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witchonesarethere  asked:

Hi, your blog is awesome and incredibly helpful for a baby witch like me! I had a question about drink spells. I often end my night with a beer or a glass of wine. Is there any way I can turn that into a protection, peace, or calming ritual or spell?

YES, there totally is! Alcohol itself is sort of a calming thing, but different drinks can have different magical properties alone, and then on top of that, you can always make it into a spell or ritual. Its like with tea… tea alone is pretty magical, but you can make rituals around it. Its the same with wine! Or beer! Or even hard alcohol. One of the things I do with my nightly glass of wine, is charge the wine itself with whatever I desire my intent to be (typically relaxation), and dip my finger in it before drinking anything, then lick the wine off my finger. Its always my right index. The dipping your finger in doesn’t really have any significance other then I always do it.

You can also enhance your drinks by making mulled wine, or tonics, or whatever. Or even think about what goes into your drink (the process it goes through, and what ingredients are used to make it) and check the correspondences to those to enhance your ritual or spell with. For example, beer is typically made with some combination of cornhops, wheat, rice or barley. You can take the magical properties from those, and apply them to your drink, and they are what is used to make your beer. On top of that, you can also include the color of the bottle or can for color correspondence. Have a green bottle? Use it in money spells! 

Get creative! A glass of wine or beer can be a magical tool as well!

So here for alcohol spells. Have fun, and good luck!

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Any advice for Tipsy magic? I always feel more powerful, more in-tune when I'm slightly inebriated. #alcohol

There’s no better time for me to do this than while I’m actually drinking… xD

Firstly, DON’T USE FIRE. Or, at least, be very confident in your abilities of lighting candles and not setting yourself on fire. *not me*

Besides that, honestly, just do what you normally do / whatever you want. Same thing with reading tarot drunk - you just do it like you usually would, except you’re drunk, and you feel / interpret things differently in those inebriated states.

I imagine that you could incorporate the feeling that alcohol gives into your spellwork somehow - depending on the type of “drunk” you get. Like, angry drunks could get drunk to infuse that anger-energy into spells, or to focus on spells that help manage anger. Happy drunks could add happy-energy to spells, or focus on spells for happiness, so the energy matches the intent. I think you get the idea. 

Besides that, there’s this amazing post - [The Magick of Booze: A Correspondence Table] - on properties of alcohol that can be used during spellwork. I figure you can drink the alcohol to activate its correspondence, rather than just use it in tinctures or potions or the like - which I imagine was the original idea but fuck it, just skip a few steps and drink your intent.

Depending on how you feel after you drink certain things, those can be correspondences as well. Like, certain alcohol makes me feel more energetic than others, some makes me feel more sick, etc. Your own personal “correspondences” for how different drinks make you feel are absolutely applicable.

Also, enchanting alcohol for certain effects. Like, attraction, if you’re out at a bar and you wanna meet someone to dance with - or do more with, your preference. You could enchant your drinks to get you more - or less - drunk, depending on preference. You could focus on not getting as bad of a hangover. I think there’s sigils for that somewhere… Boom: [I am not hungover]. If you can, write that on your bottle / glass, or energy imprint it, then charge it with the act of drinking? (Haha.)

That’s what I’ve got - I hope it helps. Also, if anyone else has any other ideas, please feel free to add! :D

While working on my book of Booze Magick, I came to the conclusion that The Green Fairy/Muse/Lady could be a deity or group of deities of their own. They were depicted in plenty of art and artists talked about them a lot, especially The Green Muse. The Green Fairy is kinder than the Green Lady as the latter is frequently shown in images depicting negative aspects of Absinthe from what I’ve seen.

Just musing…


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The Triple Green Goddesses of Absinthe

This is a little blurb I wrote on the three nicknames of Absinthe as Goddesses.

As the original nickname of Absinthe, the Green Fairy embodied all that made the drink so popular. She broke convention and brought all classes of society down to the same level. She was rebellious and mischievous, a symbol of transformation and exploration. Like most Fae, The Green Fairy was capricious. She gave her devotees great highs and inspiration before bringing them down to crash as all alcohols do in time - just as she herself rode high on the popularity of her drink until it was cast out by society.

Absinthe was known to be a great inspiration to artists, providing them with a clearer sense of reality and their own creativity. Many artists wrote or painted about the effects of Absinthe. This gave rise to the nickname the Green Muse. This green goddess guided artists and writers to creativity and inspiration. She provided them with motivation and a different perspective on reality. The Green Muse gave freely from a never-ending well of ideas and visions.

The Green Lady was another nickname Absinthe earned. While she was less popular than her sisters, the Green Lady may have represented the love affair many devotees had with Absinthe. She was there as they drank to comfort and soothe the troubled devotee. Among friends, the Green Lady was the laughter and smiles - the tension breaker. It was the Green Lady who lured the drinker back each time so the Green Fairy and the Green Muse could work their magic.