun’s purple backpack to stare at the fox in front of them,

“Go away Swiper, we’re trying to get to the Tree of Life,” Baekhyun says proudly, and the sleepy-eyed, tan teenager chuckles, animal ears wiggling in his dark hair.

“Give me your monkey then,” says the fox, smirking, “and I’ll let you pass.”

Zitao finds himself smothered to Baekhyun’s chest as the boy screams “SWIPER NO SWIPING” and runs wildly in the other direction. 

“Baek,” Zitao whines into his ear. “The Tree of Life is past Swiper.”

“DON’T WORRY BOOTS, ¡vámonos!

And that is why Baek the Explorer never made it past the first episode.

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#teen wolf exo au #no i dont think so that is NOT allowed…. well i might have started writing one maybe?? -- boozeandyogurt <3

I dON’T THINK I HAVE THE CAPACITY TO HANDLE THAT. (read as: when will this thing be done and can i read it omfg /convulses)

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1. the ebie that writes me jundae porn OuO
2. the ebie who texts me joonmyun and jongdae at ungodly hours of the morning @__@
3. the ebie who stays up with me even though she’s EST ; A ;
4. the ebie who i still need to have a drink with ):
5. the ebie who lets me call her at 1am and listens to all my shit v___v <3