booze and blues

some of my favorite silly plotlines from Scottish ballads
  • Small village thinks illicit whiskey stills are its biggest problem until raiders show up and trash their everything. Death, destruction, etc. Raiders find whiskey still, get lit, pass out. Villagers murder them. Peace restored. Whiskey is king.
  • Shepherd lad spots fair maid skinny-dipping. Fair maid pleads for her virtue and/or clothing. Shepherd lad is complete gentleman, escorts her home with clothing and virtue intact. Fair maid demands to know what she has to do to get laid around here.
  • Plucky heroine’s boyfriend goes to sea, fails to return. Plucky heroine dresses in drag and goes to find him. Plucky heroine discovers boyfriend happily married to someone else. Plucky heroine shoots his head right off.
  • Do Not Stop By The Local Weaver’s House, You Will Get So Pregnant, Like, Super Pregnant, I’m Not Kidding, This Has Been A Public Service Announcement.
  • Wealthy farmwife habitually searches her maidservants’ dorm for SIGNS OF MEN out of concern for their virtue. Maids less concerned for their virtue are having None Of It. Maids hide scarecrow in dorm, farm mistakes scarecrow for prowler, farmwife decapitates scarecrow. Farmwife believes herself a murderer. Maids now permitted to do as they please, virtue-wise. 
  • Idiot son sent to market to sell cow. Scheming lass seduces idiot son out of cow, pants, and even shoes.
  • Dad returns from business trip to find daughter Super Pregnant, demands to meet the man responsible. Dad takes one look at man responsible and tells daughter “okay, you’re off the hook, I would have banged him too.”
  • Handsome stranger bribes fair maid to leave town with him. Fair maid rejects various bribes until handsome stranger flat-out offers her money, which she accepts. Handsome stranger turns out to be, to no one’s great surprise, the actual devil. Fair maid regrets her life choices.
  • Gallant knight goes forth to slay dragon. Dragon eats knight, but has indigestion.

ETA: If anyone has been reblogging this and wants to know what the songs are, here is the list! Or if you’re too lazy to click things, The Devil Uisge Beatha + Shepherd Lad + Billy Taylor + Tae The Weaver’s Gin Ye Go + The Straw Man + Cow Song + Willie Winsbury + The Devil’s Courtship + Sir Eglamore

Motel blues and booze blues

This case was hard, every twist, ever turn, every loss. There was no win here. We were not heroes. Sam kicked it a couple hours ago, leaving Dean and I in the hotel room alone. “I’m gonna go” I say, grabbing my leather jacket. “Drink and nearest dive bar” I look at the bottle of whiskey, “Or, I could stay here if that makes you feel better?” On top of the loss of life, we had been fighting - which is why the hunt was so bad, we weren’t intune with each other @saviordeanwinchester-archive

Cheap Booze and Teenage Blues

A/N: The prompt included father figure Tony and Drunk teen so I made it his daughter and just wrote from there. Hope you enjoy. This is the first I’m posting of my 400 follower drabbles. Still a few spots left if anyone else has requests.

Tony catches his daughter sneaking in late at night clearly drunk off her ass. 

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As quietly as someone stifling giggles could she slipped through the door. Gently closing it behind her she began to back away from it only to collide with a warm body.

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Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra  ( December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998 )

It was a voice filled, it was a voice filled with bad attitude, life, beauty, excitement, a nasty sense of freedom, sex, and a sad knowledge of the ways of the world. Every song seemed to have its postscript, “and if you don’t like it, here’s a punch in the kisser”, you know. But , it was the deep, the deep blueness of Frank’s voice that affected me the most , and while his music became synonymous with black tie, the good life, the best booze, women, sophistication, his blues voice was always the sound of hard luck, and men late at night with the last ten dollars in their pockets, trying to figure a way out.

-Bruce Springsteen