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Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.

bookscrazygirl-blog  asked:

Has anyone introduced the gentry to coffee? And what are their opinions on the coffee zombies that tend to sprout around exam periods?

They’re no strangers to weird, weird substances; fairy booze is an adventure in and of itself. Besides that caffeine pales a bit in comparison. That said, there are probably a few members of the Gentry who’ve picked up a taste for it (or possibly won the ability to enjoy coffee in a trade).

Changelings are another story entirely. Changelings who are genuinely trying to pass as the students they’ve just replaced learn real fast that it’s important.

The Art of Ditching

Prompt: Fired Up

Rating: M (NSFW)

How often had she imagined Natsu under her dress skirts?

The funny thing about weddings is that they are meant for bonding of souls and tying lives together. The funny thing about wedding receptions was that it was meant for family and friends to party on that bonding.

So, Gajeel’s and Levy’s wedding reception technically was a party for all of Fairy Tail. Booze fountains, buffet style catering, the whole thing was one big gathering for the wildest guild in Fiore. The party was for everyone to enjoy…or not enjoy.

The music was loud and the intoxication was high, the guild in an uproar at the joining of their resident Iron Dragon Slayer and Script mage. Table tops became dance floors, the magic floating discs no longer an option since Droy rolled off one in a drunken rant and nearly broke the stage.

Nobody noticed the missing Fire Dragon Slayer…or the Celestial mage.

Not even the bride and groom, so tangled in each other as they swayed in their first dance, noticed the strange absence of the Best Man and Maid of Honor.

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Day 3 Admiration

I had planned to write a nice oneshot about Natsu realizing how much Lucy had grown and how proud he was of her, but then I noticed the bell on Lucy’s stardress.  So instead here’s a crappy drawing I had to make about needing more cowbell. XD

and I have come to terms with the fact that most of you have probably won’t get the SNL reference.   If you’ll excuse me I have to get my teeth in so I can get to my bingo date with Debbie