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Do you still smoke? Cause I can't do booze anymore and smoking is easier on Me during a night out. Plus high orgasms are kind of fun, specially with thc lube

Not really tbh! I dunno why, but I just don’t really crave it at all lately. I’m not one of those people who stops smoking as some big virtue thing and then goes, “If you smoked weed you’re awful,” I just stopped having any real use for it.

Honestly I never functioned well while high (like, I would not do much but go out to the corner store and come back home) and these days I’m out and about and doing things too often to be high. Plus I carry a gun every day now, and I would never handle or hold a firearm while on a drug so it’s just not a high priority for me. I’ve never heard of THC lube though- so fun!

In The Morning

Hello, hellooooo! It took me a while but I DID IT! I really do hope you all enjoy this one. Please let me know what you think! All the love, B xx


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The smell of booze is in the air and the music is pounding loudly, much to your discontent. The blinding light of your phone’s screen tells you it’s half past four in the morning and you are done. Done with your drunk friends, done with the loud music, done with your feet hurting in your heels, done with your restrictive outfit, you are just… done.

Harry, standing at the other side of the room, clad in his white dress shirt and dress pants, is looking dishevelled, with his hair a mess and his cheeks blushed, the result of the mixture of the alcohol he’s consumed and the heat of the stuffy club. You can see he’s tired, his eyes in slits as his fingers get a little looser around the glass in his hand. His friends, however, are not and he can’t say no to them for the life of him, especially when he was the sole reason as to why all of you were out for the night.

Having sold out his first solo tour in a matter of minutes, his friends had decided to take him out for a night on the town to celebrate the accomplishment and you, being one of his closest friends, couldn’t miss it. He’d told you he’d need someone to take him home and who were you to deny him? You were used to it by now.

It was always the same routine: the two of you would go out and by the end of the night, his fingers would be gripping to yours as you guided his drunk self out through the back doors of whatever club you had gone to, towards the town car he hired for the night, his head resting on your lap as soon as the door closed behind you. That was the routine and everyone knew it and it was why, wherever Harry was, you were there too.

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hey, baby, how do you feel about being my newest obsession? 
it’ll be sweet for the first couple weeks
you’ll get so many poems 
with your name as the title and 
you’ll realize how wild i can be.
it’ll be blissful, baby, i swear
‘cause i’ll always be there, playing exactly
who you need.

but you’ll notice that i always smell like booze and cigarette smoke
and my eyes glaze over when you tell me your problems. 
you realize you’ll never live up to my fantasy version of you
so why even bother?
the obsession is getting a bit too creepy, anyway.

i drink orange juice with the clear korean liquor my roommate left in the fridge
the sugar masks the gasoline taste,
so i don’t realize i’ve had too much 'til i wake up with my head pounding and stomach revolting.

what i’m trying to say is when you leave
i won’t blame you.

—  april is over (a.p.)
Eustass Kidd Hc

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Falling in Love

  • This man does not believe in Love but boy you will turn his head around just with your looks.
  • He will deny it, especially after Killer teases him about it like shit. And his crew too. He will threaten them with killing them but they will just laugh about it. They know whats up.
  • He will notice that he stares at you way too long than he should, and will look away instantly. He will try to hold it, but he can’t. His eyes are on you all the time.
  • You won’t get out of his head and he will hate himself for it. 
  • Why can’t you just stop appearing in his mind with you stupid sweet smile and your stupid beautiful eyes and that sexy body of yours…
  • “Fuck.”
  • He will try to get you out of his mind. Training like crazy, drinking booze, smoking, getting angrier because none of this works.
  • After he admits that he feels something for you, he will try to get you at any cost. If this man is in love he is crazy.
  • At first he will try it casually, talk with you, flirt with you. And if that does not work, he has no problem with just kidnap you and make you like him.
  • He is a pirate, what did you expect.


  • You are his. Only his. If anyone touches you, they will face his gun.
  • So as, he will show the others who you belong too. His arm will always be wrapped around your waist and your skin will be marked with hickeys.
  • He will trust you as far as he trusts Killer. Don’t you dare to break his trust. If you do, you will face his pistol.
  • Crazy man, but if you win his heart, you got a strong ally.
  • He will protect you with any cost even if you can fight yourself. 
  • He loves fighting with you, slaying your enemies together. For him, one of the most romantic and exciting moments.
  • Speaking of romantic, he is not romantic at all. He does not like it and he thinks he does not need it in a relationship.
  • He shows his affection different. Like letting you wear his coat, sharing booze, talking about his plans. Small things but filled with love.
  • He might not look like it, but he likes to have someone he can talk about any stuff.
  • He doesn’t likes yes-sayer, so he likes to hear your sight and opinion on stuff.
  • And one thing which is pretty obvious, he will get angry about stuff easily, so don’t be surprised if he argues with you a lot. That’s part of his relationship, and if things get too out of control up, Killer is there to help out. 
Fall For You (Calum)

“But you love him!”. You pushed open your front door and sat down on the steps, staring out into the road. “Yea, I do, Ashton” you grumbled. Your friend sat down next to you. “Then why are you giving up?” he asked. “Because he’s given up” you replied, sadly. “He hasn’t though! Y/n, I am constantly with him, I know he hasn’t given up”. “Ashton, please” you sighed “This is already so hard. I can’t fix us”. Ashton was silent for a second, probably noting the tears welling up in your eyes, “You know. If you love someone then you just don’t give up on them”.

