booze bouquet


Valentine’s Day is a week away and with that being said you probably have no idea what to get your Valentine, be it a significant other or friend. You are thinking long and hard of how to find a thoughtful gift while not breaking the bank. And if you are a college student it has also gatta be something that takes up virtually no time. 


This Valentines day Nick & I agreed to just do a $20 gift and I really wanted to do something sweet that wasn’t so predictable like a baked good or a piece of clothing. So after a little pintrest surfing I came across The Booze Bouquet. I am so excited to show yall how EASY it is and how great it came out! 


-mini liquor bottles of person’s preference (the patron is expensive! but others are around $1.75) found at spec’s or any local liquor store

-wooden skewer sticks 

-hot glue

-a basket, bucket, pot or anything to hold all of this

-styrofoam (to stick the sticks in the pot)

-any fun decorations & filling (I got liquor candies, peeps, coasters, & some crinkle paper fill, dollar store it up!) 


-First I painted my bucket with a paint pen & tied a ribbon around it to make it not just a bucket. You can decorate however you want I’ve seen people leave it plain as well!

-Then I hot glued the mini liquor bottles to the sticks. (NOTE: I was nervous at first because lots of those bottles are plastic but it did not hurt them. ALSO if you are using a heavy glass bottle glue more than one stick for added support)

-I then placed my styrofoam in the bucket & started to place sticks in how I chose at all different heights. Some sticks I cut to make it easier to jam it in there!

-Then I finished with adding stuffing to cover up the styrofoam & goodies for fun!


I hope this helps some of you who have been looking up gift ideas! This would be great for any special occasion I think I will probably copy it for some 21st birthdays!!