This is a photo of Oli Elsing, a strong-willed boy who caused quite a stir in his northern swedish community when he displayed the ability to willfully control the melanin in his skin.

Oli was believed by his family to be mute, for he was born without crying. In order to confirm their suspicions, his parents called upon a specialist from Uppsala, a devout lutheran doctor. At one point in his inspection, the doctor gave Oli a surprise electric shock to see if he would cry out. Oli’s response was instead a sepia-toned facial spasm of violent images which deeply disturbed the doctor. He was so disturbed that he declared the boy to be in need, not of a physician, but an exorcist, and fled the house in haste.

Unbeknownst to his parents, Oli had long shared his paranormal dermal abilities with his sister Ana in the form of a secret language of symbols & glyphs. But after the trauma of a well attended exorcism, Oli maintained a pale white silence till he was old enough to leave home, and was never seen or heard from again. Although, the noteworthy coincidence of his disappearance & the appearance of “Claus the Chameleonic Man” in the Cirkus Sjalar’s repertoire is categorized by the Bureau’s Panel on Synchronicity as a class 6  coincidental probability.

I feel it like breathing. I know its sunny with a light breeze from the vibrations around me. I am not alone. we are many & holding each other. I feel us feeling each other, passing something like tastes, strange information flowing through us like water, or echoes of water. Something moving is nearby - its big & its moving this way. Its human. Curious, slightly excited but energetically positive, amiable. I intend now to perceive as the human…

Here I am, in lightly wooded foothills. The plants in particular seem to be the object of my curiosity. Im kneeling now and opening my bag. I seem to be some sort of scientist judging by the gadgets & notepad. It looks as though I’ve chosen a specimen. I am attaching some sort of a cathode to the broad leaf of a flowering plant. The cathode is connected to my gadget by a thin wire. Now i don headphones. The sound is chilling. An electronic wail undulates through my ears as my human calibrates the machine. It seems as if the plants reactions to the various stimuli inflicted upon it by this human are being translated into sound. Having just left the neighboring plant for this human body, the voices of the plants are still fresh in my ears - and this ghostly electronic wail is a strange echo, like an auto-tuned opera playing in 8bit from a single speaker submerged in a cavern.

The human harms the plant and the gadget howls. He moves to harm the plant again and I break protocol - sending him halting urges. The plant wails again as if this human’s intent was enough to harm it. We begin to sweat, a cold chill runs down our spine & our hairs stand on end. I feel the voice of the plants again, faintly, but in this human body. It flows in like water, but the flow is interrupted & eddies in our belly. I feel the man notice the feeling. He beings to take notes furiously, then stops.

We notice the plant begin to glow. Euphoria vibrates throughout as the plant projects a second form, glowing ghostly. It grows and looms over us. “UR-PFLANZE” he cries out. The second form is energetic and grows brighter & larger until the tip of the leaf with cathode contacts our forehead, through to our pineal gland. Its energy is at once a vibrantly youthful & ancient sensation as perceived through this human body. The base of our spine begins to tap the earth. I intuit the first strange waves of transmutation and retreat to my noospherical vehicle - the nearby plant i came in on - to avoid any direct effects of such transmutational quantum weirdness.

I feel the presence of the man wane from my awareness as i commingle again with the plant. I feel the presence of the man, his mass and his energy reverberate, then dissipate. once again I perceive the flow of undisturbed plant energy, like water - and for a moment, the slightest taste of his salt, as the gadget in his bag hums, warbling.