anonymous asked:

I'm looking for the original artist that designed the bat-wing boot accessories. I've been seeing pics of the batwing boots on pinterest but they're uncedited and don't link back to a shop, but I've also seen you reblog posts promoting that artist in the past so I'm hoping you can help me. I've been digging through your archive but haven't succeeded in finding them yet.

The bootwings (BOOOOOOTWIIIIIIINGS!)  are by winneganfake, over at Tormented Artifacts! Quick, go buy things from him!

nyami-rose  asked:

I've heard a lot of people say that your bootwings were the first ever bootwings. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, I've seen a lot of knock-offs of your bootwings appear on Etsy, and now I see a set of boots with detachable bat wings on ThinkGeek. How do you feel about other crafters and/or companies manufacturing similar bootwings?

My instinctive gut response when I see a pair of knock-offs that’re obviouly direct copies of mine (Not counting the ThinkGeek detachables- while cool, they can’t be moved to other boots, or corsets, or anything else lace-able) runs a little like this: 

Then I breathe. 

I remember that this is a world of infinite creation, where ten thousand monkeys on ten thousand typewriters could indeed bang out the complete works of BaconShakespeare given enough time. 

I remember that Bootwings were really a pretty simple idea, and that anyone could’ve stumbled upon them. 

I remember that I too adapted the concept from these little sneaker-wing products (much smaller, non-leathery, and no batwing option last I checked). 

I remember that the courts have already set the precedent down in stone that no fashion idea can truly be copyrighted, plaguing the world forever with millions of horrible (yet affordable) chinese knockoffs. And that no matter how hard I try, getting their shit pulled, even if I were successful, would never pay off in terms of the time and effort put into it. 

I breathe again, rolling out the exhalation into seventeen syllables of latin, two glottal stops, a name, and another four syllables of corrupted russian, causing one of the many candles above the worktables to come alight with unholy green fire. I continue in my work, knowing I have things up my sleeve that they never will, knowing that talent skill and cunning will win out in the end, knowing that THERE’S A PRICE TO EVERYTHING DEARIE, AND SOME DAYS THAT PRICE IS YOU. 

And then I move on. 

So, care for some Bootwings

Or Ravenwings? The leather’s simply TO DIE FOR this time of year. 

Tormented Artifacts Bootwings Review!

So I’ve been meaning to do this since ummmm January and here it is: my review of the wonderful bootwings by winneganfake! I fucking love these.

I’m obviously awkward as hell in this video but please ignore this and focus on what’s important: winged shoes!! Hopefully this inspires some of you to check these out. :) (xtoxictears – have you seen these yet?!)