The boys were finally home from tour and you should have been excited, a month ago you would have been excited. They were some of your best friends, and you were dating Callum. But recently everything just seemed strained. The boys were always busy, you understood that, but Cal had always made time to call you or even just send you a good morning text. They were far and few between now. When you called him there was always some distraction on his end and he would tell you he’d “call back later”, which barely ever happened. And you were starting to feel like he was ignoring you altogether.

“Come over tonight” Ashton told you. The boys were having a party and, when you texted Luke saying that you wouldn’t be coming, Ashton had shown up at your house. “I’m not” you replied, refusing to look at him. “Y/n” Ashton groaned, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees and putting his face in his hands. “He wants to see you, you know” he said, his voice muffled by his hands. “He couldn’t even invite me himself” you nearly shouted, startling Ashton. “He thinks you’re mad at him” Ashton replied. “Well he’s right”.

You got up and turned to go back inside, hoping Ashton would take the hint and leave. But he followed as you stomped back in. “Leave” you practically growled, spinning around to face him. He grabbed you by the arms instead, “Just come over tonight. Give him one more chance”. “I can’t keep doing this” you told him with tears spilling down your face. “Just one more chance” Ashton said softly, pulling you in for a hug and letting you cry on his shoulder.

Ashton waited as you cleaned yourself up and got ready for the party. You were silent as you slid into the passenger seat of his car. “You’ll bring me home if I need to leave, right?” you asked, your voice barely a whisper. “Just say the word” he responded as he backed out of your driveway.

You shyly followed Ashton into the house. It was already crowded and friends kept coming up to welcome Ashton home and give you both hugs. Suddenly arms were wrapped around you and lifting you into the air. “Y/N! I missed you so much” Mikey shouted as he squeezed you. When your feet hit the ground Luke was standing next to you, holding a beer out. “I think you’ll need this” he said, handing it over. “Thanks” you said with a small smile. He leaned in to give you a hug. “Cheer up sweetheart” he mumbled as you clung to him.

You were following Ashton into the kitchen when you froze. Calum was across the room talking with a group of people. “Word” you said as you hit Ashton in the side. “Y/n” Ashton mumbled, rubbing his temple. You took a step back to hide yourself behind him. “Y/n. He is your boyfriend. Stop acting like you’re hiding from a wild animal” he said, not bothering to turn and look at you. “Ashton, I can not do this right now” you whispered, starting to feel anxiety gathering in the pit of your stomach.

You glanced up and saw Ashton nod. You peeked around him to see what was going on and saw Calum staring in your direction. “I need to get some air” you told him before you hurried away from the kitchen and out the back door. Ashton had started to call your name as you left but you noticed that he trailed off and had a feeling that it meant Cal was following you.

You leaned against the house, taking a sip of your beer then closing your eyes to focus on breathing properly. The noise from inside got louder when somebody else stepped outside. “Y/n?” your boyfriend called to you. You sighed and took another drink from your beer. It was so quiet with the door closed that you could hear him flick his lighter. When you looked up he was taking the first drag off a cigarette. He offered it to you and, while it was tempting, you looked down and shook your head silently.

“Remember when we would sneak away from parties together? We’d share cigarettes and continue to drink, just the two of us” he said, sounding nostalgic. In response you looked out at the tree in the yard that you used to sit under, laughing and sharing kisses, booze, and smokes. Calum walked over an nudged your shoulder. “I miss those days” he told you softly. “I bet I miss them more” you mumbled.

Calum took a step away from you and sunk down to sit on the stairs. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked. “I can’t believe you even have to ask that” you sighed. Now it was his turn to take a deep breath. “I guess I don’t really have to ask” he said. “It’s because I am constantly away and I hardly talk to you, right?” he flicked the ash off his cigarette and stared at you expectantly.

“It’s more than that, Cal” you responded, shaking your head slightly. You sounded more sad than angry as you went on “I know you’re always busy. I knew that before we started dating. I knew that you would be away often. I knew it would be hard and I thought I could handle it. But I don’t know if I can. I fucking tried, Cal, I tried everyday. But a relationship requires communication and communication requires two people. You’re busy, I get that, but I just feel like you stopped trying, that maybe you had given up”. You sat down, still leaning against the house. “Calum, it was hard for me but I actually tried. I don’t even know if it was hard for you because we rarely talked. I was lonely. And being ignored didn’t help anything” you told him. You gave a sad laugh and stared at the beer in your hands “You know, when you didn’t call back I’d listen to Amnesia just to hear your voice” you admitted.

