More Updates about the Hawk-Killer...

Agent Mayer hasn’t gotten back to me with any updates, but I did hear back from Fish and Wildlife regarding the email I sent them. They forwarded my email to a different state agent who, in turn, asked for the name of the State Police who’s already co-responded with me. I gave him Agent Mayer’s info but nevertheless, sent him the same information I’d sent Mayer. The more people in the department who know about this dude, the better. 

I also offered to help circulate the image through hunting, shooting, and outdoors recreation forums across the web, in case anyone there recognized the person so that they’d have more than just a nameless face to work by.

I’m actually about ready to contact The Oregonian on this matter, since they’ve broadcast pictures to help solve similar crimes in the past. Like I said, my state is very serious about protecting their wildlife.

I was assured that the hawk was indeed protected by the Migratory Bird Act and that the killer would be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. 

(Tired) Update.

Just spent several hours looking through Google for old shit posted by Bootsntrucks. Managed to pull up two new photos of the dude, which have already been sent to Agent Barna and which I still need to forward to Agent Mayer as soon as I’m done with this. I’ll add them to the “WANTED” post I already made in hopes that someone can recognize him, his gun, and/or his surroundings. Right now, I’m hungry and need to take Cabal for a walk.