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I Love You Forever
Two Steps From Hell
I Love You Forever

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While all art here was drawn by me, the song and characters are not my property and belong respectively to Two Steps From Hell and Andrew Hussie. I am not profiting off of the use of these creations.

A long time ago someone proposed the prompt: “What I learned in Homestuck is…?” and I never could shake the idea. I wrote the script for this about a year ago, remade the panels about three times, and finally ended up with this. Please take your time reading, the song does not have lyrics. I recommend viewing this on my blog rather than on your dashboard.

Thank you, Homestuck. Thank you, Hussie. Thank you, fandom. Happy 413!

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~The Lady Istus~

I haven’t gotten to do a painting in awhile because of other projects, so I really wanted to play with new techniques and things like that. Figured I’d do some The Adventure Zone art while i was at it. turns out istus isn’t exclusive to the adventure zone but lets pretend this is still just taz fan art yeah

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please listen to The Adventure Zone podcast it’s really wonderful