The response was silence and it felt like it would drag on for hours. You listened to the muffled noises from the party and thought about going to see if Ashton was sober or if you should just start walking home by yourself. “Fuck” you heard Calum whisper to himself. When you finally dared to look up you saw that he had his head in his hands, his cigarette had gone out but was still tucked between his two fingers, forgotten. You drank the last of your beer and set the cup down beside you. It was still quiet and you were unsure of what to do now that you had told him.

You heard shuffling as Calum got up and he nudged your knee with his when he sat down next to you. You curled in on yourself in response, wrapping your arms around your legs and resting your forehead on your knees. He remained silent and when you turned your head to look at him he was on his phone. Tears were blurring your vision, you turned away so if he looked up he wouldn’t see.

Music drifted up into your ears, not music from the party but music that the boy next to you was playing. “This is what I listened to” he said quietly. You recognized the song immediately, you had put it on repeat a few times when he was away. In an effort to prevent yourself from crying, like you always did during the song, you hugged your legs tighter and hid behind your hair.

The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don’t think that I am trying
I know you’re wearing thin down to the core

You couldn’t fight back the sob that shook your body. Calum wrapped his arm around you and you leaned into him out of habit.

But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don’t make me change my mind

You gave up fighting the urge to cry. The song was perfect in that moment, they were the words, the promises, that you had been hoping to hear every time you called him. He set his phone down, music still coming from the speaker. “Babe..” he whispered as he pulled you in closer and held you against his chest as you cried. “I don’t want this to end, Cal. I don’t want us to end” you cried, gasping for air between your words. “Then don’t let it. I’ll try harder, I swear to you, I’ll try harder. I don’t want to lose you” he breathed the pact into your ear before kissing your temple. “A girl like you is impossible to find… I may have failed but I have loved you from the start” he echoed the song back to you. “Tonight will be the night I will fall for you over again” he added after a few seconds of silence.

Inspired by Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

After the Anarchy- Jax's final rest

It was white. Everything was white. Jax stood up and looked around. Nothing. There was no road. No cops. No truck. Just white. He turned around and all of the sudden there was a door. Why did it look so familiar? Slowly, as to check again if he really was in one piece, Jax made his way to it. Taking a deep breath he pushed it open. The first thing he noticed was the scent; weed, spilled booze, residual cigarette smoke, motor oil, and a faint smell of sex. He paused in the doorway when he realized where he was. TM. The clubhouse. The door slipped closed behind him as a voice broke him from the shock.

“Hey, it’s about time.” Jax’s eyes shot to behind the bar.


“Yeah man. They’ve been waiting on you.” Sack motioned to the hall as he continued to put away the whiskey glasses on the counter. Jax made his way to the corner and as he turned it he saw face upon face of people he never thought he’d see again. Kozik. Miles. Phil. All of his fallen brothers greeted him with welcomes and pats on the back, motioning him to keep walking. He turned another corner.

“Hey kid.”

“Otto.” Jax gave the man, with full vision and a working tongue, a quick warm hug. Luann came out from behind him and hugged him as well.

“Jax.” He turned to see Piney. Jax gasped and pulled him in for a hug. “So glad to see you, son.”

“You too, brother.” Slowly a smile began forming. He looked up from Piney’s shoulder to see Bobby. “Bobby.” Bobby and Jax embraced, and laughed for a brief moment. A hand landed on his back. When Jax saw who it belonged to, tears formed in the corners of his eyes and large smile took over his face. Immediately Jax grasped him. “Opie. It’s been a long time.”

Op gave him a brotherly squeeze. “That it has brother. That it has.” Once they pulled apart he saw Donna standing close nearby. Jax gave her a quick kiss on the cheek when Opie guided him towards the door to his old room. “You got a few more stops buddy.” Jax practically ran to her when he saw his wife standing in front of the door. He held Tara against him, subconsciously turning her.

“I missed you Jackson.”

“I missed you too. I love you so much. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He suppressed the weeping sensation building inside of him.

“Shhh…” Tara ran her fingers through his hair. He breathed her in and looked up for a moment to see his mother standing a distance away, watching. Gemma smiled and nodded approvingly. Her son returned the gesture. “There’s still someone here who wants to see you.” She tore herself away from him and creaked open the door behind them. There stood a man with his back to them. A little boy was sitting on the floor playing with a toy motorcycle. He jumped up upon seeing Jax.

“He’s here!” The boy ran over and gave him the toy. Jax looked at it only to realize he had seen it before. His eyes met the boy’s. Shyly he smiled at his big brother. Just then, the man in the middle of the room let out a breath catching Jax’s attention. Jax straightened up and made his way towards him. He stopped two steps away. The man sensed his presence then turned around, wiping away a tear from his eye.

“Dad…” Jax teared up as well and JT wrapped his arms around the former prince of Charming.

“Welcome home, son. I am so proud of you.”