It is Friday. You’ve survived the week again, and this time, left an entire year buried in your wake. Time to celebrate, and release your inner winged darkness with some BootWings or RavenWings

And before I hear the usual “But I don’t have boots with LACES!” let me say this. If it laces, you can put a wing on it. Hightop sneakers? Wing-able. That corset that needs just a little something for a new accent on it? Wing-able. Your hair? POTENTIALLY WING-ABLE. (Note- if someone gets them to work as hair wings, I so want to see pictures). Hells, if you wanted, you could likely just lace a ribbon wrapped around your wrist or ankle through a wing to add it on as an accent. So go forth, get yourself some winged awesomeness, and be ready to take flight with it at a moment’s notice. Here’s those links again: 




Because they FLAP. 

Because ALL boots should’ve had them to begin with. 

Because they’re downright fun, no matter what anyone else says. 

Because they add that perfect extra touch to just about any outfit, be it gothic, steampunk, cosplay, or anything else. 

Because BOOTWINGS. That should be explanation enough right there. 

Should you get your own set? ABSOLUTELY YES- Go right here to do so! 

(Really, though, I was so happy to get an opportunity to work with model/photographer archaical on these- she brings such a great sense of fun and whimsy to a lot of her work, and it’s wonderful to see on these.) 

tyrannobdella asked:

Hello again, so I've thought it over and could you please send me your copyright or patent # so my lawyer can look it over. I don't feel I am infringing on your design, material or rights. I will put my Etsy store back up until my legal counsel advises me otherwise. Or if you would like to let Etsy evaluate your DMCA notice we can let them decide.

Well, the DMCA has now been sent off to Etsy. In the meantime, I’ll ask you one more time to leave off on this. Not that I think it’ll do much good, but I wanted to leave you the option. Especially when you’ve already made my case for me in the earlier screencapped conversations. 

And in the meantime, followers, meet z-addict, who apparently thinks it’s perfectly all right to grab my design and run with it. Please, do what you feel appropriate- I’ll ask, as usual that you don’t throw her a bunch of anon hate. That kind of crap’s never justified. But do remind her that stealing artwork’s a BAD IDEA. Especially when you’re targeting artists who are just trying to earn a living. But do please help me in defending my own freaking artwork from copy artists.