Tormented Artifacts Bootwings Review!

So I’ve been meaning to do this since ummmm January and here it is: my review of the wonderful bootwings by winneganfake! I fucking love these.

I’m obviously awkward as hell in this video but please ignore this and focus on what’s important: winged shoes!! Hopefully this inspires some of you to check these out. :) (xtoxictears – have you seen these yet?!)

tyrannobdella  asked:

Hello again, so I've thought it over and could you please send me your copyright or patent # so my lawyer can look it over. I don't feel I am infringing on your design, material or rights. I will put my Etsy store back up until my legal counsel advises me otherwise. Or if you would like to let Etsy evaluate your DMCA notice we can let them decide.

Well, the DMCA has now been sent off to Etsy. In the meantime, I’ll ask you one more time to leave off on this. Not that I think it’ll do much good, but I wanted to leave you the option. Especially when you’ve already made my case for me in the earlier screencapped conversations. 

And in the meantime, followers, meet z-addict, who apparently thinks it’s perfectly all right to grab my design and run with it. Please, do what you feel appropriate- I’ll ask, as usual that you don’t throw her a bunch of anon hate. That kind of crap’s never justified. But do remind her that stealing artwork’s a BAD IDEA. Especially when you’re targeting artists who are just trying to earn a living. But do please help me in defending my own freaking artwork from copy artists. 

jalex-in-a-blue-box  asked:

For the model in the boot wing post, do you know where the rest the outfit is from?

Y'know, in all the reblogs of the BootWings post, I see this question, or variations on it, a lot. However, you’re the first person to ask me, the leather designer, this question directly. So you’re getting an answer. Anyone else needs to actually support the artist and buy a pair of BootWings first, But you, jalex-in-a-blue-box? You get an answer. 

Now, like I said above. You’re asking the leatherworker responsible for the Bootwings where the rest of the fancy outfit in the photos came from. It’s a bit like walking up to a painter at their gallery opening and going “Interesting paint, but where’d the canvas and frame come from? That’s what I REALLY want!”

I mean, had it been a question about the BootWings, I could’ve answered that for you in a heartbeat.

What specifically are they made out of? High-grade Kodiak oiltan hide for the brown and black ones, and an oxblood latigo for the reds. The oiltan wings even go through a full-on hardening process similar for what I do for my masks and armor. They’re durable.

How do you do the detailing on them? It’s all done by hand with a burn tool- yes, the markings are all branded directly into the wings, often with a lot of cursing and pain as the tool slips and I catch myself in the hand or finger. If that doesn’t add to the goth/metal factor for these, I don’t know what will. 

What do I do if they turn floppy? Wet them, and then stick them in a 225 degree oven for half an hour to an hour, or until dry. Warning- they may shrink or warp during this process- if so, flatten them out and use a brick or similar object to keep them flat until they completely cool. 

What more can I say about them? I don’t know! They’re awesome leather Bat/Lizard/Dragon/Demon wings that you can lace into your boots, corset, sneakers, or anything else you’ve got that laces. WHAT MORE CAN I REALLY SAY? 

Oh, wait. That’s right- you wanted to know about the rest of the outfit. Y'know, the stuff I didn’t do or provide for the shoot. Well, considering archaical, the model/photographer that was mentioned in the original post tends to provide her own clothing for shoots like these, I’d honestly think asking her might be the best route to go with, because I have no idea where the dress or anything else came from. I do know where the BootWings came from though- need a pair? 

And it’s official- I’ve temporarily closed down ordering on the Red/Oxblood Bootwings, so that I can make sure there’s enough of that hide to fulfill orders (the hide’s a one-time odd color- I’ve no guarantee of getting it back in later). All orders that have come in already will of course be filled still, and I can still take orders for black or brown wings.