Hello guys! 

So you guys know Jo? If you don’t then you should, cause he’s a great guy! He’s here:

Anyways, he’s is in some financial dire straights right now and needs some help! He’s started a chip-in at his tumblr over heeeeeerrreee:

so let’s make a deal! if you guys help him out and donate $10 or more, I’ll do a sketch commission for you! all you need to do is screenshot the receipt and email it to me at!

Can I actually draw? Why yes I can! You can check out my stuff here if you like:

This tag has some good examples of what a sketch commission would look like:

All joking aside, I would really appreciate it if you would help jo out, or at least signal boost this. He’s a really great guy, and he needs a little help right now. 

Thanks for reading!

boowehbooweh replied to your post: ALSO ZAZU’S PREDECESSOR/MOM WAS ZUZU WHICH LETS ME…

where is this even from iM SO LOST

there was a whole series of kid books that came out kind of between tlk1 and 2

so this was before kiara was even kiara, she was a little boy cub named kopa (you can kind of see at the end fo the first movie that the baby doesn’t even look like kiara it has this mess of dark hair haha)

kopa is only acknowledged in these books. sad days for kopa. 

but they talk a lot about the setting and history of simba’s pride and stuff it’s p neato

boowehbooweh replied to your post: i’m gonna probably get shit for this but uh a…

naw this is how i feel too because it’s exactly that. claire is trying to give nonverbal BACK OFFS but chuck doesn’t know how to read them so it’s just??? a really terrible case of miscommuncation and it’s just awful for both people

yeah fucking seriously just if she said she just wanted to be friends i’m sure he’d be a little upset but he likes her enough to understand what’s going on and be like ok i respect you and i do want to be your friend

i feel like people keep trying to make the Nice Guy comparison but NICE GUYS ARE CONTEMPTUOUS ASSHOLES. they don’t TAKE responsibility for it or understand a girl just doesn’t like them they blame outside sources chuck isn’t fucking contemptuous golly